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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

As Steffy panics, Liam stands there and asks why would a doctor order a paternity test – it was not needed. She darts inside to get some water. Rick tells Maya that Christmas was not the place or time to confront Ridge of what he did with Quinn. He has to go now but he will see her soon. Nicole asks if he needs some help and he says no. He knows they have both been checking in on Lizzie in the nursery, and he thanks her again for what she did. Carter stops long enough to say hello to Maya and seems to be sticking around and she asks him what is wrong. He says all is fine but she is not buying it. She begs him to talk to her. He says maybe it was the holidays and seeing her so happy. He remembers how he felt toward her when he found out. She is now a strong woman and he misses her. Justin quizzes Bill and says he could have Steffy if he tried but he is being loyal to his son. So he is a good father. And Bill has his loyalty and silence always. Bill says he will never let him down. He will be the father Liam thinks he is. Liam follows Steffy into the house and she dodges all his questions. She simply says she had a complete physical and tests and this was included. He cannot understand since paternity was never in question and not necessary. Liam says this is not a standard test so this should not be. She spars at him why was he in her purse in the first place. He guesses it – it must have been that night over one kiss with Sally. And she lied about the guest house. That must be where it happened instead she lied and said she was just driving. And then later they repeated their vows although she was hesitant. That must have been when it was; she was with someone. Steffy keeps saying this is not important so she does not know what he is asking. She had a purely simple complete physical and this showed up as part of it. They can forget it. Liam says no they can’t. He needs to know why this was included.

Nicole tries to talk Rick into taking Maya to Europe and not just focus on his career. Maya tells Carter that she is married and a mother. He says he knows but if she is honest she knows what they were to each other, and things happen. They had fun times and were great together. And if she thinks she is out of options, she is not. Bill tells Justin that Steffy gave him his son back and he is not going to blow that. Liam will bond with his baby from day one and he will not deny that. Steffy tells Liam that he does not understand. He hollers then make him understand. She says she did drive around and ended up at the guest house. She did not invite anyone; he just showed up. Liam says this him has a name; so tell him. Carter tells Maya that the last thing he wants to do is interfere with her marriage but he feels something is missing. Maya says Carter is sweet and she will always care for him but not romantically. She is very happy with Rick. Bill admits there was a powerful connection with Steffy but he locked his feelings away before and he will have to again. Liam and Steffy are probably celebrating right now and he will celebrate with them. Liam accuses Wyatt. She says it was not his brother. Steffy slowly says she lost her mind and she does not know how it happened. She tried to tell him but Liam wouldn’t let her so she tried to forget. He keeps on that he needs to know. They will never have a marriage if he keeps thinking she was with another man that night, so tell him who it was. He keeps badgering until she spills it. She says he does not really want to know but it was Bill. She cowers in fear as Liam’s head is about to explode.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Vivian made her entrance at the party. Everyone was surprised that she returned. Vivian told them that her escort was Stefano DiMera. Everyone was shocked at her announcement. Will kissed Paul. Paul stopped him from kissing him. Will told Paul that he was the only one that wasnít expecting anything from him. John and Marlena arrived. Ciara was trying to tell Hope about Rafe when Jennifer and Eric interrupted them. Jennifer told Hope and Rafe that Vivian crashed the party. John and Paul walked off. Marlena wanted to talk to Will about what they saw. Will admitted that he kissed Paul. Vivian announced that Stefano DiMera was alive. Everyone saw him and knew he wasnít Stefano. He announced that he was Stefan O. DiMera. He was Stefanoís son.

Will thought that Marlena would judge him for being with Paul. Marlena didnít want to judge him. Will explained that she and Paul are the only ones who get him. Brady and Sonny got into an argument over Will and the company. Jennifer and Eric tried to talk to Ciara, but she lashed out at them. Andre thought that Stefan was lying about being Stefanoís son. He assumed Stefanís mother was dead. Vivian announced that she was Stefanís mother. She explained to everyone how she had Stefanoís son. John asked Paul if he was trying to break up Will and Sonny by telling him that Will kissed him. Paul realized that he should leave Sonny alone. Sonny called Will to see where he was. Vivian said she had DNA test results. No one at the party believed that she had proof. Jennifer called Ciara out for the cruel way she spoke about Eric. Ciara apologized to him. Stefan planned on taking his rightful place in the family and the company. Chad told him that he wouldnít be CEO because itís his job. Brady went to Eveís room and they began to make love. Sonny wanted to ring in the New Year with Will, but he wasnít interested. Stefan gave Kate, Andre, and Chad documents from the board of directors naming Stefano the new CEO of DiMera Enterprises. Vivian and Stefan left the party.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At the stroke of 12 on New Years Eve, Jason and Sam kiss one another on the Haunted Star. Drew ends up showing up and wants to know what Jason is doing there. Jason explains that he was told to meet someone here with information. Drew realizes that Carly is responsible for sabotaging him getting to the boat on time. He tells Jason to tell Carly to stop messing with things. Jason leaves on the boat that Drew came on. Sam and Drew go back inside and Drew finds the dominos and tequila left out. He knows what that means. Sam promises that it doesn’t mean anything other than they played. Sam promises that she only loves Drew. Drew tells Sam that if she loves Jason then he isn’t going to stay in her way of him. Carly and Sonny kiss at midnight and Sonny needs to know what Carly did with Jason and Sam. Carly thinks they belong together. Sonny doesn’t think it is up to them to manipulate them together. Michael shows up to wish them a Happy New Year. Jason then does as well. He talks with Carly alone. He needs her to promise him that she will not try to set him and Sam up again. Carly claims she understands. They all toast to the New Year with Jason making a speech.

Ava calls Griffin wishing him a happy New Year. She guesses it is better than not wishing him one at all. She hangs up her phone and grabs some party favors and leaves her apartment. At the hospital, Ava hides behind a tree and listens as Kiki and Griffin discuss something they have been doing together. Ava confronts them and accuses them of doing something more than working together. Kiki doesn’t want to hear it and storms off. She gets a text from Dillon and eventually tries to catch a plane half way to meet him for the night. Griffin shows up at Ava’s apartment and explains to her that the reason him and Kiki are spending so much time together is because they have been working on Klein’s procedure. They have a way to get it to work legally. Anna and Valentin are tied back to back on chairs. Cassandra’s henchmen Eric isn’t going to listen to their threats and leaves them alone before they will die. Anna manages to break free and when Eric walks back in she knocks him out. She gets Valentin free and he goes to Nina to celebrate. Cassandra confronts Finn and drugs him. He ends up attacking her. Anna walks in to find Cassandra passed out and Finn out of his mind.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill chided Cane for not kissing Lily on New Year's. Cane didn't think Lily wanted him back. Lily told Abby that Cane didn't want her back. She said it stung that he'd moved on before her. JT blamed Billy for being a bad influence on Reed. They discussed their past and admitted they'd both made mistakes. Jill urged Billy not to settle in life. She convinced him to temporarily become the co-CEO of Chancellor so Cane could devote time to his personal life. JT told Paul that he wanted Reed to understand that he'd messed up, but JT still planned to be there for his son. Nick and Chelsea had a disagreement over whether or not he should tell Sharon about Scott kissing Abby. Chelsea thought Nick should stay out of it because he didn't have the whole story, but Nick decided to tell Sharon the truth. Sharon told Nick that she was optimistic about her future. She made plans to surprise Scott with a trip to a bed and breakfast. Nick confronted Abby about the kiss. Although Abby swore that there was nothing between her and Scott, Nick was determined to tell Sharon what he saw. He promised to leave Abby's name out of it. Abby called Scott, but he didn't answer. JT dropped by Lily's and they had a cordial conversation about their kids and their marriages. When Lily learned that JT was looking for work, she offered to put in a good word with Cane. Jill implored Lily to be honest about her feelings for Cane before it was too late. Cane discovered Lily left her wrap at the house, and he called her. Lily dropped by Cane's, but JT arrived before they could talk. Cane gave JT a job. Billy told JT and Cane that he was the new co-CEO. Nick told Sharon that he had something to tell her about Scott.

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