The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 1/16/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge surprises Brooke with breakfast in bed but she surprises him by not being there and comes out in a sexy red teddy. He likes what he sees and greets her with a big kiss. While eating he tells her that he had papers drawn up for Bill to sign. He is humbled that Brooke is allowing him back into her heart. Bill is sulking in his office looking at photos of him and Liam and Liam and Steffy. Justin comes in and says he looks like he has had a rough night. Bill replies he has not been sleeping well lately and he does not need this doom and gloom from Justin. Liam is obviously not home or Steffy would have told him. But he knows they will work through this and raise that kid together. Justin questions how Bill’s own feelings for Steffy is going to fit in here. Eric is not happy with the attitude of Rick and Thorne or that Thorne told Rick about Ridge and Quinn. Rick says he cannot even wrap his head around it. Thorne says it never should have happened in the first place although it is over now. They say Quinn is at fault too but they both know how it is with Ridge and women. Eric questions why they are bringing it up now. Rick says he has known for a while but he did not want to create more drama but now that Ridge is marrying his mom it is clear he is not trustworthy. Eric thanks his two sons but says it is unnecessary as he is a very happy man. Thorne repeats again this was all right under Eric’s nose. A man can only take so much. Eric says this is over and done and he has no desire to revisit that time. Rick says maybe but he is the one who has to pick his mother off the floor every time Ridge does this. His mom might be naive to Ridge but Eric should not be. He just wants him to keep his guard up. Thorne interjects that Ridge sees something he likes, takes it and then discards it. Rick thinks he is going to break his mother’s heart once again.

Carter brings it back up to Maya that losing her was one of his biggest regrets. And as selfish and inappropriate as it was, not telling her would have caused more regrets. She says she was flattered but he heard her answer loud and clear. She says he is a sweet guy and she knows he will find that special someone like she found Rick. Carter is escorted into Bill’s office who calls him the Grim Reaper, the one who is driving a stake through his marriage. Carter reminds him that Brooke is moving on with her life so this is best for all. Bill says he never thought it would come to this; he planned to be married to Brooke for the rest of their lives but Ridge is in a rush to get to the courthouse with annulment papers. But there has been a ground shift and it changed his course forever. He signs the papers. Later Justin tells him that he signed those papers even knowing Ridge pushed for it so it sort of shows him where Bill’s mind is at when it comes to Steffy. Rick reminds Eric that Steffy has not even bothered to show up at work for days now and Ridge is being rewarded for bad behavior over Eric’s real sons. Eric says they are all his real sons but giving Rick another shot at being CEO is premature. Thorne says he still thinks he is a better man for Brooke and he will use this chance before she marries Ridge to make her see that. He and Rick agree they are on the same page and Rick wants Thorne to have another shot at his mom and not reward Ridge. Justin tells Bill that he does not give up easily but he sure signed those papers very quickly. That is easy when he has other possibilities ahead. He does not think Liam will come back to Steffy. Bill tells him to drop it right now. Justin pushes further by saying if Liam and Steffy do not get back together all the Forresters will want to know why and all of this will come out. Carter calls Ridge and says Bill signed the papers so get back to his woman. Ridge gets a box from the nightstand and brings out the ring and shows it to Brooke and says now it is official. Now she can make him the happiest man in the world. He puts it on her finger and says it will stay there forever. They kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani told Kayla that JJ thought he was the father of her baby. Eli and Gabi enjoyed waking up together and wanted to make love again. Abe was upset at the idea of Theo going away for a year. Valerie told him that Theo would come back strong. Abe thought that he could take a leave of absence and go with him. Chad went to see Theo at the hospital and found Stefan in his room. JJ talked to Eric about having a baby with Lani. Eric wanted to know what Lani thought about everything. JJ told him that she wanted an abortion. Lani talked to Kayla about JJ finding out about the baby. Kayla told her that she was lying. Stefan wanted to get to know Theo before he left town. Chad and Abby wanted to see Theo alone. Theo wondered if Chad liked him. Chad was starting to badmouth Stefan so Abby reminded him that they were supposed to play nice with him. Theo asked him if he thought he was the one sabotaging the company. Valerie didnít want Abe to go. Abe asked Valerie to go with him. She reminded him when she wanted to go back home and he didnít want her to go. Valerie told him that she would miss him and would understand if he left. She said she would be waiting for him. Abby told Theo that they didnít have proof that Stefan was involved with the sabotage. Abby left Chad and Theo alone. JJ and Eric and Lani and Kayla talked about the baby. Gabi got out of the bed and noticed an earring on the floor. Eli admitted that the earring was Laniís. Abe told Valerie that Theo said the town needed the mayor so he figured Theo didnít want him to go with him. Valerie was happy that Abe was staying in Salem. Lani told Kayla that she lied about her job being why she didnít want to have a baby. She told her that JJ quit his job so he could have time for the baby. Kayla reminded her that the baby wasnít JJís. Lani thought she could keep the truth from him. Eli told Gabi that Lani was there on Christmas Eve. She understood because of the misunderstanding they had. Gabi knew that he didnít have sex with Lani. Chad and Theo continued to say goodbye to each other. They ended up talking about Stefan. Chad thought that Stefan was after his company. Theo told him that Stefan said that the company needed him. Chad didnít want Stefan to run it.

Abby went to Stefanís office to talk about his press release and Chad. Stefan noticed that her face lit up when she talked about him. She said he was practically perfect. Stefan reminded her that Chad was with another woman when he thought she was dead. JJ assured Eric that he and Lani were on the same page about the baby. Kayla told Lani was wrong to lie about the pregnancy. Lani told Kayla that she would let JJ think that the baby was late. Kayla continued to tell her that it was wrong to lie. Lani admitted that the father loved someone else and wouldnít want the baby. Chad wanted Theo to focus on rehab and not on the company. Chad told Theo that he was an amazing kid and that everything would work out. They hugged each other. Abby didnít care for what Stefan said and tried to downplay Chadís relationship with Gabi. Stefan reminded her that Chad was with her after she came back. Gabi showed up so they stopped talking until she left. Stefan wondered how Abby could work with Gabi when she slept with her husband. JJ went to see Theo and apologized. Theo told him that he was just as responsible for what happened. JJ told him that he quit the force and that he had other things going on. Kayla asked Lani what she would do if her baby had health issues. Lani was willing to take the chance. Kayla also told her that the babyís father had a right to know as well. Chad and Gabi talked about Stefan. She told him that Stefan thought she wanted to work at DiMera because of him. Abby didnít like that Stefan did his homework. Stefan implied that Gabi wanted to work for the company because of Chad. Abby wanted to know why he wanted to start trouble. JJ told Theo that his future was looking bright. Theo asked JJ if he would watch out for his sister. Lani continued to justify keeping the truth from JJ by saying that the fatherís life would be destroyed. Kayla told her that it was a huge secret to keep and that she would ruin all of their lives. Abby tried to defend Chad and Gabi being together. Stefan didnít seem to be convinced by what she said so he threw up in her face that she didnít expect Chad to fall in love with her. Abby told him that they put the past behind him. Stefan found it hard to believe that everything is the way Abby made it seem. Abby got upset with him and told him that they were all friends and nothing would change it. Valerie went to see Eli and he told her that he slept with Lani. Lani wanted to tell JJ the truth, but he interrupted her. He told her that he told Theo that they were having a baby. Abe overheard them and asked if they were having a baby. Abby left Stefanís office and left her ID behind. Chad and Gabi hugged each other and Abby saw them together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly confronts Joss about the condoms she found in her backpack. Joss explains that they aren’t hers but Trina’s. Trina is dating an older boy and her parents would flip out if she knew about them. Carly is glad they aren’t hers but wonders why she told Oscar that the night of the dance would be amazing. Joss explains a girl at school who happens to be transgender isn’t allowed to be a girl due to rules, even though she is being picked on. Joss is hosting a dance herself, so her friend can attend. Carly is proud of her. Kim confronts Oscar about the condoms and he explains that they are Trina’s. Kim tries to remind him that sex is something that is adult, and you have to be ready for. Oscar keeps rubbing his arm. He explains that he didn’t know boxing would be so tough. He says that Drew helped him. Kim tells him that she has to go but will see him at home. At Drew’s office, Jake shows up by himself to invite him to father/ son day at school. Elizabeth shows up after a call from Drew. They explain to him that Drew will always love him, but he should get to know Jason as well. Later, at Kelly’s Jake sees Jason outside. Kim confronts Drew about training Oscar to be a seal. Drew reminds her that he isn’t a seal anymore and cannot remember anything from the life. Kim is so sorry she went after him. Drew thinks it is fine.

Ava thanks Griffin and Kiki for helping her with the surgery. She has been approved and will be going through with it later today. Ava goes to check on a few things beforehand. Griffin and Kiki talk about how Dillon is always busy and how she can never talk with him. Griffin promises they can always talk and he will be there for her. Kiki thanks her. Michael shows up at Ava’s gallery to open the results of the paternity test with Nelle. Nelle already knows the results. Michael voices his concern over Nelle working at the gallery. Nelle thinks she will be fine. Ava shows up later on and Nelle thinks that she might be able to get back with Michael due to the results. Ava doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. Once you burn your bridges with the Corinthos you cannot get back in. Nelle tells the baby in private that is not going to happen. Sonny and Jason go over the plan once they get Faison. Jason wants to confront him why he did this. Sonny thinks he just wanted an enforcer he could control which explains Drew. Jason gets a call from Michael. He goes to talk with him outside of Kelly’s. Michael voices his being nervous about being a father. Jason promises him he will be a good dad. Sonny calls Jason and explains the traitor wants to meet up.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki thought she and Victor should use their good fortune to help struggling families in their town. He offered to help, but Nikki said she wanted to do more research. Devon decided to have Victoria do some public chats with Newman's customers in order to improve PR. Victoria revealed that she wasn't happy that she'd had to send Reed to live with Nikki and Victor. Devon felt that she'd made the right choice for Reed. Lily confided in Abby that she couldn't stop thinking about Cane. Abby loved Paris and decided to live there for awhile. Cane and Lily rented hotel rooms directly across from each other, although neither realized it. Cane showed up at Lily's Parisian photo shoot, but it was too late – she'd already left.

JT secretly met with Victoria, and he lied and told Billy he was going to a business meeting. Victor walked in on a partially undressed Victoria and JT. Victor took Victoria aside and urged her not to waste her time on JT. Billy suspected JT lied about the meeting, but JT accused Billy of being paranoid. Nick was impressed that Sharon was helping Kathy, and he told Mariah that he wanted to help too. Devon told Mariah that the music label wasn't doing well. The other departments were doing fine, but Devon vowed to make his entire company thrive. Nick and Nikki decided to buy a building to serve as housing for low income people and to be landlords. Victor pledged his support to Nikki. Victor told Nikki about JT and Victoria. Like Victor, Nikki disapproved.

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