The TV MegaSite's Friday 12/29/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Everyone got ready for Abbyís party for Chad. A mysterious woman was getting ready for the party and a man approached her. Ciara told Hope and Rafe that Theo didnít want her. Hope and Rafe tried to help her see that she could get over Theo. Ciara got a dig in about Hope being with a man who she could trust. Ciara showed Hope that she got her license and wanted the keys to Boís motorcycle. Brady and Eve planned on crashing the DiMerasí party and destroying them. Paul showed up at Dougís Place. Chad and Abby wanted him to stay for the party, but he knew that Sonny and Will would be there so he didnít want to stay. Paul was about to leave when Sonny and Will showed up. Ciara wanted Hope to give her the keys, but she said no. Ciara was upset and stormed off. Sonny and Paul had an awkward conversation. Kate and Andre showed up too. Andre put Sonny on notice about the DiMeras beating the Kiriakis family. Kate wanted to talk to Chad alone. Chad told her that he didnít trust her. Abby wanted to know if Andre was going to make a move on Kate. He wasnít sure if Kate would want him. Eve told Brady that she had to get Gabi to accept her offer to work with Titan. Chad apologized to Andre for not believing him. Chad planned on making the hackers pay for what was done to the family. The mystery pair got ready to go to the party.

Kate was happy that Gabi (who suddenly arrived) wanted to work with the DiMeras. Ciara was upset that everyone loved Claire. She saw a picture of Claire and Theo together online and got upset. She thought the party would be boring until she thought of Rafe talking about sleeping with Sami. She decided to go after all. Brady and Eve showed up at the party. Brady lied and said Sonny invited him to the party.  Sonny said he didnít invite him.  Andre wanted him gone.  Eve found Gabi at the party and tried to convince her to sign with her.  Abby interrupted Eveís speech by telling everyone about Chad being CEO.  Chad made a speech at the party about DiMera Enterprises.  He wanted to toast to the future of DiMera. Will found out that Susanís doing worse. He wanted to go home and call her. Sonny offered to go with him, but Will wanted him to stay. Eve approached Gabi and asked her to reconsider her working with her. Gabi decided to think about Eveís offer. Andre was about to call the police on Brady until he decided to leave. Ciara showed up at the party drunk. Ciara wanted to make a toast to Hope and Rafe. She wanted everyone to hear what she had to say. Hope took her drink out of her hand. Hope and Rafe took Ciara out of the room. Rafe advised Ciara to show her mother some respect. She didnít want to listen to him. She wanted him to listen to her. Will saw Paul at the town square. Will apologized for Paul getting hurt. Paul told him that he missed Sonny. Everyone at the party celebrated the New Year. Andre kissed Kate. Brady kissed Eve. Sonny thought Will was home and was surprised that he couldnít find him. Paul wanted to leave, but Will kissed him. Vivian showed up at the party. Kate jumped up when she saw her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Cassandra holds Valentin hostage with her henchman Eric. She thinks that Valentin is responsible for bugging her phone. Valentin knows she realizes he would never be this sloppy. Cassandra has Eric take a phone call in the hallway. She decides to let Valentin go until she realizes her entire operation has been destroyed. She realizes Finn must have bugged her phone with Annaís help. She tells Valentin he is going to wait here because she has to get rid of Finn and then Valentin himself. Anna and Finn try to figure out what happens next with them as neither wants to admit they have feelings for the other. They eventually do but Finn needs to make things right and wants to restart. He goes out for a few minutes. Anna gets a call from Robert warning her about Cassandra still being on the loose. Someone comes for her. Finn comes back and finds Cassandra waiting for him.

Nina tries to figure out where Valentin is as it is their anniversary. Lulu and Dante discuss Luluís new story that she will be writing and Dante realizes she is going to be investigating Faison. Dante is worried about her safety and doesnít want her to get hurt. Lulu promises she will be fine. Sonny tries to figure out what Carly did to Jason. Carly claims nothing. A bar tender tells Sonny that if Carly needs anymore odd jobs done for her then he is her guy. Sonny demands to know what she did. Carly admits she had the bartender break Drewís car so he couldnít make it in time for the Floating Star. That way Jason and Sam could be alone. Kim drives Drew to the docks and there is a bunch of traffic. Drew supposedly didnít recognize anything on the CD she gave him. On the Haunted Star, Jason and Sam play dominos together and Jason lets her win so she doesnít get drunk. They end up watching the fireworks and kiss one another at midnight.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine


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