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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge stands and tells Bill that he is a predator and he violated his daughter and he cannot just take who he wants when he wants it. Brooke stops by to see Steffy after Ridge told her to. She asks if something else happened and is it about Liam. She thinks it is wonderful when Steffy says she is pregnant. Liam was happy until he discovered she took a paternity test. Brooke knows that means there was another man and asks who it was. Her jaw falls open when Steffy says it was Bill. Brooke refuses to believe that. Bill would not do that to her. Steffy explains how it happened when she would not forgive Liam about Sally and she went to the guest house. Bill dropped by and comforted her. She was in tears and devastated. But he did not take advantage of her; they just became close. It only happened that one time but that is why she took the paternity test. She wanted to tell Liam the truth but she couldn’t. Brooke wonders if Ridge knows. Bill tells Ridge he does not have to say another thing. It did not go down like Ridge is saying. Ridge rolls up his sleeves to get ready and tells Bill to do the same. He knows he forced himself on his daughter. He puts his hands on Bill’s shoulders and faces off with him. Ridge pins Bill against the wall with his arms. He says he already betrayed his own son and now he is doing it to his daughter. There will be consequences. Under the covers in bed, Wyatt tells Katie that her giggles are the best part of her. He continues tickling and so does she with the giggles. More seriously he tells Katie that Ridge is never going to believe Bill did not take advantage of Steffy. He always sees red when it comes to Bill.

Steffy confides in Brooke that Ridge does not believe her about Bill not taking advantage of her and wants to call the police. Ridge says he does not believe Bill. Bill wants to explain. Bill says he did want revenge when Liam took his company away from him, but Steffy kept him from doing that. He cares about her and her happiness means everything to him. Ridge squares off and says let himself be perfectly clear Bill will NEVER be with Steffy again. Bill says he wants that marriage to continue and he will do everything in his power to see that happens but he needs Ridge’s help. Neither of them came from a stable home and he knows Ridge does not want that to happen to their first grandchild. The baby needs to be loved, cherished and nurtured by two parents in the same house. They cannot let that marriage crumble. Ridge hauls off and socks him in the face. Ridge says he is going to call the police and watch Bill suffer for what he did to his family.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope told Roman that Andre was murdered at his office.  Rafe said Andre was bludgeoned to death.  Hope said Anna was a person of interest.  Roman said Anna wouldnít kill Andre.  When Roman asked if Anna murdered Andre, she denied it.  Rafe thought Anna should go with him and Hope if she didnít have anything to hide.  Roman said he would meet them at the station.  Hope asked if he wanted to be a part of it.  Sonny told Brady and Eve that Andre was murdered.  Sonny and Brady got into an argument over Titan.  When Sonny left, Eve asked Brady to tell her what he did to Andre.  Marlena talked to Will about his feelings for Paul.  Will wanted her advice on how to get Paul.  She told him to stay away from Paul.  While Steve, Kayla, John, and Paul were eating together, Steve had a dizzy spell.  He told Kayla about the symptoms he was having.  He told her that it was nothing to worry about.  She wanted him to read something to prove that it was nothing.  Hope reminded Roman about the way Anna was acting when they were looking for Stefano.  Roman wanted to know what evidence the police had.  She told him they had the murder weapon.  Rafe questioned Anna about the urn.  He asked her how the urn was used in a murder that she knew nothing about.  Steve told Kayla that he couldnít read the tablet.  He told her that he knew why.  He said he got drunk on New Yearís.  Steve wanted to drink to prove that his drinking was why he isnít feeling right.  Roman was surprised that the urn was used as a weapon.  Hope said Tonyís ashes were all over the floor.  She wanted to know when was the last time Anna had the urn.  He said Anna had it yesterday.  Hope thought Anna could have possibly killed Andre.  Anna told Rafe that she didnít know how Tonyís urn could have killed Andre.  Rafe reminded her that Andre pretended to be Tony and caused him grief.  Anna wasnít going to let Rafe make her look guilty.  She said she didnít kill Andre.  Rafe wanted to know how Tonyís urn got in Andreís office.  She wanted a lawyer.  Brady wondered why Eve suspected him of killing Andre.  She told him that he said that he would take care of Andre.  She wanted to know where he went and what he did.  He said he didnít want to implicate her.  He admitted to killing Andre.  Sonny was listening to their conversation.

Kayla gave Steve an exam and said there was nothing wrong.  She wanted him to see an eye doctor.  She thought he needed glasses, but he didnít want them.  He agreed to see the eye doctor.  Marlena told Will that Paul was still in love with Sonny.  Will was going to take her advice under advisement.  He told her that he wanted to get his own place.  They talked about him possibly getting a job.  Roman tried to defend Anna to Hope.  Hope didnít want him to get hurt.  Sonny continued to listen while Brady confessed to Eve that he killed Andre.  Brady said he did what Eve wanted him to do.  Brady told her that he went to see Andre and told him to drop Gabi Chic.  He said Andre got in his face and he ended up killing him.  Brady wanted her to promise not to say anything.  Marlena and Will went to the pub to get Will a job.  Roman couldnít talk because he had to take care of something.  Eve couldnít believe that Brady murdered Andre.  Brady wanted her to calm down.  She told him that she didnít want him to murder Andre.  She couldnít believe that Brady killed someone.  She said that she wasnít going to be his alibi.  He said he didnít need an alibi because he was kidding.  She wanted to know where he went if he didnít kill Andre.  Sonny ran into Paul at the town square.  Sonny apologized to Paul for the way he treated him the last time they saw each other.  Sonny wanted to talk to him about Brady.  Rafe told Hope that Anna wanted a lawyer.  He told Hope that he thought Anna was hiding something.  Roman showed up at the police station.  Sonny told Paul that Brady was being a jerk.  Paul said that Brady was upset about losing the CEO position.  Brady told Eve that he planned to go threaten Andre, but he couldnít get in to see him.  He said he went to get a drink.  Eve said that she was the one who killed Andre.  Brady didnít think Eve was capable of murder.  Sonny walked in on them and reminded them that someone killed Andre.  Roman went to see Anna.  Anna asked him to help her.  He agreed to do it, but he wanted her to tell him if she killed Andre.  Steve wondered if drinking was the cause of his problems.  While Steve and Kayla were talking, John was shown putting something in Steveís drink.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis is in disbelief that there was not actually a gas leak in Molly’s apartment building. TJ shows up and informs that the landlord has had the building condemned and they are not allowed back in. There is someone guarding the front. Alexis doesn’t think that is legal. Ned shows up with Olivia. He wants Alexis to know he is sorry for what happened with Julian the other day. He offers Alexis the chance to oversee the Charles Street remodel. Alexis ends up getting fed up and decides she will run against Ned for mayor. Dante and Nathan attempt to put together the pieces of the puzzle in terms of the Faison case. Anna shows up and admits that Faison has another son. Jordan walks in and asks why she didn’t tell her last night. Anna explains she needed to double check her sources with Obrecht being drunk.

Lulu goes to Peter over the fact she got an assignment to write about a cat show. She wants to expose Faison and thinks he is hiding on Spoon Island. Peter informs her that she cannot give up her cat article but she can make the choice to research this herself. He is worried about what could happen to her though. Lulu is honored over this. She leaves and Anna shows up. She offers the chance to give the paper a scoop. She wants to admit to the world that Faison had another son. Peter refuses to write the article unless she gives him proof as to how she even knows this. Anna will not give it out. She later receives an email meant for Sonny saying that Henrik is ready is ready to meet with him. Obrecht is held captive but Faison who wants to meet Nathan and will deal with him himself. He leaves and Lulu finds her. She tries to help Obrecht escape but she is not quick enough and Faison returns. He thinks this is all her fault.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nick had to cut his evening with Chelsea short due to a problem at the apartment building he owned. Mariah and Hilary traded barbs about Hilary having to go on a blind date and Mariah writing journal entries about someone who didn't want her. Billy bet Phyllis cash that Ravi and Hilary's date would end badly. Phyllis, Billy, Hilary and Ravi had a double date. Hilary confided in Phyllis that she was impressed with Ravi's potential as a father, but she didn't feel any heat. Billy worked to sabotage the date by inviting Devon to join them and by telling Ravi that Hilary was eager to become a mother. Ravi wished Hilary well, but he wasn't interested in being a father yet. Billy and Chelsea talked about her interrupted plans, and he told her how work had almost derailed his relationship with Phyllis and advised her to communicate with Nick if things weren't working for her. Hilary decided to give up on dating and to figure out a way to get a baby without a man. On Devon's orders, Tessa went to Mariah to try and smooth things over. Mariah confronted Tessa, who eventually admitted she stole the journal. Tessa explained that she could relate to Mariah's journal entries, however, she still wanted to be with Noah. Tessa apologized for the theft, but Mariah didn't accept. Tessa begged Mariah to let Devon release the song.

JT incorrectly believed that Reed skipped community service, and he embarrassed Reed by yelling at him in front of everyone in Crimson Lights. Sharon gave JT some moral support about raising teens. Reed wasn't happy that his parents were back together. JT and Victoria decided it was time for Reed to move back home. Nikki and Victor didn't approve of Victoria and JT living together, but they agreed to accept it because it made her happy. Victoria was upset that Reed didn't seem happy about their reunion. JT assured Victoria that she didn't have to worry anymore because he was here for her now. Sharon told Nick she was proud of him for helping Kathy and the other tenants. Nick revealed that Sharon inspired him to step up and help out. Mariah didn't want to hurt Tessa and Devon's careers, so she was conflicted about her next move. Sharon advised her to stand up for herself. Mariah showed Devon her journal. Devon refused to pull the song since Tessa had written the melody and the journal wasn't copyrighted. He offered Mariah co-writing credit. Mariah threatened to sue if he released the song. Sharon confronted Tessa about the theft and revealed that she knew about the kiss. Tessa swore she was committed to Noah and would never intentionally hurt him. Sharon doubted Tessa, and vowed to keep an eye on her. Nick got home and discovered that Chelsea had arranged for them to pick up their romantic evening where they left off.

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