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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy gets up off the couch to open the door. It is Hope so she invites her in. Hope apologizes for not calling first. She says she has missed everyone here at home including Steffy. And she has heard about Liam moving out. Wyatt asks Liam if he has seen his wife lately. Liam changes the subject and says he doesn’t have anything to eat on hand but they could send out for takeout. Wyatt says no, he came to talk to him about Steffy. They have a child on the way and that is a blessing so can’t Liam just try to work it out with Steffy. Liam says no his marriage is over and their Dad is not a good guy in this so he hopes he does not have to find out the hard way Liam did. He cannot trust her anymore nor even look at or touch her. He wishes he could get past this but this is their dad involved and he does not even want to talk about it. He tells Wyatt that Hope is back and he’d like to talk about her. She is working but doing some environmental stuff. He did not tell her about his dad and Steffy. Sally confides in Darlita that Liam left Steffy and she does not know all the details but she admits she would like a chance with him. Hope says she saw Liam and no matter what happened she is sure that he still loves Steffy. So perhaps if Steffy will just tell her what happened that brought them to this place that would be a good place to start. Steffy says this is not the end of her and Liam. She just wants to give him space. Hope says good and she just wanted Steffy to know she was around if she needed anything. She is surprised when Steffy says there is something she ought to know – she is pregnant.

Darlita talks Sally into looking on the internet to find out more about Hope and they find she is more into environmental issues just like Liam. Liam says for one short moment a ray of sunshine came out when Hope came to see him and took his mind off the matter. Wyatt reminds him that Hope is no longer his wife so do not get too attached there. Wyatt starts again that this kid was conceived in love and he needs to find his way back to that. Liam says it does not work that way. Hope is ecstatic for Steffy since this is something she has wanted so long. She knows how much she and Liam have overcome so this must be very serious if Liam is not here right now. She needs more details. Steffy says she appreciates Hope wanting to help but she and Liam have gotten through hard times before and this will be no different. Steffy asks Hope for Liam’s address, which hotel. Hope tells her she will see her again as she is sticking around. Wyatt tells Liam that Steffy was completely wrong but Liam can rise above that. He loves Steffy, forgive her and do it for that innocent kid. Sally tells Darlita that both she and Hope are out of the running; Liam is still married to Steffy. Liam opens the door and there is Steffy who begs him not to close the door. And he does not even have to respond as he probably hates her but this should be the happiest time of their lives. But it kills her that this innocent child is going to pay for her mistake. So if he could just come home and give this child a chance. She says she is not going to give up on them. She will not sign the papers. So he can come home. All he has to say is he will forgive her and they can be a family again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Paul was upset that Will was moving in the Martin house.  Sonny asked Brady and Eve who killed Andre.  Sonny thought about overhearing Brady confessing to killing Andre.  Roman asked Anna if she killed Andre.  Hope and Rafe didnít want Roman to get involved with Annaís case.  Hope thought that Anna had to be the killer if it turned out that the urn was the murder weapon.  John gave Steve the glass that he put the poison in.  Steve drank the glass.  John wanted to tell Steve and Kayla something.  When he started to tell them, Marlena interrupted and said that Andre was murdered.  Roman questioned Anna about how Tonyís urn ended up in Andreís office.  She said she knew how it got there.  Paul told Will that he didnít want him to live at the Martin house because Sonny would think that he was trying to get close to him.  Will said he was.  Sonny told Brady that he overheard him confessing to killing Andre.  Sonny told him that he did it because he lost Gabi Chic.  Marlena told John, Steve, and Kayla how Anna was a suspect in Andreís death.  Anna told Roman that she was in Andreís office.  Roman wanted to know why.  She told him about the letter she got.  She showed him the letter.  Marlena wanted to talk to John about Paul.  She thought Will wanted to move in the Martin house to be near Paul.  Will tried to explain why he wanted to move in the Martin house.  Will said he didnít move in the house because of Paul, but he was glad that he lived there.  Brady confessed to Sonny that he killed Andre.  Sonny was furious.  Sonny told Brady that he wasnít going to have his back.  Brady said he didnít need him to have his back.  He was going to take responsibility for his actions.  Sonny called the police station.  Brady stopped him from calling.  Brady said that Victor made a mistake putting him in charge.  Roman hid the letter that Anna gave him when Rafe and Hope came in the room.

Roman lied to Hope and Rafe and said that Anna was with him all afternoon.  Hope didnít believe him.  Brady told Sonny that he was kidding when he said he killed Andre.  Eve backed up his story.  Brady said that he had an alibi.  Sonny didnít believe him.  Brady told him to call the police.  Will told Paul that he was attracted to him.  Will thought Paul was attracted to him too.  Steve had another dizzy spell in front of Marlena, Kayla, and John.  Roman told Hope that he wasnít lying about being with Anna.  Hope thought it was suspicious that he brought it up now.  Rafe wanted to talk to Roman outside.  Hope told Anna not to get Roman involved.  Roman told Rafe and Hope that they didnít have proof that she killed Andre.  Hope wanted a statement from him.  Brady wanted Sonny to stop pretending that he cared about Andre.  Sonny said he cared about protecting the company.  Brady threw up in Sonnyís face that Will dumped him.  Steve told Kayla that he was fine.  Kayla told Marlena about Steveís dizzy spells.  When John asked if Steve was all right, Steveís vision was blurry.  Steve wondered why John was acting guilty.  Sonny and Brady ended up arguing again.  Sonny warned Eve to stay away from Brady.  Sonny told her that Brady was using her.  Anna wanted to know why Roman lied for her.  He said he wanted to know more about the letter.  He wanted her to read the letter to him.  The letter said that Andre killed Tony.  Roman thought that the person who sent the letter knew that she wanted Andre dead.  Roman wondered who would have something to gain by setting her up.  Brady told Eve that they were going to make sure that Sonny lost everything.  Anna didnít know who wrote the letter.  Roman thought the person was trying to provoke her to hurt Andre.  She didnít know who would provoke her.  Someone was watching them while they were hugging. 

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason and Sonny discuss meeting up with Sinclair and how they haven’t been getting emails. They know it was who stopped them. Anna walks in. She admits that she is responsible for them not getting emails. She wants them to not go after Sinclair because he could be just as innocent in this as the rest of them are. Sonny thinks that using Sinclair is the only way to get Faison. Anna reluctantly gives them the location to meet up with Sinclair at that night. Maxie and Nathan go to the hospital, where they have a checkup. They get to see the baby for the first time but do not want to know the gender just yet. Kim shows them on the screen and then Felicia shows up to view the baby as well. Nathan has to get back to work and says goodbye to Maxie.

Felicia convinces Finn that he has to admit to Anna his true feelings. If he doesn’t then she never will. Finn reluctantly decides to admit to her the truth. Faison yells and threatens Lulu and Obrecht. They both try to convince him not to do anything to anyone. Obrecht ends up telling Faison about Finn and how Anna is dating him. Faison decides to go after him. He leaves a smoke bomb that will kill them. Lulu and Obrecht look for a way to escape as the bomb starts to go off. Finn shows up at Anna’s house and later Faison does. He holds a gun to Finn. Anna then shows up and finds both of them.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Hilary talks to her doctor and decides to find a sperm donor so that she can have a baby later she tells Devon her plans and he thinks her child will need a mail role model. because it isn't good for a person to grow up without a mail role model.. Hilary tells Devon she is considering an offer from a big media company who wants to buy GC Buzz and Devon asks her to consider selling the show to the Hamilton Winters Group. Hilary tells him she will think about his offer but right now she has other priorities. Chelsea gets a little upset with Nick because he won't consider a contractor to do the renovations on the penthouse now that he is working on the low income housing project. Chelsea doesn't let Nick se that she is upset when he accidentally breaks a bottle of discontinued perfume that Adam gave her but it gets her thinking about Adam and how little she has left to remember him. Chelsea talks to Sharon about Adam and how different Adam and Nick are even though they were brothers. Nick later tells Chelsea that he has hired a contractor to help with the penthouse renovations and surprises her with a few bottles of the discontinued perfume. The arbitration between Jack and Ashley for Jabot is bitter and the siblings say hurtful things to each other and Jack tells Michael that if this goes on for too long it will damage his family. The arbitrator tells them she will give them her ruling tomorrow.

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