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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy reminds Liam they have a baby coming and yes she will always regret that night with Bill but this baby was conceived in love and they can raise it together if he can forgive her. She does not want to co-parent, trading a child back and forth. She knows it will not be easy but they have to get through this. Hope tells Sally that she did not come back to L.A. for Liam. She did not even know he and Steffy were having problems, no one had told her and she had just been with Ridge and Brooke so they must not know either. Sally says on the surface he seemed fine but his spirit was crushed today, no fire. Hope needs to talk to him. She knows they were married and she cares for him. Hope says yes and she always will. Sally will not share where Liam is with Hope. Hope wonders if Sally has romantic plans for Liam. Sally says no, it was just a kiss but if things do not work out with Steffy then she would be happy to be that woman in his life. Bill tells Justin that he is proud of his sons but Liam walked out. Bill says the family is at risk and he promised him that he would try to save it for future generations. Liam tells Steffy that all he wanted was a family with her, his greatest accomplishment but now he has to put this behind him. Emotionally he cannot do as she says. All he sees now is Bill’s hands on her. His perception of her has changed permanently. What she did with his father is part of him now. It is not going away; it cannot be discarded.

Liam says he tried to forgive Steffy but he can’t. He has decided. He starts taking off his wedding ring while she hollers no. He even drags out papers for her saying she will be taken care of. And they will come up with some parenting plans. She slaps the papers out of his hands while crying no; please do not do this. Sally tells Hope that Liam is the most honest, sensitive man she has ever met. She is not wishing his marriage to end. She hates to see him in pain. But if the worst happens she will make sure Liam is all right. Bill tells Justin that he knows he is sniffing around him for something. Justin says not really but he is curious. He remembers when he had the Stella Maris ready to travel and he knows now it was with Steffy so there must be some part of Bill that is thinking if Liam and Steffy do not get back together that Steffy will be taken care of. Steffy cries while Liam keeps talking about co-parenting, not a marriage but raising their baby. He can forgive a lot but with his father, no he can’t. He does not regret any of it. He cherished all of their years together. They tried. And he will always remember the good times. Finally while crying she takes the papers and Liam walks out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Andre was convinced that Stefan would be upset that he and Vivian were playing him. Vivian and Stefan talked about how they planned on screwing Andre over at the end of their plan. Stefan was already tired of talking about it. Vivian wanted to see Andre when he found out that they played him. JJ promised Lani that he would be a great father to their baby. She thought about the night she made love to Eli. Lani said the situation was complicated. He wanted them to raise the baby together. He wanted to know what she thought. Gabi thought Eli felt guilty for accusing her of sleeping with JJ. Eli felt bad so Gabi wanted him to forget about it. She wanted to celebrate with him. Lani wanted to tell JJ something when Jennifer showed up. JJ told Jennifer that he quit the force. He didnít want to be in the position he was in again. They talked a little longer before Jennifer left. JJ wanted to take Lani somewhere. Jennifer ran into Anna and they talked a little. Dr. Shah arrived for their date. He wanted to go to the pub. Stefan wasnít sure if he and Vivian should have involved Andre in their plan. Vivian was confident that they did the right thing. She reminded him that it was Andreís idea to set up an office space to make it look like a hacker invaded the company. Stefan thought Andre would figure it out, but Vivian thought it would be too late. Kate and Andre walked in on them so they stopped talking. Vivian and Kate got into an argument. After Kate and Andre left, Stefan warned Vivian not to push Kateís buttons. She wanted to knock Kate down a peg. Kate told Andre about what Vivian did to her when she was stuck on a fishing boat. She also told him how she stole her son from her. Andre wanted to change the subject and celebrate their marriage. Anna saw them together and told Andre he didnít deserve happiness. Eric told Roman that he didnít want to make things awkward for Jennifer. Roman advised him not to throw in the towel. He reminded Eric that Jennifer was only going out on one date. Roman told him that Jennifer was worth fighting for. Jennifer showed up at the pub with Dr. Shah.

JJ took Lani to see his grand parents memorial. He told her that he had a lot to offer a baby. She tried to tell him something, but Gabi and Eli suddenly showed up. They had an awkward moment together. Anna couldnít believe that Kate married Andre. Anna wanted to know if she had to remind her of what he did to her and Tony. Kate told Anna that Andre is like Tony. Anna said he was nothing like Tony. Anna hoped Andre would get what was coming to him one day. Roman and Eric watched Jennifer with Henry (Dr. Shah). Roman joked with Eric and said that he didnít have a chance with her now. Eric went over to take their order. Henry and Eric had a strange encounter with each other. Eric tried to say Henry was married or seeing someone, but he said he was looking for somebody. Eric didnít seem to like his answer so he walked away. Henry wondered if anything went on between Jennifer and Eric. Jennifer told him that she and Eric were just friends. Henry wanted to know if she wanted to be more than friends. Jennifer looked at Eric and told Henry that she wanted to be more than friends too. Anna warned Kate that if she thought Andre was like Tony, he was up to something. Eli and Gabi ended up being alone and he wanted to show her how much he loved her. Later, they went to his room and they began to make love. Lani thought about talking to Eli about being in bed together. JJ found her in the park. He apologized if he put pressure on her about the baby. He wanted to be there for her regardless of her decision. Roman showed up while Anna was with Kate and Andre. Andre wanted him to take her away. Kate was surprised that Roman was with Anna again. Andre reminded him how he just kissed Kate not too long ago. Roman didnít want to wait around for Kate anymore. Eli and Gabi made love. Lani told JJ to prepare for some sleepless nights. She wanted to raise the baby with him. Vivian told Stefan that once Andreís usefulness was up she planned on getting rid of him.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly runs into Bobbie at GH. She explains that she has to go see Kim about Joss. She found condoms in her bag. Bobbie doesn’t want her to be worried. Carly doesn’t know what else they could be using the condoms for. She sees Kim and confronts her. Kim explains while she doesn’t want Oscar having sex yet, she cannot necessarily prevent either of them. She will have a united front with Carly though. At Kelly’s, Joss and Oscar have lunch. They agree it is time they do this even if others might not agree. Carly and Bobbie see them from outside. Maxie confronts Lulu about releasing the story with Nathan about Faison being his father. Lulu tries to say she is sorry but there is nothing they can do. Peter shows up trying to defend Lulu. Maxie has pains and is rushed to the hospital by Nathan. At the hospital, Kim tells them everything will be fine. She just needs to avoid stress.

Alexis and Diane go to lunch at Julian’s where they see Kim flirting with Julian. Kim leaves to get to work and Ava walks in. She sees Alexis staring at them. She jokes with Alexis that she is looking at Julian instead of her menu. Alexis and Diane leave claiming their stoves are on. Ava and Julian discuss their lives and Ava explains she is having her surgery. At the hospital Anna and Finn see each other and both clearly still have feelings. Later, after an AA/ NA meeting Finn and Alexis discuss their love lives privately. Finn admits that thinks it is easier to be alone than with someone. Alexis cannot stay away from Julian even if she knows she has to. Jason and Sonny try to deal with the aftermath of sending a message to the traitor. He responds asking who this is. Diane shows up and tells Jason he is being stupid about giving everything to Drew. Sonny agrees. They receive another email telling them that they clearly don’t know how the novel ends.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Cane heads to Paris to talk to Lily and leave Mattie and Charlie with Devon and he has high hopes that when he returns his family will be on the path to being together again. Mattie tells her dad that she is scared that if it doesn't work out people will be more hurt then they were when he and her mom split up the first time. JT and Victoria try to figure out why they had sex and they decide that JT was on the rebound and Victoria was trying to escape from her problems. JT and Victoria decide it was just a one time thing that won't happen again but later they have sex again. Mariah and Tessa try to have a conversation because Tessa is having trouble writing new songs but Mariah feels uncomfortable and makes up an excuse to leave quickly. Graham takes Dina for a walk in the park and Nick sees Dina and says hello Nick notices Graham carrying a paper bag and he tells Nick and Dina that it is a bag with her medication. Graham invites Ashley to his and Dina's sweet for lunch and he tells her he hopes that they can make peace for Dina's sake. Graham asks Ashley to take his insulin from the refrigerator and then asks her to put it back because he doesn't need it right now. Ashley makes it clear that she and the Abbott family will continue to fight to keep Dina safe from him and after Ashley leaves Graham puts on gloves and carefully takes Ashley's fingerprints off the insulin bottle.

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