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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam grips the chair and struggles how to ask Steffy if what she said was that she slept with his father. She cries yes but it is behind them now so they just need to move on. She adds that she does not remember; it was like an out of body experience. He says oh my God, Bill took advantage of her. The son of a bitch must have drugged her. He cries to Steffy do not protect Bill. If he did drug her or hurt her in any way he must be held accountable. He begs her to tell him that is what happened. Wyatt questions his dad of giving Liam the cliff house. You give a person a bottle of Scotch but not a beach house in Malibu and especially after he kicked him out of the company. Bill says well he is a generous guy and he wants Steffy and Liam to have it to start their family. When Wyatt is not sure what to say, Bill says yes he knows Steffy is pregnant. They both agree it is awesome. Bill states it will be the best time of their lives; things as they should be. Liam continues with Steffy. She cannot protect Bill if he targeted her to get back at him. He begs her to tell him everything. She cries that she wanted to tell him the truth; she tried to tell him the truth but he sprung the re-newing the vows on her. And she did not know Bill was going to show up. She started telling him it was over because of Liam and Sally; she was not thinking clearly. Liam hammers away. Is she sure Bill did not drug her or offer her a drink and she replies no. She knows it sounds like a copout but the truth is she cannot remember much about that night. She knows she was in some altered state but Bill never forced himself on her. She cries she knows she betrayed Liam in the worse possible way and she is so sorry. Justin has his two cents too. This must be a way with sudden generosity of overlooking his own guilt with Steffy. Liam straightens up and looks sternly at Steffy and says for weeks now she has been brokering peace with his father, visiting him and even taking his side over her own husband. Bluntly he asks if this was even the first time. She cries yes. She says she was in the same boat that Liam was with Sally. He finds that incredulous that she would dare compare a desperate kiss to having sex with his father. Thatís ridiculous! She cannot name one thing that would hurt him more than this. He wonders if she too wanted to get back at him for what happened with Sally. She cries that she does not want him in any pain so maybe they just need to take some time away from this. Again he cannot believe her. He wants to know what she sees when she looks at him. Maybe sucker is written on his forehead. Maybe she is like Bill and thinks that Liamís values make him weak. They shared that thought together and walked around knowing the baby could be Billís. And yet Liam did not know. He says she has changed them. She argues no; they have everything they ever wanted with this baby inside her. Liam refuses to let her touch him. He said had Ė they had it all. He is still trying to understand but is coming up short.

Liam says he was just outside thinking how fortunate he was with this new family and their future and somewhere there is his father now laughing at him. He admits he has been a fool. She cries that he is not a fool and she loves him and she is the one so lucky to share a life with him. She cries that she will do anything she can to make it up to him but please forgive her. Just tell her they still have a life together. Liam recites that he cannot go on as if nothing happened. He cannot go back to work; he hates BillÖ..he might kill him. He also hates her. She finally says okay then she will leave. Liam says no; he cannot stay here in his fatherís house where they re-newed their vows right after she slept with him. All of this is a lie. As he starts to walk out, she follows to grab his arm and he says she does not get it Ė it is over. She runs and follows him out the door trying to grab him. He turns around and says he loved her more than anything or anyone in this world. And he wanted a child with her to give that child stability and love he never had growing up. That was the most important thing he could do; his whole existence. She falls to her knees pleading. He tells her to shut up. There was nothing more important and she took that away from him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Vivian argued at the DiMera mansion about Chad losing his position. Chad wanted to stop Stefan from keeping his job. Abby thought they could go to the press about Stefan. She did her research and found a problem. Chloe talked to Stefan about Vivian. She warned him about Vivian being a monster. Stefan started flirting with Chloe before he left the club. Brady and Eve made love. Eve wanted to know what was up with him. Brady didnít want to analyze what was going on between them. Eve let him know that she was on to him. Sonny and Will talked about Arianna. Sonny leaned in to kiss Will, but he stopped him. Sonny wanted to know what happened after Abbyís party. Will thought about kissing Paul. Kate and Vivian continued to argue. Vivian told her that she didnít tell Stefan about Stefano right away. She told him once his legacy was in jeopardy. Kate was determined to make sure that Chad ran the company. Vivian told her that Mr. Chin didnít have faith in Chad so he was out. Kate slapped Vivian just as Stefano walked in the mansion. Eve told Brady that she wanted to do a great job at Basic Black. She decided not to worry about it for now and wanted to make love to Brady again. Abby told Chad that Stefan was excellent in the business world. Chad wanted to get a DNA test. Stefan tried to stop Kate and Vivian from fighting. Andre showed up as well as Chad and Abby. Chad told Stefan that he and Andre would stop Stefan.

Sonny wanted to know what was going on with Will. Will thought about his conversation with Paul. Will wanted to be honest with Sonny. Will told him that he ran into Paul and kissed him. Chad, Abby, Kate, and Andre confronted Stefan and Vivian about him going by an alias. Stefan explained why he changed his name. Stefan agreed to take another DNA test when they doubted his paternity. Sonny tried to blame Paul for the kiss, but Will told him that it wasnít Paulís fault. Will admitted that he kissed Paul and he liked it. Will told him that he couldnít stay married to him while he was attracted to someone else. Sonny tried to beg him to work things out. Will didnít want to be with him until he could figure out what he wanted. He didnít want to hurt him again. Chloe interrupted Brady and Eve to tell him that Vivian was in town and brought her son. Chloe wondered if what was happening with Eve was real. Eve was eavesdropping on their conversation. Stefan told everyone that the board was worried about the company. Abby defended Chad and thought he could do a good job. Stefan reminded them that Kate didnít do a good job. Stefan warned them not to make him an enemy and wanted to work together. Will wanted to let Sonny go. Sonny didnít want him to do it, but Will wanted to move out. Will decided to file for divorce. Chloe wanted an answer from Brady. Brady told her that Eve is not Vivian. He admitted that Eve was beautiful, sexy, and fun. Chloe thought he was up to something. Brady assured her that he had everything under control. Eve was determined to find out what he was planning. Kate, Andre, and Vivian were at the hospital. They wanted to wait for the DNA results. Chad didnít want to work with Stefan and wanted him out of the mansion. Stefan told him that he didnít own the mansion anymore.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco walks downstairs to find Elizabeth uncovering the twin painting again. He finds out on the phone that Ava doesn’t want to sell it anymore. It doesn’t match the rest of her collection. Elizabeth thinks they should hang it up. Franco doesn’t want that. She has to get to work but will see him later. Kiki shows up furious because there was a major storm in the Midwest and she couldn’t visit Dillon. She wonders why the painting is here again. He explains Ava doesn’t want to sell it. He wants to destroy it. Kiki doesn’t think he should do that. She also doesn’t want it. Kiki tells him to figure out what is making him feel off. Franco has a dream where Drew as a child gives him a rabbit’s foot. They call one another best friends. Franco wakes up and finds the rabbits foot. He wonders why he would try to kill Drew. Julian shows up at the Metro Court to confront Olivia. He wants more time with Leo. He has a business and is not a convict. Alexis shows up at Julian’s pub to have breakfast with Molly. Molly promises that Julian is not here right now. TJ and Curtis show up and they explain they need legal advice to take down their landlord because he keeps turning the heat and electricity off. Alexis explains the only way he is going to get in trouble is by a class action suit against him. Alexis decides to represent them for free and Curtis will do the PI work they need done. Julian shows up and Alexis doesn’t want to talk about anything. Julian decides to keep an eye on Molly and TJ for Alexis.

At the hospital, Jordan wants to know what kind of operation Anna was handling behind her back. Anna admits that she was trying to take down a drug operation and was using Finn to help her. Jordan thinks that she is more concerned with Finn than a normal person would be. Anna doesn’t know what she means. Jordan also informs her that Cassandra was not in her house. She later gets a call though saying that Dante has spotted her. Elizabeth tells Anna that Finn is a closed off person but does have feelings like all of them when he admits to it. She speaks with Finn who is out of it. He says he killed Cassandra. Michael and Ned meet with a man named Jim to go over the redevelopment of Charles Street. Michael doesn’t want to listen the entire meeting and thinks they would be hurting all the people who live in the buildings. Afterwards, Ned gets fed up and quits. Michael understands and says he is welcome back anytime he wishes. Olivia suggests that if Ned wants to change he should run for mayor. On their honeymoon, Kevin continuously tries to get Laura to run for mayor. She says that she will continue to fight for what is right but doesn’t want to run for mayor. They go sight seeing and when they come back he tries to get her to run again. Laura once again turns him down. They make love before leaving to go back home.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick tells Sharon he saw Scott kissing another woman but he doesn't tell her the woman's name but later Mariah tells Sharon the woman is Abby. Mariah apologizes for not telling her that Faith saw Scott kissing Abby too but she just wanted to protect her. Sharon confronts Scott who apologizes and tells Sharon about his one night stand with Abby in the storage unit. Sharon is very angry and storms out of the house after throwing a bowl of soup over Scott's head and telling him she never wants to see him again. Jack continues to have problems finding a nurse for Dina after she scares away the third nurse he hires to care for her while he goes to the office. Jack has no choice but to take Dina with him to the office where she interrupts his meeting with Lauren and calls Lauren's mother a hussy. Jack has the driver take Dina home but Dina asks the driver to stop somewhere before he takes her home. Chelsea is forced to take Connor and Christian to her meeting with Lauren at the Athletic club because the babysitter is sick. and there she ,Lauren, Scott, and Graham witness a physical fight between Sharon and Abby after Sharon confronts her about sleeping with Scott. Scott and Chelsea break up the fight and Scott goes after Sharon to try and make amends with her one more time. Chelsea is worried when Christian isn't at the table when she left him and Connor and she looks for him all over the Athletic club and can't find him.

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