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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam watches as Steffy comes home and she joins him on the patio overlooking the water. All he can talk of is their sweet baby. Justin walks in on Bill’s deep thoughts. He says Bill has not been himself lately and he is worried. He says he ran the passport numbers and that day he cancelled the trip it was Steffy, his son’s wife. Bill shouts for him to get out of his office. This has nothing to do with him. Justin fires back and asks why he would be mixed up with Steffy. Thorne discusses Katie's offer of staying with her; it might not make her mystery guy that happy. She says they are just mutual friends, no commitment. She trusts this guy and they have fun and right now that is enough. She is liking it right now not being anyone’s wife. Some things just do not work out. She just wants to figure out who she is without a man. She asks about him. He has to be one of the most sought out handsome available bachelors in Los Angeles. Things settle down and Justin says he is surprised that Bill was going away with Steffy. He knows all his secrets and he did not know about this. Bill says there was only one night; the night that she found out that Liam and Sally almost made out. Steffy ran off and now she is pregnant. Liam says it is out here, the coast and the air and he knows how grateful they are after what they went through. He keeps touching her tummy. Katie says she is sure there are a trail of broken hearts across Paris right now. Nah, Thorne says too busy. She says her too. What she has now she could not exactly call dating.

Bill admits it is challenging and complicated but both he and Steffy had the same thought; the baby could be his. But Liam is his son. Justin says it is more than a one night stand; he must be in love with this woman. Bill says they have loved each other for a long time and that all came to the surface. They loved each other; they needed each other that night. Justin wants to know who is the father. Thorne tells Katie that he is glad she is happy and now she can go get back into that little sexy number. Bill tells Justin there was a paternity test and the baby is Liam’s. Justin says he wants Bill to be happy but this is the way it should be. Bill says Steffy is the only woman who truly understands him, the good and the bad. And Liam must never know about him and Steffy. While Steffy sits on the patio she has future thoughts of her and Liam with their baby, the happy couple. Her cell phone rings. Since she is not within distance of it Liam starts to grab it after he finds her phone in her purse. But what he also finds is the paternity test. His throat tightens with a frightening look in his eyes. He does not have to say a word. He goes and hands it to Steffy who immediately gets a panicky look.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went to see Rafe about something important. Tripp called Claire while she was with Theo. He told her that she had to work. Ciara was satisfied that he told her the lie. Ciara wanted a chance to see Theo. Tripp didnít approve of lying. Ciara told him that he could have Claire. Belle and Shawn told Chloe that they were leaving town. Later, Claire went to work and thanked Tripp for helping her keep her job. Tripp admitted that Ciara was the one who wanted him to call her. Claire wanted to know how she got him to do it. He admitted that he wanted to be alone with her. Ciara visited Theo. She told him that she loved him. She thought they deserved another chance. Hope talked to Jennifer about Ciaraís behavior towards Claire and Rafe. Rafe figured out that Abe wanted to reinstate Hope as commissioner. Abe admitted that he was being irrational towards Hope. Belle and Shawn talked about who could have been hacking into DiMera Enterprises. Andre thought that Abe would have said something to Kate if he was going to do it. Hope advised Jennifer to go after Eric, but she thought they were just friends. Jennifer didnít want Hope to say anything to Eric. Theo reminded Ciara that heís with Claire. Ciara tried to convince him that Claire would be with Tripp soon. Claire wasnít happy with Tripp because of what he did.

Ciara tried to make Theo realize that they should be together. Ciara and Theo told each other that they couldnít lose each other. Claire overheard them talking. Hope arrived at the station and saw Abe and Rafe. Abe apologized for the way he treated her. She accepted his apology. Abe wanted her to be the commissioner again. Abe told Hope and Rafe that Theo made a statement about what happened when he was shot. He took the blame for everything. Hope didnít see a point in pressing charges against him. Abe was grateful that she didnít want to press charges against Theo. Andre wanted Kate to work with him at Countess Wilhelmina and be his date at Abby and Chadís party. Theo told Ciara that he loved her, but he didnít want to cheat on Claire. He wanted Ciara to be friends with Claire, but she didnít want to be her friend anymore.  Ciara started to walk out and saw Claire.  Belle told Chad that she and Shawn were investigating who hacked the company.  Abby told him that she was afraid the hacker would strike at the party.  She told him that she invited Andre and Kate to the party.  Andre asked Kate if she would go to the party.  She agreed to go with him.  Abe showed up at the mansion and told Kate that she would get off scot free.  He wanted something in return for his silence.  Ciara was at the town square and Tripp apologized for telling Ciara the truth.  She didnít care because Theo didnít want her.  Abe didnít want Theo to work for DiMera Enterprises anymore.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

At a party to celebrate the end of the year at Aurora, Peter gives a speech. Drew and Sam remind him that it is just a party and they are all off the clock. Carly shows up to find out that Sam and Drew are not coming to the party upstairs but are going to the Haunted Star. Drew does to see Monica at the hospital first though. Maxie takes Sam to the Crimson closet to find her the perfect outfit. Lulu and Peter talk in private. Peter wants her to do a story on Faison an interview. He thinks out of everyone she should be able to get one. Carly and Sonny find out that Jason is going to Russia to track down Faison. They wish he wouldn’t go. Carly ends up tricking him into going to the Haunted Star. Maxie has dressed Sam in the perfect dress for the evening and takes her coat and switches it out with something more pretty. Maxie leaves and then Jason shows up instead of Drew.

Michael and Nelle go to the hospital, where Nelle talks with Monica about the baby and her own struggles with AJ when she was pregnant. She later talks with Drew and wishes him a Happy new Year. Michael tells Nelle that they can look at her financial situation again. Nelle feels that she will be fine with the new job she will be starting. Anna and Finn listen in on a call that Cassandra happens to make at Valentin’s house. They track down the drug factory and are able to take it over. Finn guesses it is the end for them though,. Cassandra finds out she is being bugged and takes Valentin hostage.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Victoria and JT tried to impress upon Reed that drunk driving was a major issue, but they didn't seem to get through to him. Nikki and Victor discussed the fact that the PR company had planned their entire vow renewal and even paid for custom professionally written vows. Nikki talked to Reed about the possibility that he might have inherited her predisposition to addiction. Reed didn't think that was the case. Things heated up for Nick and Chelsea at the penthouse. Abby and Lily met for drinks. Devon disagreed with Jill's plan to try and push Cane and Lily together with a private party, but Jill was sure it would work. Scott was late to meet Sharon because he'd been off on a mysterious errand. Hilary gave Sam another gift, and she accepted Cane's invitation to the party. Jill told Hilary the truth about the party. Hilary decided to leave, but she said that Jill owed her.

Cane and Lily decided to celebrate the New Year together even after they realized no one else was coming. They almost kissed, but at the last minute, Lily hugged Cane. Hilary told Devon that she wasn't interested in Cane. Hilary gushed about Sam, and Devon wondered if she wanted a baby. Hilary insisted that her biological clock was not ticking. Devon abruptly walked away from Hilary during the countdown to 2018. Abby had a hard time watching Scott be affectionate with Sharon at the ceremony. JT canceled his flight so he could be around to support Reed. Nikki and Victor renewed their vows and shared a kiss. JT kissed Victoria on the cheek as the clock struck 12. Scott followed Abby out of the room and passionately kissed her. Nick saw them, but didn't confront them.

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