The TV MegaSite's Friday 1/5/18 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Both tussling on the floor, Liam tells Bill to get off of him. Liam tells him he’s already heard all the explanations that he is so terribly sorry; everybody makes mistakes and needs to be forgiven. Liam has heard it two, three and four times. Bill says he meant it when he said it but obviously he learned nothing. And if Liam walks out of his life he never will learn. Liam says he is not responsible for what Bill does; not anymore since he slept with his wife. Bill repeats again that he is so sorry and he does not have to forgive him but at least forgive Steffy and do not destroy his family or the baby she is carrying. Katie hugs Steffy but she asks her to go. Katie says she will not leave her like this. Surely she can call Ridge or even Liam and wants to know when he will be back. Steffy says he won’t. Katie says she knows a little something about DNA but she is not jumping to conclusions. Steffy says now she knows why Liam is not coming back. Katie says he is angry now but in time he will forgive her and she is carrying his baby and he owes her that much. She says Liam loves her so much and she cannot imagine anything she did that is so bad that it would change that. Liam is just like Bill so stubborn. Everything is black or white and they are so alike. That is probably why they fight all the time. It was Steffy who kept working trying to get the two back together. Steffy has such a long relationship with both of them but especially Bill……then it is OMG, Bill is the other man. Liam will not let Bill say Steffy’s name so Bill says only two things have changed. The betrayal by Bill and a child on the way. So for the sake of that kid he has to forgive Steffy. He is pleading with him not to walk out on Steffy. Liam argues again that do not say her name again. Liam gets up and starts knocking over pictures on the desk breaking glass. Bill tells him that’s good; just take it out on anything he wants. Just take that anger out and even hit him as many times as he wants to. Steffy tells Katie that is only happened once. Katie wants to know if Bill was drinking or gave her something. Steffy admits no, they both gave in as they thought her marriage was over. She does not know why she let herself do this all over a kiss by Sally and at least Liam told her about it. And the next thing she knew she was waking up next to Bill. She makes Katie promise not to tell anyone. Katie gives her another hug.

Liam spouts that he cannot forgive either of them as Bill took the most precious thing from him and corrupted it. Bill reminds him that he did not know Liam or Wyatt until they were grown and he was counting on Liam to turn that Spencer curse around. He must think about the marriage vows. Liam says yeah, the ones Steffy just retook after she climbed out of Bill’s bed where he took her. Maybe Steffy cannot run away fast enough from Bill; well neither can he now. Bill says he does not blame him but do not make Steffy suffer any more than she has. There is no one who can give forgiveness more than Liam. Steffy was very upset when she thought of the possibility that the baby could be Bill’s. But when she found out it was Liam’s, she was more than overjoyed. So the baby is meant to be. He can make the Spencers function for once. His old man had no desire to do that and even Bill could not manage it. So it is up to Liam. Liam scoffs. That’s rich; Bill wants to talk to him about the obligations to family! Liam roars that he will share custody of this child and make sure that he is as far away from Bill as possible but do not talk to him about obligations or responsibility and especially how to be a parent. He will never be able to see Steffy in the same way again; never look her in the eye, never wake up next to her. That is all gone now thanks to Bill. Bill took that..... the most beautiful part of his life. So yes Bill is right; he is passing the Spencer legacy on down to Liam. Congratulations on how not to raise your own children. But Bill’s legacy is never enough. He has to control things. Nothing is ever big enough or shiny enough. He has to leave his mark on everything; even him and Wyatt. He laughs at the ridiculous swords as he rips his off his neck. He squeezes it tightly and says he never had a chance. Bill grimaces when Liam opens his palm and there is blood dripping everywhere. Bill says there is no excuse. He did not want to be like his own father and now he is worse. He could never forgive his own father but he cannot go on without Liam’s forgiveness. He pleads with Liam one more time – he has more goodness in him that anyone he knows. He needs his forgiveness. He mentions again that the Spencers have had this curse on them for generations and Liam could lift that and bring light to it by staying with his wife and family. He walks toward Liam but he moves backward. Bill falls to his knees and tells Liam to hate him if necessary but he is pleading with him to love his wife and baby. Bill cries that it was all his fault, just his. Liam does not say a word. With contempt he walks over and slaps his hand against Bill’s cheek leaving a huge bloody handprint. Liam walks out the door with Bill hollering for him to come back. Still on the floor he rocks back and forth wondering just what he has done.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad wanted Stefan out of the mansion when Kate arrived with the test results. Andre and Vivian arrived and she wondered if Kate told them the news. Andre told Chad and Abby that Stefan was Stefanoís son. Vivian was excited to be a happy family. Stefan told everyone what jobs they would have with the company. Chad was upset when he found out that he had to be an executive vp. Chad decided to quit. Hope and Jennifer talked about the way that Ciara has been acting. Rafe went to talk to Ciara. Ciara told him that she knew that he had sex with Sami. Rafe wanted to explain what happened, but she told him that she had no respect for him for hurting her mother. Rafe begged her to let him explain what happened. Hope wanted to know what happened with Jennifer and Eric. Jennifer told her that they kissed. Hope thought it was great, but Jennifer didnít think it was. Eric got a shock when he found out that Anna spent the night with Roman. Roman was okay with it. Eric talked to him about kissing someone. Chad thought that Stefan was the one sabotaging the company. Stefan denied it and wanted Chad to change his mind about quitting. Chad refused to work with Stefan. Stefan wanted to work as a family, but wanted to know if anyone else wanted to walk. Abby walked away with Chad. Stefan wanted to know what Kate and Andre were going to do.

Hope thought that Jennifer should find out if the kiss meant something to Eric. She wasnít sure if he was over Nicole. Roman wanted to know if Eric was over Nicole. Andre refused to be pushed out of his fatherís company. Kate refused to quit too. She warned him that if Stefan messed up, he would be out. Stefan thought he would be a great predecessor to Stefano. Kate told him that he was no Stefano. Stefan and Vivian left to get their things. Kate wanted to know how to get rid of him. Chad and Abby discussed what they were going now that they quit. Abby had an idea of how Chad could keep the company. Eric told Roman that he was ready to move on with Eric. Hope advised Jennifer to ask Eric about the kiss. Jennifer wished Hope luck with Ciara. Rafe explained to Ciara why he was with Sami. He explained that it happened after he and Hope broke up. Ciara wasnít sure if she could trust him again. Andre wanted to talk about kissing Kate. She tried to downplay the kiss. Andre admitted that he was developing feelings for her. He thought they could have a real marriage and wanted to know what she thought. Abby told Chad to get proof that Stefan sabotaged the company. Abby wanted to go to the board and tell them Stefan was the one sabotaging the company. Abby had an idea of how to get proof, but she didnít think that Chad would like it. Kate wanted to know if Andre was in love with her. Kate said it was too much for now. He wanted her to take all the time she needed. Abby thought they should go to Stefan and get their jobs back. Chad thought it would look suspicious, but Abby didnít care. Anna ran into Jennifer and she told her that she overheard Eric talking about being in love with Nicole. Rafe thought that the truth would come out. Ciara was surprised that Rafe was going to tell Hope the truth. Hope showed up at Ciaraís place and wanted to talk. She wanted to know why Rafe was there. Roman told Eric that he should go after Jennifer. Anna told Jennifer that Eric kept talking about how much he loved Nicole. Rafe told Hope that he was at Ciaraís place to find out why she was mad. Ciara told Hope that it had to do with him. Kate met with Chad at Dougís place. She thought that he was a coward to leave the company. Abby went to see Stefan. He told her to come in, but he wasnít dressed. Chad told Kate (off screen) about their plan to get Stefan. Vivian went to Andre and they talked about how they were business partners and that their plan was going well.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly shows up at Aurora to talk with Sam about New Years Eve. She is sorry for how things went down. She just doesn’t want her to end up in the same situation that she ended up in with Jax. Sonny always overpowers her love for someone else. Sam doesn’t think that she is anything like Carly in that regard. Drew shows up and tells Carly off. Carly just doesn’t want either of them getting hurt and is worried that Drew will be if he stays with Sam. Carly leaves. The two discuss trying to find old army buddies of Drew’s. They decide to get married today. Ava goes over the job at her gallery for Nelle. Nelle is unsure she can do the job properly. Ava promises her it will get easier over time. Ava leaves and Carly shows up. She tries to get Nelle to see reason that this job is not going to be safe for her as Ava is not a good person. Nelle thinks she will be fine. Carly shrugs it off. At the hospital, Kiki and Griffin talk about Ava’s past and how Ava didn’t drug Morgan to keep her away for her own safety, but because she wanted Morgan for herself. Ava shows up for a meeting with the plastic surgeon. It turns out he can do the surgery the next day.

Jason and Sonny with Spinelli’s help try to go over the theory that Faison has a son and what his part was. They decide the best way to get answers is to go to Obrecht. At the pub, Maxie explains to Obrecht that if Victor is the father then the DNA test will not matter. Nathan shows up and admits that he needs to know the truth for his child. Obrecht still claims that Victor is the father. Nathan gets an email with the results. Obrecht begs him not to read it. Nathan knows the results before opening them. He does though, and Victor is not his father. Obrecht doesn’t want to discuss who it really is. Sonny, Jason, and Spinelli show up and want to talk about Faison’s son. Obrecht asks how they knew the truth. Nathan realizes that he is Faison’s son. Obrecht admits this and begs for forgiveness. Maxie tells Nathan that they will get through this. At Sonny’s office, they agree that Nathan cannot be the only son Faison has and he must still be out.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Scott jumped into Abby's car, uninvited. She accused him of stringing her and Sharon along. Scott admitted he'd had feelings for them both. Abby just wanted to salvage her reputation and focus on her job. Victoria put Scott and Abby on a project together. Lily and Cane wanted to contact each other, but they both decided against it. Billy showed up for his first day of work at Chancellor. Cane tried to convince Billy to be hands-off and let Cane make all the decisions. Billy wondered if Cane was romantically involved with Sam's nanny. Cane said he wasn't. Devon and Lily met for lunch. He asked about Cane, but she didn't want to talk about it. Abby asked Lily if she'd like to go on a trip. Billy urged Lily to tell Cane she loved him, and Phyllis encouraged Cane to open up to Lily. Cane told Lily that he hadn't gotten over her. Lily decided that they should put off the divorce for now. They shared a passionate kiss. Scott asked Abby how she'd felt about him, and she admitted she'd had feelings for him too. Abby revealed that she got Victoria to send her and Lily to Paris to promote Brash and Sassy, so that she could postpone working with Scott.

Traci returned. She played peacekeeper during Jack and Ashley's debate over what was best for Dina. Jack wanted to keep Dina at home, and Ashley thought she'd be safer in a facility. Jack and Ashley toured a care home, and though it was state of the art, Ashley realized she couldn't bear to send Dina away. Jack set Ashley off when he suggested that she should ease up and let him run Jabot from home. Dina did not recognize Traci. Dina shared stories from Jack and Ashley's childhood, and Traci was moved by how much Dina seemed to love motherhood. Dina asked if Traci had children, and Traci talked about the late Colleen. Graham showed up, and Dina invited him in over Traci's objections. Graham pushed Traci out of the house and locked the door. It was revealed that Graham saw Dina with Christian at the Club yesterday. Dina had introduced Christian to Graham as her son. Graham told Dina that people wanted to take “Jackie” away from her. He encouraged her to take the child and leave before it happened. In the present, Dina told Graham that she'd been forced to give up her son. Graham proposed that he take Dina and “Jackie” on a trip, and she agreed. Jack, Ashley and Traci got into the house and ordered Graham to leave. Graham insisted that he could take better care of Dina than they could. Dina wanted to go with Graham. Jack punched Graham in the gut and threw him out. Graham vowed to use his power of attorney to take Dina away forever.

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