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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Quinn tells Eric that Ridge called a meeting and all are wondering why. Thorne hopes he is announcing his retirement and they will never see him again. King Ridge, keeping them waiting and everybody else be damned. Brooke tells Ridge that when he tells the family there is no turning back. He kisses her and says he knows, that's an added bonus. RJ walks in on them and Ridge says he has a surprise for him. He hopes he will be okay with the two of them getting married right away. Of course RJ is. Finally Ridge and Brooke show up and Thorne asks if he is going to tell them the news or are they going to continue with the guessing games. Ridge tells them there is a merger and he will benefit most of all. Beautiful Brooke has agreed not to wait and they will be married right away. All hug and congratulate him except Thorne. Eric wants details and Quinn even offers their home. Ridge states they want all the family there so they definitely will consider it. Brooke finds Thorne alone and says she trusts Ridge now and she wants him to trust him too and be back into the fold. There was no need to wait. Thorne says Ridge is very lucky and Brooke knows she can always count on him. He just hopes she can count on Ridge.

Quinn catches Brooke alone and congratulates her and says the ring is beautiful. If they marry at her and Eric’s place she will even take down her portrait and put one there of Brooke. Brooke says it is tempting and after looking at Ridge says they will take them up on their offer. Ridge is worried about Thorne not showing up but says he will talk to his “little brother.” Quinn tells Ridge that she hopes he will be as happy as she and Eric are. Ridge says they had a little detour but they are both where they need to be. Eric wishes his sons could support each other. Ridge corners Thorne and says he came back with a chip on his shoulder and he loves who he became but not the challenging part. He wants them to get along and work together. They were raised by the same man and the same woman and he feels like a real Forrester. He’d like Thorne to be his best man. Brooke speaks with Katie and says they have had their ups and downs but she loves her so much that she’d like to ask her to be her maid of honor and Katie hugs her and says she is so honored to accept. It’s going to be a magical day. Her only worry is Ridge and Thorne working things out. Ridge tells Thorne they are family so just say yes and they will work past this….make him proud, just say yes. Thorne says he must be serious so yes he will be his best man. Ridge makes they first move and they hug.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Valerie went to see Eli at the police station.  She asked if he asked Lani about the baby.  He told her that Lani said the baby was JJís.  Valerie asked if he believed her.  Paul overheard John telling someone that Steve doesnít suspect that his best friend is poisoning him.  Paul asked John what was going on.  John told him that a client wanted to keep a case between him and Steve.  Paul wondered what John was holding in his hand.  Steve told Kayla that his vision is getting worse.  She wanted him to go to the hospital.  He didnít want to go.  She was determined to get him to the hospital.  Jennifer went to see Eric and told him that Roman was arrested.  Valerie wasnít convinced that Lani was telling the truth.  Eli said that Lani was two months pregnant.  Valerie thought Lani could be keeping the truth from him.  He threw up in her face that she did the same thing to him.  Kayla brought Steve to the hospital and asked Henry to check him out.  Kayla ran into Lani and JJ at the hospital.  He wanted her to congratulate them on the baby.  When JJ left, Lani told Kayla that JJ was the father of her baby.  Jennifer told Eric that Roman was arrested for covering up for Anna.  Eli apologized to Valerie for what he said.  She told him that she wanted to make sure that Lani was telling the truth.  Sonny went to see Will at the Martin house.  Sonny thought Will was staying with Paul.  Will said he wasnít.  Sonny wanted Will to stay somewhere other than the Martin house.  Will wanted to move on with his life.  Sonny told Will that he loved him.  Will said that he didnít feel the same way about him.  Will gave him divorce papers. 

John lied to Paul about the vile in his hand.  John said it was eye drops.  Paul said he would see him later.  Eli wanted Valerie to stop saying that Laniís baby was hers.  Lani told Kayla that everyone knows about the baby.  Lani told Kayla that she lied to the father of her baby.  Kayla tried to convince Lani to do the right thing about the baby, but Lani thought she was doing the right thing.  Will wanted Sonny to sign the divorce papers.  Sonny believed that Will would remember their love one day.  Sonny left Willís room.  Eric wanted to know what Roman was being charged with.  Eli told him what was going on.  Eli told them that Roman and Anna called Carrie.  Eli told Eric and Jennifer to leave because there was nothing they could do.  Valerie wanted to talk to Lani.  Valerie told Lani that she knew about the affair.  Lani told Valerie that the baby was JJís.  Valerie asked if she was sure.  Lani said the baby was JJís.  Valerie thought it was convenient.  Lani wanted her to accept it and be happy for her and JJ.  Paul wanted to talk to Will.  Eric and Jennifer talked about why Roman would help Anna.  Eric didnít understand why Roman would help Anna. Jennifer tried to justify why Roman would help her.  Paul told Will that he thought John was doing something terrible.  Paul said that he heard John that he was poisoning Steve.  Will thought it might have been a misunderstanding, but Paul knew it wasnít.  Paul suspected that something was wrong.  Will wondered if he had any proof.  Paul told him what was going on with Steve.  Paul wondered if John was really hurting Steve.  A guy showed up to give John the poison.  The guy asked if John was having second thoughts.  Kayla wanted to know what was going on with Steve.  Valerie took Laniís file.  Valerie saw the file and was upset. Sonny signed the divorce papers.  Will asked if Paul really thought that John was poisoning Steve.  Paul told him that he was scared at the thought of John poisoning Steve.  Will wanted to tell Marlena.  John said that he was second thoughts about poisoning Steve.  The guy told John to get over it.  Steve told Kayla that the news wasnít good. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sam and Drew return home from their honeymoon. Sam asks Drew if Nathan is ok. He explains that Nathan is in recovery. Sam is glad they dropped off the children at the Quartermaine’s so they can go and check on Nathan and Faison. Peter shows up and explains to them that it is time they come public with what has transpired over the past few months. They can no longer pretend it didn’t happen without looking like they are hiding something. Sam says they will take it into consideration. Peter leaves. Drew agrees it is time they just make a statement. Jason confronts Faison about what happened and why switched Drew with him. Faison explains that his brain was damaged so he couldn’t use him for mind control, so he had Jason’s memories transferred to his brother. He then implies that Drew knows who Henrik is even if he claims not to. Jason later explains this to Drew who honestly doesn’t know.

Finn tries to tell Anna that he thinks they are meant to be together. Anna really doesn’t want to be with someone who she could end up being the cause of their death. Finn doesn’t care. He just wants to be with her. Finn continues to go after her and Anna continues to turn him down. Finn is not taking no for an answer. Maxie sits with Nathan as he is stabilized and just talks about the baby. Obrecht and Nina each have their turn talking with him as well. Maxie goes to wash her face off and has Dante sit with him. Dante thanks Nathan for helping keep him and Lulu together. Maxie returns and continues to talk about the baby. Nathan awakes and the two continue to discuss what they want the baby to look like. It should have Nathan’s eyes and Maxie’s smile. Nathan explains that he loves Maxie like no tomorrow before closing his eyes. He flatlines…

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

A potential buyer doubled their bid to buy Hilary's show. Mariah was afraid that if the sale went went through, the company would fire her and the rest of the staff. Hilary thought Mariah was being paranoid. Hilary noticed the tension between Noah and Mariah. Noah revealed that he broke up with Tessa. Mariah apologized to Noah, but he couldn't move past her betrayal. Devon couldn't match the other bidder's offer, but he promised Hilary that if she sold to him, he'd help her achieve her dreams and he'd keep all of her staff. Nick assumed that the quarter of a million dollars he found in the bathroom wall was hidden there by Adam. Chelsea was defensive when Nick suggested that Adam got the money through illegal means. Nick told Sharon about the money. Nick had the police check out the money – it was clean. Chelsea went deep in thought and decided to put the money in the bank for the kids' futures.

Tessa secretly slept at Hamilton-Winters. Devon and Tessa talked about Tessa and Mariah's kiss. Tessa thought it was too late to explore a relationship with Mariah. Victoria learned that Ashley worked at Newman and was overseeing Brash and Sassy. Ashley praised Victoria's work but she thought there was room for improvement in running Brash and Sassy. Victoria stormed off after Ashley revealed that she planned to make some changes. Victoria vented to JT, and he encouraged her to tell Victor how she felt. JT and Victoria suspected that Ashley was gunning for Victoria's job. Victor wasn't able to convince Victoria that Ashley would be a good fit at Newman. Victoria announced her plans to go to Paris to check on Abby's progress. JT was disappointed that Victoria was leaving town, but she promised to make it up to him. Nick and JT found common ground over the loss of Colleen and Sage. JT hoped Nick would eventually approve of his reunion with Victoria. Nick wished them luck. Tessa suggested that there was a chance for her and Mariah, but Mariah wasn't interested after everything that happened. Ashley knew Victoria saw her as a threat, and she asked Abby to support her at Newman.

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