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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Liam that he knows he is hurting and feels betrayed but do not compound that by walking out on his wife. Liam fires back do not even talk about his marriage after sleeping with his wife. He shows Wyatt what he has to go through, the hypocrisy. He cannot do this anymore. He cannot even stand to look at Bill anymore. He is so done being the son of Dollar Bill Spencer. Liam points out to Wyatt that his mother kept him from Bill; Quinn kept Wyatt from Bill. There is no fricking mystery why; it is abundantly clear. He reminds Wyatt that it is too late for him but Wyatt has a chance to get away….get out and walk away while he still can. Bill speaks up and says he knows Liam hates his guts and he can cut him out of his life but do not put his brother in the middle. And do not turn his back on his wife. She is carrying his child and she needs him and he needs her too. Steffy tells Katie that she keeps calling Liam over and over but he must have it turned off, does not even go to voicemail. She asks if Katie thinks she has lost him forever and Katie says no. She knows how much they love each other and believes they will work through this. Liam tries to get past Bill who says do not let his problem become Liam’s. He is going to be a father; the baby that he has always dreamed of. He has to find a way to forgive Steffy. Liam screams for him to stop. Nothing he says now will make a difference. He tells Bill that everything he thought he knew about his wife was not true and everything he thought about his marriage wasn’t either. That one night in the guest house is all that he sees now. Maybe if he were a better man he could get past this but he is not that better man. And the tragedy is that the one who will suffer the most is his child. Steffy jumps up and says she has to go find Liam as he might not come home. Katie goes into protective mood and says that is exactly what she is going to do, stay here and be sure and take her vitamins and take care of herself first. She says she knows this is tearing Steffy apart. She made a mistake and Bill sure as hell made one too to his family about loyalty. She does not know how he will ever retain a relationship with Liam but the two of them will come back together and work this out. Regardless of the pain she believes that and Steffy has to believe it too. Liam boxes a few things up and then runs smack dab into Sally as he gets off the elevator. She says he looks busy but she’d like to stay and talk. When it looks like he will say no she says she’d like to follow him to his car. This time he does say no, he does not have time right now. Wyatt does not have the words to say how he really feels about his dad. He says what he really wants is for Steffy and his brother not to be going through this right now. And that kid not to have to go through what he and Liam went through without a dad around. Bill says he knows he is devastated and he hates that he is the cause. Wyatt says he is trying to understand how a man can put family first and even puts the sword around his neck for loyalty can actually take his oldest son's wife to bed. Bill fires back they were not sneaking around and he did not just take her to bed. Wyatt yells yeah that makes it so much better. That does not make it any less despicable because it was just one night. Steffy was the love of Liam’s life and that marriage meant everything to him but now because of what Bill did……..this is beyond insane. Katie gives Steffy her vitamins to take and tells her do not try to be superwoman. She does have to be for her. And just remember one thing her husband has the capacity to forgive more than anyone she has ever known. He’s proved that over and over and he’s always wanted a family with her. He will this time too. She has to stay positive.

Liam sits in some flea bag motel when there is a knock on the door and it is Sally. She says she followed him here and she’d like to come in. She wants to know what is wrong. He says he is not exactly in the mood to talk. She says then she will leave but clearly he is not himself and something terrible has happened. He is her friend so he can tell her. Bill tells Wyatt that he is disgusted at what he did. It might have started when Liam kicked him out of the company and Steffy was acting as go-between. They spent a lot of time together and grew close. The reason was they had a history and now the past is catching up with the present. Before Wyatt came along he and Steffy had something special, very intense. Then there was her marriage to Liam and the divorce that led the way to Wyatt…….but he loved her first. OMG, Wyatt says he is saying he is in love with Steffy. Wyatt says something is wrong with Bill. Bill repeats again that he thought the marriage was over. Wyatt repeats again that family comes first and Bill said that over and over. Bill says he is not asking Wyatt to condone it but he needs to get control now. He made a terrible mistake and he regrets that. Bill says dig deeper and understand the situation. This family is on the verge of falling apart. Wyatt points out that is all because of Bill. Bill says he owns that but there is nothing he cares about more than his boys and their family. Perhaps Wyatt does not believe that now but it’s the truth and he will be damned if they let this destroy their family; he just won’t! Sally begs Liam to tell her. She knows something happened with Steffy or he would not be here right now so please talk to her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steveís eye was blurry again when he looked into the pub. Kayla confirmed that she was pregnant. Lani wanted to know how far along she is. Andre was happy that his plan with Vivian was starting to work. Vivian didnít like that Andre said that he was going to be the head of DiMera Enterprises. Andre covered and said that they would be partners. Chad was upset that Stefan was trying to take over everything. Stefan met with Gabi and was looking forward to working with her. She told him not to assume that they were working together because it wasnít a done deal yet. John saw Steve and noticed that something wasnít right with him. He wanted to know what was wrong. Abby reminded Chad that Stefan dealt with heavy hitters. Chad didnít care. He wanted to get rid of him. Stefan thought Gabi was looking for more money. She wasnít looking for money. She just didnít trust him. Stefan thought that Gabi was upset because she wouldnít be working under her ex-boyfriend. Vivian warned Andre to manage his feelings for Kate. Andre said he could handle his feelings for Kate. Vivian realized that he had sex with Kate. Eli wanted to talk to JJ because he had his gun. JJ admitted that he was in a bad place. JJ apologized for Lani getting the wrong idea. Eli apologized to JJ. He wanted to know why he apologized to him. Eli thought about sleeping with Lani. Kayla told Lani that she was a couple of weeks pregnant. John thought it was time for Steve to admit that he needed reading glasses. Steve didnít think he needed them. John wanted Steve to read the file. Lani admitted to Kayla that her baby wasnít JJís. Eli apologized for thinking that JJ slept with Gabi. Kate showed up in the room so Andre and Vivian stopped talking about taking over the company. They started arguing with Vivian. Vivian walked out of the room. Kate wanted to get rid of Vivian. Kate felt grateful for Andre for being willing to keep her secret. Andre was excited that they were getting everything they wanted. Kate liked that they were doing it together.

Gabi was offended when Stefan thought she wanted to work with Chad. She told him how she created Gabi Chic and made it successful. He advised her to stick with DiMera. Gabi wanted Stefan to leave her alone. Gabi told Stefan that she was taking her business to Basic Black. JJ told Eli that he was in a dark place when he was with Gabi. Lani told Kayla that she saw JJ and Gabi together on Christmas Eve and thought they were together. She said she slept with someone else without protection. She found out that she was wrong about what she saw. Lani told Kayla that she loved JJ and didnít want to have the other manís baby. She thought it would destroy their lives. Lani wanted to have an abortion. Kayla suggested that she could give the baby up for adoption. Kayla told her that she had time to decide what to do. Chad wanted to get some dirt on Stefan. Kate and Andre showed up so Gabi told them that she didnít want to work for DiMera. Kate wanted to talk to her alone. Kate and Andre wanted to convince her to stay. Kate wanted to talk to Gabi alone. Vivian called Andre to find out what happened. Andre told her that Stefan almost jeopardized their plans. Vivian wanted to talk to Stefan, but Andre wanted Kate to fix it. Kate showed Gabi everything that she sponsored. Kate wanted to show her that sheís behind her. Gabi trusted her, but she didnít trust Stefan. Kate continued to ask Gabi to stay at the company for her. Stefan went to see Abby and saw her in a towel. John met with Chad at the park. Kayla met with Steve at the pub to eat. He didnít let on that he couldnít read the menu so he decided not to try anything new. Chad told John that Vivian was back. He told him that she brought Stefan with her. He asked John if he could investigate Stefan. Kate told Andre that Gabi decided to stay with the company. Lani went to see Eli but he was on the phone with Gabi so she walked off. Eli spotted her and wanted to know if something was wrong.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jim shows up at Elizabeth’s house to talk with Franco. He actually knew him when he was a child. Franco returns home and Jim tries taking with him about Betsy but Franco doesn’t even remember him. Jim tries to buy his art studio but Franco declines. Jim leaves. At Julian’s pub, Laura and Kevin are having dinner and discussing her campaign strategy. Olivia and Ned show up to announce their campaign as well. They discover one another is running and claim that they will play fair against one another. Jim gives Ned his support for the race.

Anna and Finn try to get to know one another when they start to fight. They end up kissing once again and while they attempt to make it upstairs Anna finds something. She thinks it proves who actually stabbed Cassandra with drugs. It wasn’t Eric. Anna leaves Finn to check up on it. Jordan shows up and hopes that things go well for Finn and Anna as she has been undercover before only to discover things didn’t go well for a relationship after the undercover part was over. Anna shows up at Valentin’s house to confront him over the situation. She thinks that he knows more than he is letting on. Nina shows up with Charlotte and Anna puts things together. She leaves. Nina and Valentin go over New Years Eve and how Nina was responsible for drugging Cassandra. Valentin doesn’t regret having to clean up the mess.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The entire episode centered around the trial of the Abbott's versus Graham for control of Dina's medical power of attorney. The trial is pretty evenly matched with Graham's lawyer proving that Jack Ashley and Traci didn't have a close relationship with Dina, Graham's lawyer also got Jack to lose his temper showing hatred for Graham and bringing up everything dangerous Dina has done since being under the care of the Abbott family. Once Jack loses his temper Dina asks the judge to leave John alone and grant him the divorce because their marriage ended because of her numerous affairs . Jack is about to give up the trial until Traci and Ashley arrive with a manuscript they found of a memoir that Dina intended to publish which they found after searching through a ton of papers in her former company archives. Michael reads passages from the book that prove that Dina intended to write Graham out of her will because she knew that she was after her money. but never did so because her illness made her forget. Graham decides to testify and tells the court that he ad Dina are married therefore he is her legal next of kin.

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