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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Down on her knees outside the house, Steffy tells Liam they are not over. When he says it is, she says there is nothing back there in the house for her. He says he loved this place once, he loved their life but most of all he loved her. He turns and starts to walk away and she grabs him by the arm and pleads with him not to leave her. Wyatt won’t say yes or no but Katie pretty much guesses with Bill giving Liam the house then he and Steffy might be pregnant. Liam shows up at the office. Bill welcomes him in and says he was looking for him. Liam says he went home to check on his wife. She’s okay as she always manages to take care of herself. Bill pulls out the papers giving Liam the cliff house. Liam asks if that seems like a fair trade to him. Then he wants to know about his mother. Bill says she was gorgeous, long flowing hair. Liam says kind of like Steffy. Bill agrees. Liam says they have the same type. Bill asks if something is bothering him. Liam says not really but he has always wondered why his mother wanted to protect him at all costs of finding Bill. He could not imagine what he did so terrible. Then when he did find him he was flawed but a good man so he thought his mother was wrong. He knows they never saw eye to eye but he truly was loyal to his family so he forgave him over and over because he believes in goodness and that everyone has goodness in them. But now he is the one who is admitting he was wrong. All he ever wanted was to be a father to a son or daughter and give them everything he never had. But even with this big house he never wanted to be like Bill. And now with this child it’s too late……oh he will not be a complete absentee father but he also will not be raising his child under the same roof. He tells Bill that yes his wife is pregnant and she even says the baby is not Bill’s.

Katie drops some papers off at Steffy’s but finds no one home and goes on inside. Then while just walking around making a phone call sees the DNA paternity test. Steffy walks in and wants to know what she is doing there and holding that paper. Katie tries to explain as Steffy snatches the paper from her hand. Katie says she knows she is pregnant; is she in trouble? Steffy tries to dismiss her by saying they will reschedule another meeting. Katie asks if Liam knows. Steffy breaks down crying. Katie goes to her and hugs her. Bill knows he is caught. Liam tells him just try to explain why he slept with his wife. Bill says he knows Liam has every right to be furious but Steffy tried to get away from him as fast as possible. She loves Liam. It is the greatest regret of his life what happened and it just can’t end like this. Liam starts walking away and says yes it can. Bill tries to stop him and Liam shoves him away. Liam tells Bill that he does not deserve him and do not ever say Steffy’s name again in his presence. He has his hand on the doorknob when Bill tackles him from behind and they end up tussling on the floor. Liam gets in a few good licks in Bill’s gut. But Bill has Liam in a strangle hold and tells Liam that he is going to have a baby and he is not going anywhere. He says over and over he is so sorry.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe wanted to find out why Theo lied to him about why he was at the warehouse. Hope talked to Rafe about how angry Ciara has been lately. She wondered why Ciara was so angry with Rafe. He thought about talking to Ciara. Chad wanted Stefan out of the mansion. Stefan told Chad and Abby that he bought the bank where he paid the mortgage. Stefan explained how he could take the mansion. Stefan wanted to move in and get to know the family. Chad didnít want to get to know him. Kate demanded that Kayla rush with the DNA test results. Kayla didnít see it as an emergency so Kate blackmailed her. Theo apologized for lying. Abe told him that he was done with the DiMeras. Ciara and Claire got into another argument over Theo. Claire left to see Theo. Hope wanted to know what happened between Rafe and Ciara. Ciara told Tripp that Rafe cheated on Hope for Sami. Rafe didnít understand why Ciara was so angry at him. Hope thought Ciara was going to tell her, but stopped herself. Hope wanted to go see Ciara to find out what happened. Chad and Abby were determined not to consider Stefan family. Chad couldnít wait to kick him out of the company. Chad knew that Stefan was sabotaging the company.

Claire showed up at the hospital while Abe and Theo were talking. Abe wanted Theo to quit, but wouldnít make him do it. Kayla showed up with Theoís test results. Tripp didnít understand why Ciara would announce Rafe cheating publicly. Tripp didnít think Rafe was like that. Tripp tried to convince Ciara not to hurt Hope. Rafe was about to tell Hope why Ciara was mad at him when Kate showed up. She wanted to know what they were going to do about Vivian. Stefan denied sabotaging the company. Kayla told Theo that his recovery was complicated. He needed stem cells in his brain to jumpstart his mobility. She told him that he had to go to South Africa to recover. Chad and Abby were determined to stop Stefan from running the company. Kate wanted Hope and Rafe to do something about Vivian and Stefan. They couldnít do anything because they didnít commit a crime. Theo didnít want to go to South Africa. Tripp thought that Ciara wanted to hurt Hope, but she denied it. Kate arrived at the hospital and wanted Kayla to get the test results. Kayla gave them to her. Abe told Theo that he needed the treatment. Abe left to tell Kayla the news. Claire agreed to go with Theo. Rafe went to see Ciara. Kate went to the mansion with the test results.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Jason continue trying to find clues on Faison. Spinelli shows up with the manuscript of the fake book written by someone using Faison’s pen name. He was able to find out that the person was in contact with the publisher up until he day before Jason escaped. He then directs them to a bit of text that shows alludes to the idea that Faison has a son and the son is the one responsible for this. Anna tries to calm Finn down at the hospital. He doesn’t want to listen to reason though. He thinks he killed Cassandra. Anna explains that Cassandra is in the ICU. Amy has Anna leave so she can check up on Finn. Anna goes to Cassandra’s room where she attempts to kill her. Anna returns to Finn’s room and explains she couldn’t do it. The WSB has her now and she doesn’t think she will ever awake.

Obrecht makes plans at Julian’s pub for Maxie’s baby shower. Everyone, but Nina is however late. Maxie included. Maxie and Lulu show up right after Felicia does. Obrecht tries to sell Maxie on the location. Lulu informs Nina that she saw Valentin being questioned at the PCPD. Lulu and Felicia discuss the possibility of a story on Faison. Felicia suggests that if she really wants to do it, that she has to search Wyndemere because that is where he has hidden himself in the past. Maxie informs Obrecht that she has put a DNA test out on Nathan to prove he is a Cassadine. She looks worried. At the PCPD, Valentin explains to Jordan and Dante that he wasn’t involved with Cassandra during her stay in PC. Nina shows up demanding to be with Valentin. Valentin leaves without being told to go and goes to check on Cassandra. He learns from Amy that she has been moved by the WSB.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley's lawyer, Tony, who was co-owner of Billy's racehorse, happened to be Michael's long-time adversary. Michael warned Jack that Tony was an unethical sort who'd drag the case out for years. Tony and Ashley privately talked strategy and decided on arbitration. They brought the proposal to Jack, who was secretly relieved. He and Michael accepted. Dina mistook Michael for Phillip Chancellor. Christian was missing, and after a fruitless search of the Club, Nick called the police. Paul assured Nick that Christian would be found. Nick blamed Chelsea for taking her eye off the boy. Chelsea felt that Nick should've stayed home with the kids instead of doing volunteer work for the park. During the search for Christian, Lauren contended that none of this would've happened if Abby hadn't thrown herself at Scott. Abby denied pursuing Scott and argued that Sharon started the fight that distracted Chelsea. Lauren countered that Abby set it in motion. Abby was adamant that Scott was no innocent. Lauren confronted Scott for cheating, and he said he felt terrible. Scott swore he loved Sharon, but he admitted he was attracted to Abby. Lauren asked why he'd risk hurting the woman he said he loved.

Dina believed Christian was a young Jack, so she took him from the Club and brought him home with her. Christian broke a mug, and Dina, who mistook Jack for John, demanded that he come upstairs and reprimand his son. Jack called Nick, and he and Chelsea came to pick Christian up. Dina was distraught and confused about “John” making her give up “Jackie,” but Jack coaxed her into letting Christian go. Ashley and Jack were shaken and admitted Dina needed more help than they could give her. Chelsea tearfully admitted it was her fault Christian was taken. Nick apologized for the things he said. The ordeal with Christian made Nick think of Cassie. Chelsea looked worried when Nick said he wasn't sure what he'd do if he lost another child. Sharon dumped Scott's belongings on Abby's doorstep, and an engagement ring fell out of his things. Scott explained that this was why he'd been late on New Year's Eve. He asked Sharon to marry him, and she stomped on the ring and told Abby she could have Scott. Scott tried to talk to Abby, but she slammed the door in his face.

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