The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/26/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy opens the door one more time and there is Bill. He wants to be sure she is alone and then comes on in. She says he should not be here. He sees the annulment papers. He says he has expressed his regrets many times over but he is not going to spend the rest of his life doing so. Liam replays conversations with Steffy over and over, especially the one where she tells him she was with his father. Ridge shows up. He brings in a six pack of beer. He tells Liam that he doesn’t hold him responsible for any of this. Liam says that he doesn’t hold it against Ridge for the feuds he has with his father who is wrong in this case. Hope discusses Steffy with Brooke by telling her she is pregnant but then she guesses she already knew. That is what happens when you are away for so long, you lose touch. She was happy for them and now a child is on the way but there are so many secrets and things that are unclear. Brooke says everyone thought Taylor was so pure but when she fell she fell hard; like mother like daughter. Hope is hopeful that eventually they will get back together but Brooke says this time she doubts that will ever happen. Hope keeps repeating that there is a family at stake and Brooke replies more than she will ever know. Hope asks if the other man was Wyatt and when Brooke says no, then Hope guesses it was Bill.

As they discuss it, Steffy tells Bill that it is over although she is not giving up but Liam says he will never take her back. Ridge tells Liam that Steffy went to the guest house to be alone so Liam should not forget that. It was Bill that had revenge on his mind and he found her and took advantage. Liam says no, he knows what others have said that he should just suck it up and take it like a man but he cannot do that. Bill tells Steffy that she can keep beating up on herself and putting the baby’s needs in turmoil or she can do herself a favor and sign the papers and get on with her own life too if that is what Liam insists on doing. She can wait for his rose colored glasses to appear but that is probably not going to happen. Ridge tells Liam that he is going to the police. Liam says no, Steffy will not let him do that. It was consensual. Ridge does not see why Liam can’t comprehend that Bill pursued Steffy. That man is despicable and he as the husband and the father needs to be there for her. He wants to make Liam aware just how much Steffy loves him. And he wants Liam to see how much Bill hurt them, so just go to her. He knows deep down that is what he wants. Liam cries that Ridge cannot bully him too. Bill holds the papers and asks Steffy how long she wants to hold out on this. Bill confides that he is good at putting his feelings away and compartmentalize them. All of this was before he ever knew Liam existed. So while he would like them to get back together if she says it is not going to happen then she needs to move on. He will be there for her and be the best grandfather he can be. He knows she cannot tell that child she is carrying that his dad is not coming home. He strokes her hair and touches her face lovingly and says she is not alone. He is here.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi was upset that Abby accused her of murdering Andre.  Abby reminded her that she threatened to kill him.  Eli asked Lani if her baby was his.  She lied and said she was two months pregnant.  She said the baby was JJís.  Eli wasnít sure if he believed her.  John thought about how he poisoned Steve.  Roman wondered what was going on with John.  Lani told Eli that she only wanted JJ to know about the baby.  Eli asked if she really didnít know that she was pregnant when they slept together.  She told him that she was dealing with stress after Theo was shot.  Eli told her that he would step up if the baby was his.  She asked if he would do that at the risk of losing Gabi.  Gabi didnít remember threatening to kill Andre.  Abby told her that it wasnít right that Andre fired her and was going to confront him about it.  Abby said that was when she found him dead.  Abby reminded her that she had a motive.  Gabi said the police could have accused Abby.  Steve told Tripp that he was having trouble seeing.  Roman asked John to find out who slipped the letter in Annaís purse.  Rafe showed Hope the forensics report.  She said that the urn was the cause of death, but there was no proof that Tonyís ashes were in the urn.  Rafe thought that the killer might have been trying to set up Anna.  Hope told him that she thought Roman was lying.  Rafe thought he was too.  They talked about how Anna wouldnít let Tonyís urn out of her sight.  Kate and Chad talked about Andre.  She wondered how Andre could betray her.  Abby said she couldnít have killed Andre because she found him.  Gabi thought that it was possible that Abby killed Andre.  Abby was upset that Gabi accused her of murder.  Gabi told her that she didnít like being accused either.  Rafe and Hope talked about Roman getting in trouble because of Anna.  Eli told Lani that he didnít want to hurt Gabi or cause problems for JJ.  Eli said he didnít want the child to grow up the way he did if it is his baby.  She said that JJ is the father.  Rafe interrupted while they were talking. John told Roman that private detectives couldnít get involved with open police investigation.  Roman still wanted John to help.  John thought that Anna could have done it since she never parts with the urn.  Roman thought she was innocent.  Abby couldnít believe that Gabi accused her of killing Andre.  Gabi reminded Abby that she did the same thing.  Gabi said she wanted Andre to be alive so she could sue him.  Abby apologized for accusing her.  Abby said she was going to find out who killed Andre.  Stefan walked in the room while they were talking.

Roman didnít want to tell John about his conversations with Anna.  John couldnít believe that Roman was covering up for Anna.  John was afraid that he could lose his license if Hope found out what he was doing.  Roman didnít know who else he could trust.  Roman mentioned that he could tell Steve about the case.  Tripp and Steve talked about Tripp being interested in Claire.  Tripp was determined to move on.  Lani told Hope that she was pregnant.  Hope suspected that Lani wasnít happy about it.  Hope told her that everything was going to get better by the second trimester.  Hope wanted to know when she was due.  Lani said late summer. Stefan offered his condolences to Abby.  Gabi reminded Stefan that he couldnít overturn Andreís decision to fire her.  She wondered if he could do it now.  He wanted to wait to do that.  Rafe and Eli showed up at the DiMera mansion to investigate Andreís murder.  Rafe asked Stefan for the security footage of DiMera Enterprises.  Roman told John that the police couldnít find out about the letter.  John thought the letter could help the police.  Roman wanted to protect Carrieís mother.  John agreed to keep quiet.  John asked Roman if Anna knew who wrote the letter.  Roman said she didnít know.  Kate told Chad that she gave Andre an ultimatum in order to hire Gabi back, but he didnít get a chance to prove it.  Rafe gave Stefan the warrant to get the security footage.  Stefan wanted to cooperate with the investigation.  Rafe told Stefan that no one in the house could leave.  John met with Steve and told him about the case they had.  John showed Steve the letter Anna had.  While Steve was reading the letter, John slipped the poison in his drink.  Stefan told Gabi that he wasnít going to reinstate her without the board knowing about it.  Stefan wanted to talk to Abby about protecting the companyís image.  He comforted her when she wasnít focused on work.  Rafe and Eli told Hope that they had all the security footage at DiMera Enterprises.  Chad was willing to get over what Kate did with Theo.  Kate was glad that he was willing to forgive her.  While Eli and Rafe were looking at the footage, Rafe noticed a phone. They also saw someone going in to Andreís office.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly and Bobbie are told by Lucas that he and Brad want to adopt a child. They both are very happy that he wants to do so and hug him. Bobbie and Lucas have to get to work so they leave. Upstairs, Maxie and Peter are being held hostage by Faison. Faison is not going to let Maxie leave. He wants her baby for himself. Peter tries to shoot him but Faison shoots first wounding him. He takes Maxie into the hallway only for Nathan to show up. Nathan is shot on arrival and loses a lot of blood. Lucas shows back up for his phone and decides he is going to go help. Lucas finds Nathan and tries to get him stabilized. Faison has run out. Jason and Sonny are ready for the meet up with Henrik and Anna shows up later explaining that Faison was at her house earlier. Sonny gets a call from Carly saying someone has been shot at Crimson and Nathan is up there. Sonny and Jason go to take care of it. Anna is left to deal with Henrik.

Carly is in the lobby and tries to get her staff outside. Faison sneaks up behind her and demands he be helped out safely. Jason shows up and shoots him. Jordan demands that Jason turn over his gun. He does. Sonny wonders if Faison is still alive. Faison says that they better hope otherwise Dante will not find Lulu. Dante demands to know where Lulu is. Finn and Alexis talk at GH about how it is hard to love dangerous people. Finn still thinks it is worth it. He tries calling Anna but she is in the park and doesn’t want him to be unsafe. Peter is hiding behind the bushes. Faison and Nathan show up to the hospital. Finn goes to work on Faison. Lucas and Amy work on Nathan. Amy and Bobbie both promise Maxie thinks things will be fine. Dane and Sonny bust down the door where Lulu and Obrecht were held captive.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki and Nick met to discuss the apartment building. Nick learned that JT was living with Victoria. Victoria was concerned when JT didn't meet her as planned. Nick discussed how much he enjoyed being a landlord. JT took a prescription pill. Nikki saw JT at the hospital and told Victoria. JT told Victoria that he'd gone to the cardiologist because his heart never fully recovered from the electrocution. Victoria wondered if a side effect of JT's pills made him get upset the other day. JT said that it didn't. Victoria wanted to do some research into his health, but JT said he was fine and that he didn't want anyone else to know about this because he didn't want to be pitied. After talking to his lawyer, Devon decided not to release the song, and he cut Tessa from the label. She begged him to give her a different job. He hired her as an assistant but warned her that they'd be through if she made one more mistake. Noah accused Mariah of not caring about him. Mariah swore she felt terrible about hurting him. Noah felt betrayed when he figured out Sharon knew about Mariah and Tessa's kiss and kept it from him. Sharon apologetically explained that she'd been trying to spare him the pain. Sharon didn't think Noah should trust Tessa. Mariah wondered if she didn't know how to be a good sister. Sharon assured her that Noah would forgive her. Noah confided in Nick about Tessa hiding the kiss from him. Noah urged him to talk to Tessa before throwing away his relationship. Noah confronted Tessa, who swore she wanted to be with him. Noah felt that Tessa had done too many untrustworthy things, and he broke up with her. Traci returned after delivering Dina to Abby in Paris. According to Traci, Dina seemed happy there and recognized the city and her employees. Jack and Ashley verbally attacked each other, and Traci lectured them about tearing the family apart. Ashley revealed that she was starting a company to compete with Jabot. Jack vented to Traci. Traci thought it was understandable for Ashley to want something of her own after Jack made her feel like less of an Abbott. Ashley and Tony approached Devon as a potential investor for her new company. Victor chatted with his friend, Tony, who told him about Ashley's plan. Victor asked Nikki to put her loyalty to Jack aside and help him with something for Newman. Nikki and Victor had a meeting with Ashley and tried to woo her into working for Newman as the Chief Innovation Officer.

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