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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge will not accept that it was Spencer who did this to Steffy. She admits it was a mistake but just let her explain. He says no, he needs no more. He will kill him. Hope tells Liam that it hurts her to see him hurting and she knows he does not want to talk about it but she wants him to know he has a friend in her always. She will be there when he is comfortable to talk about it. Brooke tells Bill that she does not know why Liam left Steffy but it must have been a very big deal. Bill says Liam is not coming back despite what Steffy said. Brooke says Liam must have confided in Bill so does he know what could have happened. Steffy tells her dad to leave this alone; let her explain and do not try to hurt Bill as he did not hurt her. She was not thinking straight but Bill did not force herself on her. Ridge says to heck with that. He will make him pay by rotting in jail.

Liam asks Hope why did she come back to L.A. now. She says it was family and friends including him and then she got a text from Ridge that he had a surprise and now was the time to come home. She even tells him she learned how to cook and she even grows her own tomatoes so when he is ready she will make him a dish. Then she catches him smiling. He says he is proud of her and glad all is going well. Justin tells Bill that he better watch his back as Forrester will be gunning for him. Steffy tells Ridge again that Bill did not attack her. They both just fell in each other’s arms that night. So just listen to what she is saying. This was consensual. He is aghast when Steffy says Bill told her that he loved her. But she only wants Liam to come home. She would have gone to the police but Bill did not violate her. She does not know why Ridge is being so stubborn about this. Liam tells Hope that now he can understand why she had to get away from L.A. Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where it is better to get away from it all. He says he is glad she is back and will be sticking around for a while. Justin gives Bill a heads up that Ridge just showed up in the parking lot. He can call security. Bill says no; he will handle this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby found André on the floor.  She was surprised to see that he was dead.  Chad and Kate were upset that André fired Gabi.  Kate couldn’t believe that André betrayed her.  Vivian told Stefan that they had to get their stories straight.  Abby tried to get André to get up.  Kate talked to Chad that André lied to her about making their marriage a real one.  She thought he was planning to stab Gabi in the back.  Chad said he knew not to trust André.  He blamed Abby for why he trusted him.  Kate wanted to know what they were going to do.  Chad said they were going to regroup.  She said they were going to have to answer questions from reporters.  He said they would be ready for them.  Abby called Chad and told him that André was dead.  Chad was on his way to André’s office.  Gabi told Eli that André fired her.  Eli couldn’t believe that André fired her.  Eli was going to make André give her her company back.  Eli wanted to go to the company to get her job back, but she said there was no point.  When Chad showed up at André’s office, Abby told him what happened when she found him.  Vivian wanted Stefan to get their stories straight.  He said they weren’t going to be implicated, but she wasn’t sure.  She wanted to be prepared.  Chad tried to get Abby to calm down.  She wanted to look for the murder weapon, but he stopped her from touching anything.  He wanted to call the police.  Chad called Hope and told her that André was murdered.  Eli wanted to take care of André for firing Gabi.  Gabi told Eli that her father gave her blood money to start the company.  Eli still wanted to do something to get her company back.  She said it was over.  He wanted to know why she didn’t want to fight the firing.  Eli got a call from the station to investigate a homicide.  He told her that they were going to straighten out André after he investigated the homicide. 

Stefan told Vivian what they were going to say if they were questioned about what happened to André.  She was okay with his plan.  Chad comforted Abby about André being dead.  Hope and Rafe showed up at André’s office.  They saw André’s body on the floor.  They investigated the crime scene.  Vivian and Kate got into an argument over André.  Eli showed up at André’s office and noticed him on the floor.  Eli was surprised to find him dead.  Rafe showed Eli an urn that was at the scene.  Rafe said he knew whose it was.  Abby told Hope what happened when she found André.  Hope questioned Abby about what happened.  Hope wanted Abby and Chad to give her a list of people who could have killed André.  Abby thought about the way Gabi reacted when André fired her.  Kate told Vivian that André fired Gabi.  Kate wanted Vivian to tell her why André fired Gabi.  Vivian told her to talk to André. Kate thought Vivian had something to do with it, but Vivian denied it.  Hope wanted Abby to tell her what was going on.  Abby was shocked that André wasn’t alive.  Chad told Hope that he was upset with André for firing Gabi.  Hope thought that Gabi would have been upset about being fired.  When Hope left to see what Rafe found out, Abby looked at a picture of Gabi.  Chad wanted to know what was going on.  Gabi ran into Stefan and talked to him about being fired. Vivian found out that André was dead.  Kate showed up at André’s office and saw that André was dead.  Gabi told Stefan that he could override André’s decision to fire her.  Stefan said his hands were tied.  He said it was André’s decision.  She thought Stefan wouldn’t help her because she turned down his date.  She asked him to override his decision.  He said he couldn’t.  She wanted to know why.  He showed her his tablet.  Chad continued to comfort Abby.  Hope and Rafe went to the pub to arrest Anna for André’s murder.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason stands on the footbridge thinking of Sam. Spinelli shows up and tells him it isn’t to late to go and stop the wedding. Jason has to explain to him that he doesn’t want to ruin Sam’s wedding. If she wants to be with Drew then that is her choice. Spinelli thinks that Sam is only going to be with Drew because he expects her to be. Drew wants her to hold his hand while he does everything and doesn’t even know who he is. Jason still refuses to go. Drew prepares for the wedding as Curtis and Jordan show up. Jordan ends up having to leave for work. Monica then shows up. She asks to adopt Drew so he can legally be a part of the family. Sam and Drew exchange vows and they are married. Sam looks in-different the entire time.

Anna tells Sonny that he cannot go after Henrik. She doesn’t want someone who could be innocent getting hurt. Sonny tells Anna that he will do what he has to in order to find Jason’s captor. Anna calls Robert in private. She wants him to have all of Sonny’s emails directed to her so sonny cannot go further in contacting Henrik. Obrecht is kidnapped by someone who looks like Faison from the back end. The man texts Anna saying they will see each other soon. Laura informs Ned and Lulu she is dropping out of the race to be with Spencer as his legs heal. She wants Alexis to take her spot in the race. Michael sees the first photo of the baby and Carly isn’t having it that Nelle thinks she will be a part of the family. Nelle has dinner with Monica.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Tessa lies and tells Devon that she didn't steal Maria's journal and use it to write her song she tells him that she just wrote the song based on conversations she had with Mariah. Devon asks Mariah to let him read her journal and Mariah says no and is hurt that Devon would believe Tessa instead of her when they are friends she thinks Devon is only concerned about making money. Hilary is surprised that Devon didn't take Mariah's side on the issue. Devon feels badly about his argument with Mariah and asks what he can do to make things better. Mariah asks Devon not to release the song, delete all the files from his computer and then delete the trash folder. Billy thinks that Victoria is moving too quickly in her relationship with JT by letting him move into the house but when Victoria tells him that she has never been so sure of anything in her life he wishes her the best of luck. JT secretly takes some pills from his briefcase and takes one pill with a glass of water. Abby thinks that Dina should come to Paris and stay with her for a while so that Jack and Ashley can have a break and Dina loves the idea. Jack, Ashley and Traci have a long discussion and finally agree to accept Abby's offer and Traci takes Dina to Paris and tells Jack she won't return until she makes sure Dina is happy and getting the best care possible. Jack and Ashley worry that if and when Dina returns to Genoa City she won't remember them. Michael tells Jack and Ashley that the Jabot arbitration is scheduled for the day after tomorrow and both of them decide to go ahead with the arbitration for the good of the company.

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