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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke the ring looks better on her finger than in the box. He proposes they can run off to Vegas for the wedding. He was hoping Steffy would show up today but she is still not in. Bill walks in on Steffy all bundled up on the couch. He says he thought Liam might have come home. She lifts her head long enough to say he did just to say goodbye. Hope with Ivy, sporting short blonde hair, hug and she wants to know if blondes do have more fun. Rick is not happy to hear the news when Brooke is flashing her ring around for the office to see. Rick says he wants her to be happy but he wants her to be sure this is what she wants. She says she is absolutely happy. Ridge tells the group that Thorne has not been supportive and was not invited but it is up to him. Brooke surprises Hope by saying in the spirit of things she thought she would ask Steffy to be her matron of honor. Hope is okay with that and just wants her mom to be happy. Steffy tells Bill that Liam cannot even look at her now so he definitely is not going to share the house with her. Bill says all of that could change when he actually sees the baby in her arms. He rants there are scorecards and other ways to honor the integrity of a marriage. Bill says they are trying to put this marriage back together and Liam is talking to lawyers. Then he drops the bomb that he has his own annulment papers from Brooke. It is over. He tells Steffy that she does not have to be alone; he is only a phone call away.

Ridge tells the group that he has learned his lesson and he is not going to let Brooke down again. She hugs each one and says it will be such a joy to have them at her wedding. The next knock at Steffy’s door is Brooke and Steffy springs fast enough hoping it is Liam, but it is Brooke who is stunned at what she sees. Steffy pretends all is all right but she got busy and forgot to respond to Brooke’s e-mail. Brooke shows her the ring and says Bill got his annulment papers so Ridge and her wedding is on. And as a matter of fact she would like her to stand up for her as her matron of honor. Steffy fusses around and acts busy so she does not have to look Brooke in the eye and says she is happy for them but she can’t do that. Brooke thinks it might be because of Taylor and her history with Ridge as well. Steffy says no that has nothing to do with it. She knows she and Ridge love each other and they will have a beautiful marriage but she cannot be part of it. Brooke says she is not acting like herself. Why doesn’t she think it over as she wants both her and Liam there. Steffy says he won’t be; he has walked out on her. Brooke says obviously she does not know what happened but perhaps she could talk to her and she could help. She asks pointblank what happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Valerie how he ended up being with Lani. Abby saw Chad and Gabi hugging each other. Stefan was looking at Abbyís ID pic and Vivian saw him. She assumed he was smitten with her. Valerie suggested that Eli tell JJ the truth. Gabi told Abby that Chad talked to her about Theo. Stefan denied having feelings for Abby. Vivian didnít believe him. She thought that he was struck like a thunderbolt. Stefan admitted that he was intrigued by Abby. Vivian warned him to control himself or he would ruin everything. Theo told Claire about Lani and having a baby. Theo didnít want her to tell anyone. Ciara walked in on her. Valerie thought he could get caught. Eli believed that Lani wasnít pregnant. Abe was happy for Lani and JJ. Stefan told Vivian that Abby was solid before she got together with Chad. Gabi asked Abby if she was really okay with her conversation. Ciara wanted to say goodbye to Theo. Ciara wanted to hold his hand. They hugged each other and she left. Lani didnít want to say anything to anyone because she didnít want to miscarry. JJ reminded her that she should be two months along. Valerie showed up before she could say anything. Chad went to Stefanís office to talk.

Chad talked to Stefan about taking over in Theoís life. Stefan told him that he wasnít trying to take his place. Chad apologized to Stefan for getting off on the wrong foot. Abe and Theo talked about him leaving. JJ went to get chicken soup for Lani. Eli showed up at the hospital and gave Lani her earring. He wanted to make sure that she wasnít going to say anything about them being together. Abby assured Gabi that she wasnít jealous of her and Chad. Abby thought Stefan was trying to make her doubt Chad. Chad wanted to shake Stefanís hand for giving them back their jobs. Abe talked to JJ about quitting the force. JJ told him that he would do right by Lani and the baby. Lani saw Theo and they talked about her baby. Lani wanted Theo to get better so he could help take care of her baby. Vivian let Stefan know that she didnít believe what he said. Stefan seemed like he was under control of the situation. Vivian wanted to make sure that he knew what he was doing. Abe told Valerie that Lani was going to have a baby. Chad called John so they could meet. Chad thought Stefan was dangerous. Chad walked off so he didnít see that Vivian was listening. Stefan went to Gabiís office and saw her with Abby. He asked Gabi to go out for dinner. Abby assumed he was talking to her. Theo said goodbye to everyone before Abe took him in the elevator.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ava looks at herself in the mirror before surgery and thinks about Carly telling her she will never change. Julian shows up and thinks that things will be fine for her. Ava goes to Sonnyís house before the surgery to see Avery. She claims she is going to have surgery and wants to see her one last time before just in case. Sonny tells Ava that Avery is not home right now which is the only reason she was allowed in the house. Carly walks in with Avery and the two quickly go in the kitchen. Sonny doesnít want Ava around the child. Carly walks back in and thinks that Ava needs to remind herself that she responsible for Morganís death and they will make sure that Avery knows that when she gets older. Kiki and Griffin discuss Ava having her surgery at the nurseís station. They end up hugging and Ava shows up. She is ready for the surgery. She is prepped and counts down from ten in order to have the surgery.

Ava wakes up and it was a success. Later, Ava and Griffin take off her bandages at home. They decide to go to the Metro Court. Laura confronts her for selling her dignity to get her face fixed. Ava sees a girl and goes after her into the bathroom. Carly confronts her for coming to the Metro Court. Ava gets a text saying she knows who she is. Later, Ava talks with Franco about a portrait that she is doing for her showing. Ava sees the girl again and runs into Nina. Ava accuses her of sending the texts. Nina has no idea what she is talking about and has moved on with her life. Ava is at home again and Morgan shows up. He is missing a hand, but he is alive, and Ava cannot believe it. Morgan is afraid to tell his family, but Ava wants to do it at her show. She convinces Carly and Sonny to show up but when they do Morgan is nowhere to be found. Instead, Connie (Megan Ward not Kelly Sullivan) walks out dripping with blood from being shot. She explains Morgan was never alive and she just convinced herself it was true. Ava cannot deal with being blamed and starts to state the faults of Kiki, Nina, Valentin, and Sonny. Then Nina, Laura, Connie, and Kiki all remind Ava how she hurt them in the past. Griffin claims he cannot forgive her. The girl that Ava kept seeing turns out to be Avery as an adult. She blames Ava for Morgan’s death. She doesn’t think that her face changes anything. Ava wakes up and it is as if nothing has changed. Her face is healed but she doesn’t change her way and goes to the Metro Court. She tells off Sonny and then goes to the bar where a girl who looks like adult Avery hands her a drink.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane and Lily finally connect after a day of missing each other and they decide to try to slowly rebuild their family even though they are scared that it may not work and their family may be hurt again. Scott goes to Paris and apologizes to Abby and admits that he has feelings for her but she doesn't want a relationship with him so she persuades Victor to sell Hashtag to Scott and to let him pay with the profits from the website. Abby makes him promise to move Hashtag to another state and he agrees to move hashtag to England so she won't have to see him every day. Paul tells Ashley that whomever broke into her lab stole a chemical used to make perfume and Ashley tells Paul that when the chemical is used alone it can be toxic. Graham tells Dina that John is dead and he is all she has now. This news makes Dina worried and she calls Jack wondering about John's whereabouts. Graham catches her on the phone with Jack and hangs up the phone. Jack rushes to the Athletic club to check on Dina. Dina is happy to see Jack who she thinks is john Abbott. Jack calms Dina down and she goes to take a nap. Jack tells Graham that the hearing to annul his marriage is in two days. Graham gets ready to inject Dina with the poison while Ashley and Jack figure out that Graham stole the poison so he could kill Dina and they rush to the Athletic Club to stop him. Gram starts to inject a sleeping Dina with the poison but she awakens and they struggle for the syringe and in the struggle Dina stabs Graham with the syringe.

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