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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy tells Bill that this baby is going to need a father and Liam is not here and she does not know if he will ever come back. She says he cannot be here just in case Liam does come home so just go. Wyatt goes into the office and cannot get Liam’s attention who seems to be packing up things. Liam dismisses him and says he does not have time for chit-chat or even work now. Wyatt says it must be something he has done so they do need to talk about it. Liam says no, but he needs to get out before his father gets there. Wyatt notices the sword necklace is gone. Wyatt asks what happened this time. Liam says again to just let this go; he has no time for this and Wyatt has no reason to be involved. Wyatt objects so Liam blurts it out that their father slept with Steffy. Wyatt finds that hard to believe. They had just re-newed their wedding vows. Liam says yes but that was after Bill found Steffy in the guest house and they ended up sleeping together. Katie comes back to see Steffy and asks if Liam is back. Steffy nods no. Katie comes on in and says Liam is not going to abandon this child. Maya and Rick greet Hope and are glad she is home. Wyatt says Steffy would not do this and neither would their dad so he must have gotten bad information. Liam said Steffy lied but she finally told him the truth when he found the paternity test paper. But it did show that he is the father. Wyatt makes the first move and goes to hug Liam. He says he will be there for him whatever he needs. Liam cries on Wyatt’s shoulder.

Hope tells the group that she is looking forward to seeing Steffy so they can get back on track and start with a fresh beginning. Ridge says good; Steffy could use a friend right now. Bill comes back to the office and questions Justin on where Liam is. Justin says he is not in a good mood so he better give him some space right now. Bill says so he will walk out of his life for good. Liam says he cannot look at his wife now. He apologized to her for the kiss with Sally and she apologized to him but it is not the same. That is the worst betrayal ever. He’s got to go now and pick up what pieces are left. He thanks Wyatt for listening. At the end Bill walks in and says they need to talk. Liam says he has nothing more to say to him. Bill says he is not asking for his forgiveness but Steffy does not deserve his hatred. He cannot turn his back on his family that is coming. He was not there for his family so do not make that same mistake…..walking out on Steffy will be the biggest mistake of his life. Bill starts to say something else and Liam charges toward him when he says the name Steffy. Wyatt has to step quickly in between as Bill demands that Liam not do this.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Gabi talked to Eli about feeling betrayed. Eli thought she was talking about him, but she meant the DiMeras. She didnít like how they lied to her and wasnít sure about Stefan. JJ and Lani talked about Theo having to go to South Africa. JJ felt guilty about what happened to Theo. Lani tried to make JJ feel better about everything until she wanted JJ to go to his session with Eric. Jennifer and Kayla briefly talked about Theo and Abe. Kayla asked her about how things were going with Eric. Jennifer told her that after talking with Anna, she and Eric werenít getting together. Kayla tried to convince Jennifer not to give up on Eric. Jennifer believed that Eric wasnít over Nicole. Kayla suggested that she talk to Eric. Will prepared to leave the Kiriakis mansion when Sonny showed up. Steve met with Paul at the pub to work on a case. Steve was about to get a file from his car when he felt dizzy. Lani stood up and felt dizzy.

Jennifer didnít want to talk to Eric about the kiss because she knew he was in love with Nicole. JJ talked to Eric about Lani. Gabi continued to talk to Eli about the offer Eve gave to her. They also talked about Lani being the reason he thought she slept with JJ. Kayla found Lani and saw her double over. Will tried to let Sonny down easy. Sonny didnít want to be friends. Eli apologized to Gabi for accusing her of being with JJ. They hugged and she left. Eric assured JJ that Lani had other reasons for being distant. JJ told Eric that he was glad that he was getting close to Jennifer. Eric wasnít sure how close they were getting so JJ suggested that he talk to Jennifer. Eric looked at Nicoleís pics and left one behind. Kayla wanted to give Lani an exam. Paul was worried about Steve, but he said he and John drank too much. Sonny decided to go to London and close some deals for Titan. Paul ran into Will. Paul told him he made a mistake leaving Sonny. Will told him that he couldnít be with Sonny when he was into someone else. Steve tried to read a file, but his vision was blurry. Eli wanted to meet with JJ to tell him something. Kayla told Lani that she was pregnant.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis discusses Julian watching over Molly from a distance. Julian will do anything to help keep Molly safe. Alexis doesn’t think this will change anything between the two of them though. They are not getting back together. Molly walks in and agrees they are not. Alexis leaves. Sam and Jason meet up at her office. Sam needs to ask for a divorce. They are still legally married. They cannot find grounds for a divorce though. Jason decides if she really wants one then they can say they do not agree on something. She wants to be married to Drew and he doesn’t agree. Alexis later shows up and informs Sam that she might want to table the divorce for now. She needs to do what is right for her when picking a man. Sam thinks that what is right is to stay with Drew. Jason goes to see Carly and explains the situation to her. She thinks that Sam is making the wrong choice. She loves Drew like she loves Jax. Sam is in love with Jason though.

Carly and Michael discuss the fact that Nelle is working for Ava. Michael doesn’t know what to do about it. He has to let Nelle do what she wants to an extent in order to do what is right for the baby. Carly is not happy about it. Michael goes to talk with Ned. He tries to offer him his job back but working in South America. Ned doesn’t like the offer and refuses to come back. Olivia then tries to get Ned to run for mayor. He is reluctant but decides he will. Kevin meets up with Laura after Laura and Elizabeth talk about being with someone who makes you feel happy. Kevin gets Laura to finally agree to run for mayor. Elizabeth and Franco attempt to set a wedding date but Franco goes to buy more milk. Jim the Charles Street developer shows up saying he knew Franco as a child. Franco return not looking happy to see him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria and Devon discussed the European promotional tour Abby and Lily were going on. Victoria told Devon that she and JT saw Graham being rough with Dina. JT thanked Mattie for calling the police on Reed. Mattie was upset that Reed wasn't answering her texts. Cane and Charlie didn't think Mattie should concern herself with that. Cane hoped that what JT said to Mattie would help her see Reed more clearly. JT told Cane not to be so critical of Reed. JT felt that it was natural for Reed to lash out because of the divorce and that he'd eventually grow up into a law-abiding citizen. JT said that his plans to go to D.C. and try to reconcile with Mac were derailed because Reed got a DUI. Cane admitted he was uncomfortable with Lily returning to Paris, where she used to live. JT gave his perspective, which made Cane realize he wasn't being fair. JT arranged for Reed to meet with Mattie, but it backfired when Reed accused Mattie of ruining his life. Charlie stood up for Mattie and tried to comfort her, but she ran upstairs. Phyllis unsuccessfully tried to get Hilary to do a show on Sharon and Abby's fight. Hilary was committed to delivering an empowering message to her audience.

When Mariah and Chelsea both showed up to check on Sharon, she decided to throw a party to show everyone that she was okay. Sharon invited Hilary, who in turn invited Phyllis. Lily told Abby that she wanted to live her life, but she felt like she was throwing away the last chance to save her marriage. Scott tried to convince Devon to buy Hashtag from Newman. Devon saw pros and cons to the suggestion, but he promised to think it over. Devon took Scott's proposal to Victoria, but she refused to sell. Lily told Devon that things had improved between her and Cane, but she wasn't sure what was next for them, and Cane didn't want her to go on the trip. Devon thought she should go. Lily hoped to let Cane know that her leaving on the trip wasn't a comment on their relationship. Scott and Abby bickered, and she vowed to use the trip to Paris to forget about him. Cane and Lily went looking for each other and just missed each other. Cane thought Lily had left for the trip without talking to him, and he took it as a message she was sending. Mariah was uncomfortable when Tessa arrived at Sharon's party. Tessa tried to be friendly, but Mariah was cool toward her. Hilary tried to broker peace between Phyllis and Sharon, but it didn't go well. Phyllis warned Chelsea that Sharon still had her claws in Nick. Chelsea didn't feel like her relationship was threatened. Sharon was adamant that she and Nick were just co-parents. Abby apologized to Sharon. Sharon thought she'd be able to forgive Abby. Michael told JT and Victoria that Reed was facing a fine and having his license revoked. Victoria and JT debated what was best for Reed. JT thought Victoria was being too harsh and that she'd drive Reed away. Victoria thought that JT was trying to be Reed's friend and sending him the message that his behavior was okay.

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