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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Liam that she gets it; he needed some time. He says it is not just the two of them any more with the baby on the way. They have to find out how moving forward with a family will work. In bed, Katie asks Wyatt if perhaps they should invite Liam and Steffy over and discuss the matter. He nixes that as they are not an official couple yet and they would know when they saw him undressing Katie with his eyes across the table. And as much as he would like to help he does not think they can solve their problems over a plate of pasta. Sally drops in to see Steffy at work but Pam says she is not in today. Turning around she runs into Hope. She gushes she was such a huge fan and star struck over her Hope for the Future. She would like to talk to her. She goes on and on about Liam. Hope says she is practically gushing. Sally says she appreciates him and his goodness, that is it. She got caught with Liam and lived to tell about it. And he even confessed to Steffy and she forgave him. But Liam has moved out and something is very wrong so perhaps she did not forgive him after all. Liam tells Steffy that he wanted a baby so badly and he wanted it with her. He wanted the whole experience and he could have had that if he had kept his mouth shut but he did not want to pressure her that way. And then there was the paternity test. She says she knows she hurt him and she wishes she could go back and tell him how sorry she is. He says it does not mean he can walk through that door and pretend all is okay even for the baby. She says he is here now so he must want to work it out and tells him to reach down inside himself and think what is right for their baby. He says that is why he is here. Sally says Liam is a mess. He not only is leaving Steffy but Spencer as well but she cannot figure out why. But that is why she is here to talk to Steffy.

Liam says that is all he has thought about since she got pregnant; what kind of father he would be. Certainly not like his own. The world would be better off without him. Sally tells Hope please do not think she is here to gossip. When she saw her she knew here was someone who loved him as much as she does. Hope says this does not make any sense that she would ditch all of this when fighting for Liam so long. Sally says Liam is hurting and she has never seen him like this. She feels like it was her fault but Liam said no, she had nothing to do with it. Steffy tells Liam that if he wants more time, fine but take it here at home, watching their baby grow. Maybe when the baby comes his forgiveness will too. They can have the life they always dreamed of. Liam says they always have a choice. She had a choice to sleep with his father or not. She says she is asking….no she is begging … it for the baby. Maybe she does not deserve his forgiveness but the baby doesn’t deserve this. She begs him to please forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ overheard Lani talking to Kayla about her pregnancy. He was excited that she was having his baby. Abby went to see Stefan and he wondered why she didnít tell Chad about seeing her in a towel. Chad told Kate and Andre about Theoís condition. Chad blamed Stefan for what happened to Theo. Vivian went to the Kiriakis mansion. Stefan wanted Abby to write a press release about him being the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. She wasnít ready to write a press release for him. He reminded her that she wanted the job back. Chad told Kate and Andre that he hired John to watch Stefanís every move. Vivian told Brady and Eve that Gabi decided to stay with DiMera Enterprises. JJ knew he and Lani werenít really together, but he was excited about the baby. He remembered hearing her tell Kayla that she made a decision about the baby. He asked her if she was getting an abortion. She said she wasnít ready to have a baby. She apologized for not telling him. He thought that she couldnít rely on him. Lani said that her decision had nothing to do with him. Eve was upset that Gabi didnít tell her about staying with DiMera. Vivian wanted Brady and Eve to prepare to lose to DiMera again. Andre wasnít thrilled that John was getting involved with the company. Stefan and Abby argued when she told him that hw shouldnít want to be like Stefano. He asked her if Jack was perfect. She got offended by the question. He asked her if Chad was like his parents. Stefan reminded her how well they knew each other.

JJ told Lani that he loved her and wanted to make things work. Lani wanted that too. Chad was suspicious when Andre wasnít thrilled that John was investigating Stefan. Andre covered by saying that John was linked to Brady and Titan. Abby wanted to get to know Stefan so he started to tell her his life story. Abby wanted to know why he moved to Salem. Brady warned Vivian that he would bury her if she went near Maggie. When Vivian wasnít afraid, he choked her. She stopped him from choking her. She left the mansion. Kate wondered what Andre had against John. Andre reminded her about his past with John. She told him she couldnít wait to get her hands on the person who betrayed her. Lani didnít want to hurt JJ. He assured her that heís better. He believed he could take care of the baby. Lani told him that he didnít know what he was talking about. Chad walked in when Stefan told Abby that she had a beautiful smile. Lani told JJ that she wasnít ready to have a baby. JJ thought she would be a great mother. JJ thought she didnít want to raise a kid with him. She said she loved him. He wanted to know why she didnít want the baby. Andre told Vivian about John investigating Stefan. Vivian wasnít worried about John. Andre didnít want anyone to know they were working together so they had to pretend to hate each other. Chad didnít want Stefan talking to Abby about her smile. They talked a little and shook hands. JJ asked Lani not to end her pregnancy. Vivian told Stefan that Chad hired John to investigate him. Vivian told him that Chad was being played.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis warns Sam not to sign the divorce papers until they think about Danny’s custody. She points out that Danny knows Drew as a father, not Jason. Sam is not going to take away his custody. She signs the papers and then fires Alexis as her lawyer. Diane later suggests the two of them go to lunch. She takes her to Julian’s pub. Alexis isn’t sure they should go in. Diane feels if she is truly over Julian it shouldn’t matter. They go in and Julian is fliting with Kim. The two of them were getting to know one another at the bar. Oscar asks Drew to teach him how to fight. Drew tries to get the details as to why Oscar wants to know how to fight. Oscar claims he just needs to know to help a friend out. Drew decides to teach him if that is what he says is true. Sam shows up after the lesson and tells Drew that they can get married now.

Nathan and Lulu go through with the interview explaining that Faison is his father. He later shows up at Crimson and explains to Maxie and Nina that he is being interviewed. Lulu and Peter meet to discuss the details and Lulu gets a call from Nathan. Maxie wants her to stop the interview from getting published. Lulu tries asking Peter. She later shows up at Crimson and explains that the interview was already published online. It be pointless to take it down now Jason and Sonny meet with Spinelli to discuss luring the traitor. They end up sending him an email. Carly tries to get Joss to not dress provocatively. She offers to buy her a less racy designer dress instead. Joss agrees. Joss goes to study with Oscar. Carly accidentally discovers condoms in her backpack.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria and JT were worried once they realized Reed ran away. Johnny and Katie had spent the past few days at Billy and Phyllis's, and Phyllis was frazzled by trying to get them fed and ready for school. Phyllis enjoyed having them but was looking forward to her and Billy having the place to themselves again. Reed showed up and explained that he ran away because Victoria wanted to send him to boarding school. Reed complained about Victoria's rules, and Phyllis said Victoria was strict because she cared. Billy ignored Reed's objections and called Victoria and JT. Victoria wanted to go get Reed. Fearing Reed would run off again, Billy convinced her to let Reed stay at his place for one night so things could cool off. JT convinced Victoria to take the day off and unwind. Victoria and JT felt that they couldn't let Reed give up on his music just because of one rejection. JT confessed that he wondered if he'd given up on his marriages too quickly. Victoria admitted that they didn't try that hard to save their marriage. Nikki disapproved of the decision to let Reed spend the night at Billy's. She felt that JT and Victoria were being too lenient. JT said he and Victoria didn't think being too strict was the answer. Nikki didn't think Reed would have behavioral problems if JT hadn't taken him away from Victoria. JT cast aspersions on Victor and Nikki's parenting. The argument continued until Victoria asked Nikki to leave. Nikki vowed to straighten Reed out herself.

Victoria was upset with JT for disrespecting her mother. JT felt justified in defending himself. Victoria argued that it was true that JT took Reed out of state, making visitation nearly impossible. She also thought he and Mac had been too busy with their children to pay attention to Reed. JT said he took Reed because Victoria was always working. They had a big fight about problems they faced during their marriage, and the custody battle. Victoria briefly forced JT outside into the cold. When she let him in, they shared a deep kiss and started to disrobe while lying on the staircase. Billy was impressed with the way Cane handled a client during a business meeting. Cane was going to send Lily a text, but Billy advised him to make a grand gesture to win her back. Cane decided to take his advice, and he rushed off. Nikki went to Phyllis's to pick up Reed. She threatened to have the judge sentence him to jail if he didn't go with her. Victor and Nikki let Reed move into the ranch. Reed was happy about it until they revealed that he'd be required to get a haircut, wake up at 6 AM to exercise and do chores. Victor made Reed go muck out the stables, and Victor and Nikki smiled once he left. Paul investigated the break in at the Jabot lab and noted that the thief didn't trip the alarm. Ashley told Billy about the theft and vowed to make the criminal pay. Ashley informed Billy that she was going through with the arbitration because she thought Jack was trying to distract her with a new lab. She felt it was important to settle the business issue so they could focus on Dina. Ashley talked about Dina marrying Graham, and she said that they had to get rid of Graham for good. Graham unpacked a bag filled with ingredients stolen from the lab.

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