The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/19/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells her dad that she regrets something she did. He says no matter if it is embarrassing it won’t stop his loving her. But she cries that he won’t ever be able to look at her the same. First she wants to tell him that she is pregnant. He hugs her for the wonderful news. He is excited but wonders why Liam is not here. She says she is not sure Liam will ever forgive her. She did something she deeply regrets. Brooke goes into Bill’s office and wants to thank him for signing the annulment papers. She feels he has already replaced her with some other woman. Bill explains this is what Ridge wanted and pushed for. They both admit they have moved on but will always care about each other. She doesn’t want to let this other woman go and Bills says this is unlike her as she should only be happy that she has her man now. She tells him about her visit with Steffy and something must be going on there. He says he knows very little but he thinks Steffy and Liam will make their way back to each other. He thinks the best thing to do is stay out of it, including Ridge. Damaged relations can and do heal. Brooke says whatever Steffy is holding inside she hopes she can tell her dad.

Liam, holed up in some fleabag motel, is surprised to get a text from Hope. He quickly flashes back to giving Steffy the annulment papers and leaving. Hope is happy to get a text back from him. He starts cleaning up his food mess just in time for Hope’s arrival. It is a little awkward with Liam saying it has been a long time. She asks if he is still a vegan and he replies that he does not know what he is any more. He wants to know how much she knows. She says she knows about his marriage in Sydney and she knows they love each other so whatever happened she knows they will get through it – just do not give up. She tells him she ran into Sally Spectra and she is very worried about him. If he wants to talk to her about it he can. She is a friend he can depend on. Steffy tells Ridge she does not know when her husband will or if he will be back. He did not just walk away. He took his wedding ring off and gave her annulment papers. She has no reason to think that he will be back. Ridge says maybe this is about Liam and not Steffy. She says no, he was honest with her about Sally. She starts to tell him what happened when she left Liam and went to the guest house. Someone showed up. He is stunned when he realizes whatever it was it was Bill that did this to her.


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian told Stefan that Chad and John figured out what was going on with the sabotaging at the company. Stefan didnít think they would tie it to them, but she didnít agree. She thought that it was a matter of time before they put the pieces together. Stefan didnít think Andre would turn on them. Vivian thought that he would turn on them immediately. Chad told Abby that Andre was the one who was sabotaging the company. Andre fired Gabi on the grounds of fraud. Lucas came out of rehab. Kate wanted to get Lucas his job back. Gabi said that she didnít commit fraud. Andre told her that the seed money from her company came from her father. He said it was dirty money, but she said that she had nothing to do with it. She said that she refused to leave the company. Abby didnít believe that Andre would betray Kate by sabotaging the company. Chad didnít agree with that. Gabi believed that Andre resented her because Chad trusted her more than him. He told her that she was a liability and that she was out. Gabi told him that she would leave and take Gabi Chic with her. He told her that she wouldnít take it. Stefan didnít know what he and Vivian could do to Andre. Vivian wanted to kill Andre. Kate talked to Lucas about Vivian being in town. She also told him about her relationship with Andre. She told him that he said he loved her. Lucas wondered if she would have said it back. Andre reminded Gabi that he had a contract and that they were going through with the launch without her. Gabi reminded him that his family were murderers. Andre didnít want someone like her associated with the company. Chad and Abby continued to talk about Andre. She believed that Andre wouldnít hurt the company. Stefan didnít want to kill Andre. Vivian said she would do it.

Stefan wanted to know what Vivian planned to do to Andre. Vivian didnít want to tell him. Stefan begged him not to kill her brother. Gabi threatened to tell Andreís family how he treated her. He didnít care about her threat. She reminded him that she would always be family to Kate. She wanted to call Kate to find out how she thought about what he did. He told her that she wouldnít do that. Lucas wasnít thrilled about Kate being with Andre, but he wanted her to be happy. Abby didnít see a reason why Andre would hurt the family the way Chad thought he would. Chad refused to accept Andre if he found out that he betrayed him again. He said he was gone. Gabi warned Andre that he was losing big today. Vivian didnít want Andre to live and told Stefan that he would regret it. Vivian told him that he could everything he wanted if agreed to kill Andre. Vivian found out that Gabi was fired. She felt like Andre was no longer useful to them. She wanted Andre to be terminated. Stefan called someone to do a job for him. Gabi ran into Abby and she told her that she was fired. Abby didnít believe Andre did that. Abby wanted to call Chad, but Gabi said it wouldnít matter. Gabi threatened to kill Andre. Andre wanted to tell Kate something, but she wanted to go first. Kate admitted that she loved Andre. Andre wasnít sure how she would feel once he told her what he had to say. Gabi saw a text alert that said she was fired from her company. Vivian told Stefan that they had to get their stories straight. Abby went to Andreís office and found him dead on the floor.



GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna tries to go over the Faison case when Obrecht shows up at her house drunk out of her mind. She is worried that Anna has Faison locked up in her house. Anna explains that if she had Faison here she would let her know… Obrecht is afraid about Nathan’s safety. Anna asks about the other child. Obrecht assumes she means Henrik. His mother abandoned him with Faison and Faison wasn’t interested because it wasn’t Anna’s child. Sonny informs Jason that they are going to have to make contact with Sinclair soon and that Jason needs to warn Sam. Jason goes to Sam’s only to find out that Sam and Drew are getting married that night and informs them of the situation. Drew decides to take Sam and the children on a honeymoon to Tahiti. Anna shows up at Sonny’s house and Sonny explains he has made contact with Sinclair. He wants to use him as leverage with Faison. Anna tells him they are not doing that. Obrecht wakes up and tries leaving Anna’s house. She walks outside where she is made unconscious by the man who could be Faison. He lights a cigar over her body.

Julian and Kim run into each other only for Julian to find out his entire supply of food arrived spoiled. Julian goes to Sonny to confront him over the situation. He thinks that Jim and Ned are trying to run him out of town. Sonny has nothing to do with it and doesn’t seem to care. At the Floating Rib, Jason is shooting pool and Kim shows up. They play together for a little bit before Julian shows up offering to buy Kim dinner. Jason allows the two of them to be alone. Laura goes to GH where she finds Valentin and Kevin arguing. Valentin wants on the hospital board now that Laura has withdrawn. Valentin storms off when they start accusing him of the crimes he has committed in the past. Laura tells Kevin she has to drop out of the race. She needs to go to Paris to be with Spencer while he recovers from two broken legs. She suggests Kevin run for mayor in her place.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary wanted to do an episode on motherhood. Mariah admitted she couldn't picture being a parent. Tessa recorded her new song inspired by the words from Mariah's stolen journal. Devon loved it and vowed to put a lot of money into making it a hit. Cane and Lily returned and discussed their new living arrangements. They decided that Sam would sleep in their room until his nursery was finished. Lily confided in Devon that she wasn't sure she'd be able to raise Sam. Charlie was thrilled that his parents were back together. Mattie supported the reunion if it was what Lily and Cane wanted. Mattie told Lily that she didn't trust Cane. Lily said she'd forgiven Cane, but she hadn't forgotten, and she wasn't going to close herself off from love. Mattie was afraid to love again after Reed. Lily assured Mattie that she'd eventually find the man of her dreams. Cane brought Sam home, and Lily smiled as she held him.

Abby was excited about Brash and Sassy leasing a building in Paris. She told Victoria, who was too distracted by flirtatious texts from JT to pay attention. Abby sensed that Victoria had a secret. Victoria thought it was time for her and JT to define what was going on between them. JT didn't feel the need to. Cane warned JT that JT might have to make new living arrangements. Victoria said she thought she and JT had the chance to have something real, but she got cold feet when he admitted that he wanted to get back together. She was afraid that they'd repeat their mistakes and she and the kids would get hurt. JT felt that she was letting fear stop her. They kissed. JT asked Victoria to help him find an apartment. Victoria invited him to move in with her. Hilary was delighted to hear about Cane and Lily's reunion, because she thought it was what was best for Sam. Hilary convinced Devon to give her the exclusive and debut Tessa's new song on the Hilary Hour. Tessa tried to convince Devon not to make her go on the show, but it didn't work. Tessa left Mariah's journal at GC Buzz for her to find. Tessa performed her song, and Mariah recognized the lyrics from her journal. Mariah flew into a rage and called Tessa a thieving bitch in front of everyone.


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