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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt continues to harangue Bill who replies again that he thought Liam’s and Steffy’s marriage was over. But he is going to fight for Steffy and Liam because of the baby. Katie walks in and Bill says he wondered when she would get over here to read him the riot act. She says she has one question…….why he would do this. Then she lashes out that she knows he loves all his sons, but one by one he burns them all to the ground. She has one of those sons and she needs to know what he is sacrificing them for. Bill can only say he made a mistake. But he says he did not target his son’s wife. He wanted her that night. Katie says it was not just that night and he admits she is right. Bill says Liam’s priority has to be his baby and he has to rise above this. Sally tells Liam that she is so worried about him and she needs him to tell her why. Then she blurts it out that she thinks he is here because of her. She ruined his marriage when Steffy would not forgive him. It is her fault. He says he knows he promised he would help her re-start but he cannot now. He left Spencer and is not going back. Wyatt goes to Liam’s to see Steffy. Wyatt questions her like everyone else has, why did she do this. He knows she was mad at Liam and wanted to get back at him but it did not have to be his dad. She makes the excuse that she does not know why she did it. This is the family she always wanted and now Liam wants nothing to do with her. She has ruined this family and her baby will not have two loving parents. Wyatt says he blames his father and he does not think he can get past that. Steffy says they both were equally to blame. She just wants Liam to come home.

Sally says she does not want to overstep but she knows how much Steffy loves him. She re-committed her vows and perhaps Liam should forgive her just like she forgave him. He ponders and says yes he does need to talk to Steffy. Sally says good; she will always be there for him as a friend. Katie and Wyatt lay in bed and she says she needed that. He tells her that he went to see Liam earlier. She wonders how he seemed. He says a little tense. She mentions Steffy and they both discover they know the truth so they are not breaking a confidence now. Both are disgusted at Bill and Steffy but are worried about the baby. Wyatt hopes someday they can work it out. Steffy is looking at her wedding pix and about to call Liam when he walks in. She says she is so glad he is home as all she has been doing is calling him. Then she cries that she is so sorry as this is the future they both wanted. Liam asks if the baby is okay. He suspects he will never know why she did what she did but it is not just about them anymore. There is a child to consider and they need to make some plans for their future.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla tried to get Steve to read the menu at the pub, but he couldnít see it. JJ went to Hope to resign. She tried to talk him out of quitting. Lani thought about having sex with Eli. Eli saw her and wanted to know whatís wrong. She told him about Theoís situation. He wanted to know what else was wrong. She wanted to talk about what happened between them on Christmas Eve. Steve and Kayla saw Roman and Anna at the pub. Steve and Kayla questioned Roman about being with Anna. Brady told Victor about seducing Eve. Victor warned him about his plan possibly blowing up in his face. Eve and Chloe talked about Brady and Victor. Chloe didnít want Eve using Brady to get control of the company. Lani blamed Eli for why they had an affair. He was able to convince her that it wasnít his fault. When he said they didnít do something they would regret, she said they did. Brady told Victor about his plan to marry Eve and take her money. Victor didnít think the plan would work.


Roman, Steve, and Kayla were surprised that Anna had Tonyís ashes with her. Anna explained to everyone why she had him with her. Anna didnít forget what Stefano did to her and Tony. Anna wanted to hire Steve to find Stefano and bring him to justice. Eve accused Chloe of being jealous of her being with Brady. Chloe denied being jealous. Eve was willing to make Brady pay if he double-crossed her. Eli wanted to put the affair behind him. Lani thought they wouldnít be able to do it. JJ couldnít be talked out of quitting. Eli didnít want Lani to keep punishing herself for what they did. Lani told him that there were consequences for what they did. Steve told Anna that Stefano might have died, but she didnít think he was dead. She had a picture of him a few months ago. Steve thought about Shane telling him that he wasnít the one in the park. Brady and Victor continued to talk about getting rid of Eve. Lani wasnít sure if she could be with JJ and not think about what she and Eli did. Eli wanted to make things work with Gabi. Eli was willing to talk whenever she needed to do it. Anna wanted to get justice for Tony. Hope called Steve to ask if he could look at a file at the station. Eve walked into the mansion and overheard Brady and Victor ďarguingĒ. Brady stormed off and saw Eve outside of the living room. Steve met with Hope and she gave him the file. He had trouble reading it. Anna told Roman that Stefano took everything from her. Roman reminded her of what she had. Anna refused to give up on going after Stefano. Lani called Kayla to let her know that she made a decision about her pregnancy. JJ overheard Lani talking to Kayla.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie has a dream that Faison was trying to kidnap her child. She wakes up to find Peter at the Crimson office. They talk for a little bit about Nathan and Nina. Mac then shows up and Peter leaves. Maxie wants Mac to get her and Nathan into hiding. She cannot worry about the baby being in danger because of Faison. Mac is not going to let her do that. She doesn’t have to worry he assumes Sonny’s men are already on the case. Lulu and Nathan decide to make plans to write an article on Nathan. It will lure Faison to them and they can finally arrest him. Dante finds out and is not happy. Lulu promises to keep him in the loop. Lulu talks with Peter about the idea and he agrees.

Sam and Jason go to court together to work out the divorce. It turns out that Sam and Drew have been living off of Jason’s money alone the last two years. Jason doesn’t want it paid back but they will pay for Aurora. Jason cannot handle it anymore and signs the papers. Alexis doesn’t want Sam to sign anything yet. They still have to discuss Danny’s custody. Drew and Curtis meet up and Curtis has found his high school year book. It turns out that Drew ran track like Jason. He looked just like Jason. He was on student council. Drew asks Curtis to be his best man and Curtis agrees. Sonny goes to see Julian to make him sign a deal with Corinthos coffee. Julian reluctantly does so but accuses him of throwing a brick through his window. Sonny claims he didn’t.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Cane was concerned that Mattie would be upset if she found out about Reed's court hearing. Charlie agreed to help Cane keep Mattie distracted, but he discovered that she'd sneaked out. Graham taunted Ashley and refused to let her into his suite. Ashley and Michael served Graham with a legal injunction barring him from taking Dina out of state. Traci found a marriage license online proving that Graham married Dina in October. Michael planned to have the marriage annulled by having the doctor testify that Dina's Alzheimer's meant she wasn't competent to get married. Traci was worried that the stress over Dina would cause Ashley to have another breakdown. Ashley appreciated the concern and assured Traci that her emotions were under control. Jack and Ashley went to the new Jabot lab and she noticed a vial of a poisonous chemical was out of place. Jack raved about the lab being a Ashley's domain, and she accused him of trying to manipulate her into dropping her bid to be CEO. Ashley was still hurt that Jack used her paternity to bar her from running the company. She contended that it was no different than what Graham was doing with Dina – they were both stopping at nothing to get what they wanted. Traci tried to mediate between Jack and Ashley, but Ashley spoke with her lawyer and decided to move forward with the arbitration. A masked man broke into the Jabot lab and stole several chemicals and trashed the room. JT and Victoria agreed that it was important that they were on the same page when it came to parenting Reed. Reed refused to go to his court appearance. JT told Reed that being childish was hurting the people he loved.

Reed went to the courthouse and plead guilty. Just as the judge was about to sentence Reed, Mattie walked in. Reed assumed Mattie was there to sabotage him and he made a scene. Mattie told the judge that Reed had been having a rough time and that he made a mistake. The judge had been planning to give Reed the minimum, but his outburst made her think he hadn't learned his lesson, so she was tougher on him. She suspended his license for 90 days, fined him $400 and sentenced him to 25 hours of community service. Reed protested, so she suspended his license for a year and told him he was lucky to have a friend like Mattie. Mattie apologized to Reed for making things worse, but he admitted he was to blame. Reed tried to resume his relationship with Mattie, but she turned him down and told him to spend some time working on himself. Cane helped cheer Mattie up. Sharon kissed Nick on the cheek to thank him for telling her about Scott. Nick told Sharon that he let his emotions get the best of him and blamed Chelsea for Christian's disappearance. Sharon noticed that a customer and her two young children didn't seem to have much money. Kathy was loath to admit she needed help, but she eventually admitted that they were homeless. Sharon gave them food and shared that she'd struggled to make ends meet when she was young. Sharon talked to Nick about Kathy, and he speculated that Sharon was so invested because she was looking for a project to occupy her after her breakup. Sharon found out that Kathy and the kids didn't have anywhere to stay for the night, so she brought them to her place. Reed complained about the judge and about Mattie ratting him out. Victoria told Reed he'd have to get a job or sell his guitar to pay his fine – no going to Victor or taking it out of his savings. JT objected to the suggestion to sell the guitar. Reed revealed that he'd secretly applied to a music program, and he'd been rejected. He felt like a loser, and JT's encouraging words didn't make an impact. Victoria wanted to keep Reed out of trouble by sending him to boarding school. She and JT didn't realize Reed overheard this. JT insisted that pushing Reed away wasn't the answer. He assured Victoria that they'd fix this together, and they hugged. After JT left, Reed packed his bags and left the house without Victoria noticing.

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