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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy again that she cannot stay holed up here in the house torturing herself forever. It is not good for her or the baby. Liam is a grown man and can take care of himself. Ridge tells Liam that he can understand the pain he is going through but he is strong and he will make it through this. Brooke tells Hope that Steffy has repeatedly apologized to Liam but he is not accepting it or at least not forgetting. She does not know how their marriage is going to survive this. Hope says she is only thinking of Liam now to be betrayed by the two people that he loves. Hope says she has been on the receiving end a few times with Bill but for a father to do this to his own son is shocking. Brooke says she is also thinking about Ridge and what it is doing to him. Ridge tells Liam that he knows all of this will take time but this is what they always worked toward and they made this baby out of love so they can get through this if they choose to. Liam says he does love Steffy. He loves her so much but as much as he wants to forgive her he just can’t. He’s not there yet and he may never be. Ridge says Steffy has never loved anyone like him and he knows she made a mistake and that is all on Bill. But if Liam can let open a little crack in the door you never know what is going to walk through.

Bill goes on and on about the baby they both wanted and now they can have. He will be there for them. Steffy says no she believes her marriage is probably over and she believes a baby needs a father and a mother in the same household. She says she does not need Bill rescuing her. He says he is only trying to protect her. He wants to do what is right for her and what is right by Liam. He loves them both too much to leave it alone. Ridge walks in on the talk between Hope and Brooke. Hope excuses herself to give them privacy but tells Ridge that she is sorry about everything. Ridge tells Brooke this is all so twisted and he does not understand any of it, especially with Bill saying he loves Steffy. Steffy is alone and pregnant and yet Bill is still sniffing around. Brooke says all would be okay if Liam could just find it in his heart to forgive her. Ridge says Bill took advantage of Steffy and Liam can not overlook that now. But somehow he will have to get past the hurt and see the goodness in her. Liam thinks over what Ridge said….leave that door open just a little crack. Steffy tells Bill do not do that – having these fantasies. He should not be coming here at all. She made the biggest mistake of her life and she is not going to do that again. He says he is sorry. The last thing he wants to do is cause her pain. Steffy says she has to believe in time Liam will change his mind. Bill will be a grandfather and he needs to respect that. He says okay. He will do everything he can to get Liam to come around. And if that means for him to stay away then so be it. Brooke thanks Ridge for all the good things and thoughts that he has brought into her life over the years and they will forget about Bill and focus on their own lives. She suggests it is time to try and bring the family together. She believes that love conquers all and maybe they can be an example to their children. They love each other and have certainly forgiven each other several times so maybe they can learn something from that. There can be a future. She wants to be married right now. Ridge asks if she is asking him to marry her, then he accepts.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani told Gabi that she is pregnant.  Eli and Rafe saw Vivian go into Andreís office.  They talked about why Vivian would go to Andreís office.  Vivian asked Stefan why the police were at the DiMera mansion.  He told her that he gave the police the security footage.  Anna was upset that Roman gave John her letter.  John and Steve talked about Annaís letter.  Gabi was surprised that Lani was pregnant.  After Gabi told her about being pregnant, Lani felt better.  Gabi wondered why Lani was upset.  Lani said she was upset because of Eli.  John and Steve talked about Anna having a motive to kill Andre.  Steve wondered if Roman thought Anna was guilty.  Anna was worried that John would suspect her because of the letter.  Roman said he would continue to help her.  Vivian told Stefan that it was stupid to give the police the security footage because it would implicate them.  Kate showed up while Vivian was talking.  Kate didnít hear what Vivian said to Stefan.  When Kate left, Stefan agreed that Vivian should keep her mouth shut or they would get in trouble.  Rafe and Eli saw Gabi go in Andreís office.  They saw Vivian leave the office after Gabi was in there.  When Gabi left the office, they saw her punch a wall.  Lani told Gabi that she was upset that Eli knew she was pregnant.  Lani was also upset that people were talking about her pregnancy.  While Gabi was talking about how far long Lani was, she said she realized something.

Gabi thought Lani was pregnant the night she saw her and JJ.  Lani said she didnít know.  Gabi was glad everything worked out.  Lani said that was a terrible night for JJ.  Gabi was glad to be there for him.  She thought it was great that Lani and JJ were having a baby.  Gabi told Lani that she jumped to the wrong conclusion when she found her earring.  Rafe and Eli talked about Gabi being upset that Andre fired her.  Eli said he was upset about her getting fired too.  Rafe apologized for the way he was treating him for being with Gabi.  Rafe was glad that he wanted to hurt someone who hurt Gabi.  Vivian and Stefan argued over him giving the security footage to the police.  Vivian said that the police were going to see them in Andreís office while he was dead.  Vivian was afraid that the police would figure out that they had reason to kill Andre.  Stefan said there was no way that the police would see them on the footage.  Anna was upset that Steve knows about the letter.  Anna thought Steve wanted to kill Andre.  Roman told her that John and Steve would find out who sent the letter.  Kate showed up and accused Anna of killing Andre.  Rafe and Eli saw Kate and Andre arguing.  They saw Anna go into Andreís office with the urn.  Rafe said he knew that Roman was lying and now he had proof.  Steve told John that he liked working with him.  Steve told John that he his good eye was going bad.  Kate accused Anna of killing Andre.  Roman said Anna was with him all night, but Kate didnít believe it.  Hope looked at the footage of Anna going to Andreís office.  Rafe thought Anna was handed to them too easily.  They wanted to talk to Stefan.  John talked to someone and told them that he needed another dose of the poison.  John said that Steve doesnít suspect him.  Steveís eyes were bothering him.  Stefan told Vivian that he had the security footage shut down before it showed anything.  The police showed up to take Anna and Roman to the police station.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante and Sonny show up at Wyndemere to check to see if Faison’s claims were true. They find a locked door in the stable that smells of gas on the other side. Dante kicks down the door and finds an empty room. Nina and Valentin return from a trip when Dante and Sonny show up. They need to find the tunnels. Valentin opens them and Lulu runs out with Obrecht followed. Sonny leaves to go deal with things. Dante gets a call learning that Nathan has been shot. Griffin walks into the ER at GH. Maxie begs to know what is happening with Nathan. Bobbie tries to calm her down but Maxie is in to much pain over Nathan being shot. She sees as Faison is carted off to go into surgery. She cannot believe he gets to go first. Griffin finally goes to work on Nathan in surgery as Obrecht shows up with Nina and Valentin. Griffin later shows up again and Maxie asks what has happened with Nathan.

Carly asks Jason what happens if Faison dies. Jason thinks that he will be fine. He has seen how Faison has treated people through Anna. He doesn’t want anyone else to suffer at Faison’s hand. At the hospital, Anna goes to speak with Faison. She wants to know about Henrik. He claims that he is significant and a failure that he never wanted. Finn walks in and informs her that she has to leave his room. He doesn’t want her to do something that could be lead back to her. He suggests if she does do anything though to have a witness so she can have an alibi. Jason shows up and tells Anna he will take care of it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary's doctor tells her that the timing is perfect for her to try to have a baby, so she begins the difficult task of picking out a sperm donor. Phyllis advises Hilary not to rush things and make sure that she picks the right donor. Noah shows up in Devon's office to return her things to her, and he also tells Devon about Mariah and Tessa kissing in San Francisco. Devon talks to Mariah later, and she explains that she was shocked by her feelings and didn't know how to deal with them;  that is why she chose to break up with him (because she didn't want to hurt him). Devon is very understanding and tells Mariah she could have told him the truth, but she will never lose him as a friend.

Devon is very impressed with how excited Charlie is about the music business and agrees to talk to Lily about giving him an internship at Hamilton Winters Group. Tessa starts her first day as Devon's assistant, and despite what Noah told Devon, he tells Tessa she can keep being his assistant as long as she does her job and doesn't cause him any mmore trouble. Chelsea is shocked when she comes home and Nick shows her a stack of money he found inside the bathroom wall. Ashley meets with Lily, who tells her that she hopes that she will work at Newman because she doesn't want Victoria to be her boss anymore. Cane wonders why Lily lied to him about being at work with Victoria all day when Victor told him Victoria is out of town. Ashley asks Victor for the title of Chief Innovation Officer for a research and development fund, and to oversee Brash and Sassy, before she will consider his job offer.

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