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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy goes through the motions but she can’t eat or sleep. She calls Liam and says via voicemail she knows he is hurting but they have to face this; he needs to come back. Bill shows up and realizes she has not seen or heard from Liam at all. She tells him that Katie knows the truth now but she has promised she will not tell. All Steffy wants is to talk to Liam. Bill tells her to call again and keep trying. She is afraid she has lost him for good. Wyatt slips up on Katie and surprises her with a kiss on the neck. She surprises him when she pulls away. She says she has a lot on her mind. Ridge surprises Brooke with her heart’s desire that he promised at Christmas. The door opens and there stands Hope. Mom and daughter fly into each other’s arms. Hope said Ridge called but she could not get away at Christmas but with the chance perhaps for Hope for the Future to be continued she is up for the challenge and here to stay. She enjoyed Paris and Milan and finding herself with new people. Brooke says good and she hopes she is not thinking about Liam as he is now married to Steffy.

Katie and Wyatt discuss the pregnancy and she cautions that Bill better stay away. Wyatt is suspicious. Bill tells Steffy that he wishes he could tell her that Liam was coming home but he can’t. He saw him at his office earlier and told him to please go home. But he has never seen him like that before; even took off his sword necklace and squeezed it until he bled and he then cut all ties with Bill. Steffy says she did this to him. Bill says no, he turned his back on his father but he has no options now. He has to come home to Steffy and their baby. Steffy tells Bill that this was their dream but he no longer wants that. Wyatt says Steffy will be the most pampered mother to be and Liam will be buying the baby furniture. Both agree this should be the happiest of times for each of them. Hope says she realizes that Liam is married now and happily and she wants them to be happy. She has been living alone and realizes she can live without a man in her life. Steffy cries that they were so close to their dream but now she has lost everything. Bill says she hasn’t. He will fight for her. She and Liam will both raise this child together.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to know what was going on between Ciara and Rafe. Rafe was prepared to tell the truth when Ciara lied about hearing him talk about the commissioner position. Hope was relieved after explaining everything to her. Vivian and Andre talked about how they ended up working together. Abby went to Stefan to get her and Chadís jobs back. Andre wondered if Stefan could be controlled. Vivian was concerned that he was falling in love with Kate. He didnít think his feelings would be a factor. Kate and Chad talked about Andre having feelings for her. Hope let Ciara have the key to Boís motorcycle after she assured her that she changed. Hope got a call from Trask so she had to leave. Rafe wanted to know why Ciara lied to Hope. Claire told Tripp about Theoís situation. He tried to comfort her, but she pushed him away. He wanted to know what happened. She thought he was making a move on her. He denied that because he was trying to be a friend to her. Ciara told Rafe that she saw things from his point of view and that he didnít want to hurt Hope. She understood since it only happened once. Andre thought Kate would fall for him. Kate told Chad that itís possible for her to fall for Andre. Kate and Chad briefly talked about when they believed that he sabotaged the company. They realized that they were wrong. Chad wondered if they could be together after everything that happened. Stefan asked Abby if she and Chad want their jobs back to help him or to take the company from him.

Rafe appreciated Ciara covering for him. She wanted Rafe to make Hope happy. Stefan wanted to know if Abby would take him at his word before he gave them their jobs back. Andre told Vivian that he intended to keep Chad, Abby, and Kate in the dark about what they were doing. Kate walked in on the end of their conversation. Andre lied to Kate about his conversation with Vivian. Vivian kept up with his lie until she left. Kate loved the fact that he defended her to Vivian. Stefan was willing to give Abby and Chad their jobs back after she told him that she believed him. Ciara told Tripp that she didnít tell Hope about Rafe and Sami. Hope was happy that Ciara was back to her old self and credited Rafe for it. Kate didnít understand how Vivian knew about the projects she worked on to be able to sabotage them. Andre didnít have an answer for her. Stefan told Vivian that he rehired Chad and Abby. Abby met with Chad to tell him about Stefan. Tripp told Ciara that Theo and Claire werenít going to be together anymore. Ciara was excited when Claire walked in the apartment. She told Ciara that Theo was leaving. Abby told Chad about Stefan and what she had to do to get their jobs back. She told him how smart he was, and they had to bring their A games in order to beat him. Kate wanted Andre to join her in her bedroom. Andre was happy that he was about to get everything he wanted and hoped no one found out how he got it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly watches as Joss tries on a dress and listens to the CD that Oscar made her. Carly wonders what she is doing. Joss explains that she is just trying on a dress for a school dance next month. Carly wonders if Oscar invited her. Joss says no but he wants to talk tonight. Oscar shows up and avoids the subject of the dance. Joss gets angry and tells him to leave. Carly goes to get the door when someone knocks on it and Oscar is wearing a Mad Hatters hat and asks her to the dance. Joss accepts. Drew and Sam try to go through the notions of having a quick wedding that day. They find out that they cannot get married until 24 hours after the license is filed. They decide to go and file it anyway. They return with a realization that they should have guesses already. Sam guesses she has to call Jason. She wants to be alone when she asks Jason this.

Jordan goes to see Anna and Finn at the hospital. Finn tells Anna that he needs to take blame for what happened. Anna promises him that is not the case. Sonny and Jason show up to talk with Anna and they go in the hallway. The two inform her that Faison had a son and ask if she knows who he was or who the mother could have been. Anna lists a loyal henchwoman of Faison’s. She has been dead for years. Anna has no more details. She leaves. Sonny thinks there is more she is not saying. Jordan finds Finn in his hospital room, he tries to tell her what happened but Anna walks in. Jordan informs them that Eric, Cassandra’s henchman was responsible for drugging and abandoning Cassandra. Lulu overhears Nathan and Maxie talking about Faison. They learn that Faison is Nathan’s father. In private, Maxie admits she is terrified that Faison is the babies grandfather. Lulu promises her that everything will be fine. Later, at the PCPD Lulu tells Nathan that she is looking for Faison as well. They could look for him together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack Ashley and Traci are forced to let Dina go with Graham when he arrives with a court order to enforce his power of attorney over Dina. Graham makes Dina think she is going on a cruise but he tells her he wants to put her in a facility where she will be well taken care of and happy. Dina gets upset and tells Graham that he lied to her and told her they would always be together but if he is going to put her in a nursing home she would rather be with Jack. Graham pulls Dime's arm while he is talking to her at the Athletic club and JT steps in to stop him from hurting Dina. Victoria also tells Graham she will call Jack and tell him what happened with Dina. JT tells Victoria that Graham talks a good game but he seems untrustworthy. Jack and Ashley call a truce from their fight over Jabot as the Abbott family gets ready to go before a judge to keep Dina away from Graham.. Scott asks Lauren for a loan of three million dollars to buy hashtag and get away from Newman and he tells her he slept with Abby while they were locked in the storage unit. Lauren thinks that Scott wants a relationship with Abby but he denies it. Lauren tells Scott she doesn't have that much money to lend him and Scott rethinks his decision to but hashtag. Abby tells Ashley that she slept with Scott in the storage unit but she also tells Ashley she doesn't want a relationship with Scott. Victoria wants Lily and Abby to stay in Paris for a prolonged period of time to launch Brash and Sassy in Paris and when she tells Cane he tells her that he understands that this trip is important for her career then he gives her a kiss and asks her not to go to Paris.

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