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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

While Liam looks at her with those puppy dog eyes, Steffy says she is not going. He is too important so if he loves her at all just say he will forgive her and they can be together. She says she knows she is the guilty one but she is begging him to please forgive her. He hugs her. He says there is nothing more that he’d like to say than that he forgives her but he can’t. He just hates to see her like this and she needs rest and needs to eat for the baby’s sake. Brooke shows up at Bill’s office and he tells her he has heard it all before from Forrester. Hope stops by Ridge’s office and asks if they can talk. She says she just saw Steffy and she is worried about her. She is not trying to get between her and Liam. She is trying to help them get back together, but she does not know what the problem is. Ridge says that will be difficult but it has nothing to do with Hope. She and Steffy have always been rivals. Maybe Hope should sit this out. They agree someone should sit down and talk to the both of them but it should not be Hope. Ridge says Steffy did nothing wrong but Hope keeps questioning since Liam said she did. Brooke chastises Bill that she thought he was trying to get the family back together and now he slept with Steffy! She says Steffy said it was consensual and Bill says it was not to get revenge. It was not sick or disgusting; it was not like that at all. Suddenly she guesses that he must have feeling for Steffy. He says it is more than that. He was going through a lot when Liam took the company away and Steffy was there for him. Brooke says he twisted things. He says he did not twist it; there was more to it than that.

Steffy says Liam will not regret it if he takes her back. He just has to find that place; she is not giving up. She needs him not to give up too. All he says is maybe she can have a life with his father; the two of them are more alike than they are. Ridge tells Hope that he does not want her to be worrying about any of this. Just leave it be. Brooke tells Bill that she needs him to explain exactly what happened with Steffy. He says no. He does not have to explain to anyone. He cares about Steffy and he would never hurt or manipulate her. This just happened. Brooke says she does not believe him. He always has an agenda. He says he does not need Brooke to show him his flaws. She barks at him that he better hope and pray that Liam will forgive his wife as she will not stand by and see Bill destroy this family. Steffy tells Liam just to tell her, she is begging him to tell her what to do and she will do it. He says forgiveness is a wonderful thing but as hard as he tries he cannot get that picture out of his head of her with his father. He can never ever forgive her!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla and Valerie talked about Lani being pregnant.  Valerie told Kayla that Abe was being supportive.  Kayla thought Abe would be a doting grandfather.  Valerie said she forgot to ask how far long Lani is.  JJ wanted to talk about Lani’s nightmare, but she didn’t want to talk about it.  She wanted to focus on how much she loved him.  Eli wanted to help Gabi deal with losing her deal at DiMera.  He told her to go to Kate and tell her how much DiMera needed her.  He wanted her to take advantage of Kate losing André.  Kate was upset about losing André.  Chad comforted Abby when she had a nightmare about finding André. Chad told Abby that Anna was released because Roman gave her an alibi.  Abby wondered who killed André if Anna didn’t do it.  Kayla told Valerie that she couldn’t tell how far long Lani was.  Valerie said that Lani had to have gotten pregnant before the shooting.  JJ said he couldn’t feel Lani’s baby bump.  She said every woman carries differently.  He asked her if she wanted to find out the sex of the baby.  She told him that she wanted to be surprised.  Abby told Chad that she couldn’t imagine anyone hating André enough to kill him.  Chad said Hope and Rafe would figure it out.  Abby wasn’t sure that she could trust them to figure out.  She told him about running into Gabi the night André was killed.  She asked him if he thought Gabi would have been mad enough to kill André.  Gabi went to see Kate to offer her condolences.  Kate told her that the police suspected Anna, but let her go because Roman gave her an alibi.  Kate wondered who killed him if Anna didn’t.

Valerie called Eli so they could talk.  Kate told Gabi to ask Rafe if she wanted to know more about the murder investigation.  Gabi asked what was going to happen with Gabi Chic.  Kate told her that she knew nothing about what was going to happen.  Kate thought about André telling her that he fired Gabi.  Gabi wanted to know what she did.  Chad was surprised that Abby thought Gabi killed André.  Abby said they told Hope that Gabi could have done it.  Abby didn’t want to think that Gabi did it, but she realized how much her company meant to her.  He didn’t think that Gabi would risk being away from Arianna.  Abby told him that Gabi threatened to kill André.  Chad thought that Gabi didn’t mean she would actually kill André.  Abby didn’t want to believe it, but thought it was possible since she killed before.  Kate told Gabi what happened after André threatened to fire her.  Kate told Gabi that she didn’t get an answer from André.  Gabi wanted to know if she saw him again after that.  Valerie and Eli met at the town square.  She asked him if he used protection when he slept with Lani.  He said he didn’t.  She told him that Lani is pregnant.  JJ told Lani that he wondered how his mother would react to the news about the baby.  Lani wanted to wait to tell people.  He said they could shout it to the whole world soon.  Valerie told Eli that Abe overheard Lani say she was pregnant.  Eli thought the baby wasn’t his.  Valerie said she didn’t tell anyone.  He said he didn’t want to hurt Gabi.  She said she didn’t want to hurt an innocent baby.  He said that Lani’s baby didn’t have to be his.  He asked how far long Lani is.  She said Kayla wouldn’t tell her.  She said that the baby should be about a month long.  She thought he should know if the baby is his.  Gabi asked Kate about the last time she saw André.  Before Kate could answer, Chad and Abby walked in the room.  Kate got a call from the funeral director.  She had to discuss the arrangements.  Abby said someone murdered André in cold blood.  Eli wanted to talk to Lani in private.  He told her that he knew she was pregnant.  He asked if it were his.  Abby asked Gabi if she killed André.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna busts into her house to find Finn holding a gun to Faison. She reluctantly drops it in order to stop him from killing Finn. She ends up having to hit him over the head with something to stop Faison from killing him. Faison thinks that this will eventually end with them being together. Anna doesn’t want to be with him. Faison leaves as the police start to show up. At the PCPD Dante and Nathan go over evidence that they have collected, and Peter shows up giving them mail from the article. Dante is informed that someone matching Faison’s description was outside Anna’s house. He goes to check on it. Faison has left, and Dante warns Nathan over the phone. Maxie goes to see Nina with her guard. Faison has confronted Peter in Nina’s office and Maxie walks in with them both in there. Faison beats Shane over the head having him pass out.

Kiki is not happy, and Griffin asks why. Kiki explains that she and Dillon have finally broken up. She called last night to find his new girlfriend answering the phone. He couldn’t deal with the distance. Griffin tells her she got into medical school. Kiki is now happy, and Ava wants to celebrate. Elizabeth talks with Kevin about a study he is doing looking into the mind of a psychopath. Elizabeth wants Franco to be involved. Franco tells them no at first. He thinks the tumor only was partially responsible. Kevin thinks he can help though.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Sam's nanny was sick, and Lily convinced Cane that she was willing to watch him. JT tried to interact with Victoria, but she was so focused on her work that she barely noticed. JT stormed out. Cane gave JT an assignment that didn't require much experience. JT was disappointed that his executive skills weren't be utilized at Chancellor. JT confessed that when Victoria ignored him this morning, he'd felt the same resentful feelings he'd experienced during their marriage. Cane gave JT the day off so he could fix things with Victoria. Tessa decided to avoid a legal fight and not release the song. Noah didn't think Tessa should give up, but she refused to be swayed. Noah sought advice about Mariah and Tessa from Victoria. Victoria encouraged him to talk to Mariah. Victoria told Noah that she and JT had changed and she hoped it was for the better. JT apologized to Victoria for storming out. Victoria ignored a phone call that interrupted their talk. JT and Victoria danced to their song. Hilary overheard Michael offer Mariah legal advice regarding the song copyright, and Mariah firmly said she wasn't interested. Hilary suspected that Mariah was hiding something, and she didn't believe Mariah's denials. Hilary talked to a potential buyer for her show. Mariah was worried about her job security if the show was sold, and she tried to talk Hilary out of going through with it. Hilary explained that she needed the money to provide the best life for the baby she planned to have. She was adamant that her child wouldn't grow up in poverty like she did. Lily wasn't able to get Sam to stop crying, but he settled down when Hilary held him. Lily admitted that she wasn't sure how to stop seeing Sam as a physical reminder of Cane's affair. Hilary assured Lily that she'd eventually come to love Sam. Lily asked Hilary not to tell Cane about her doubts, and Hilary promised not to.

Noah asked Mariah if he could read the journal, and when she refused, he suspected that she didn't trust him. Mariah tearfully agreed to let him read it. In reading the journal, Noah learned that Tessa had plagiarized Mariah's work and that Mariah kissed Tessa. He stormed off. Phyllis objected to Ashley suing Jack. Ashley was convinced that she was doing the right thing for herself and the company. Jack told Phyllis that he believed John would want him to be CEO. Ashley and Jack separately wished John was alive. Ashley lost the arbitration. Michael urged Jack to smooth things over with Ashley. Ashley overheard Gloria and Phyllis celebrating Jack's win. Ashley congratulated Jack. Jack told Ashley that he valued her and would do everything he could to repair their relationship. Ashley resigned from Jabot and told Jack that they were done.

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