The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/27/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Ciara and Claire got into an argument over Theo. Ciara was convinced that Theo wanted her, but Claire thought differently. Ciara wanted to go see Theo, but Claire stopped her. JJ told Jennifer and Eric what happened with Abe and Theo. JJ was grateful that she helped him get through to Abe. JJ told Jennifer that he was at a low point and that his friend got through it. He was grateful that Theo woke up and Abe forgave him. Kate asked Abe and Lani if Theo told them what happened at the warehouse. They told her that Theo didnít tell them anything. He took the blame for what happened. Chad and Kate wanted to see him. Abby wondered if Andre had feelings for Kate. Andre tried to deny it, but she wasnít sure whether he was telling the truth. Jennifer wanted to call Marlena for JJ. JJ wanted to talk to Eric. JJ was grateful for Ericís help. JJ didnít know what he would do without Jennifer. Andre continued to deny having feelings for Kate, but Abby knew he was falling in love with Kate. Chad and Kate went to see Theo. Theo noticed that Kate was being quiet. She didnít think he would want to see her. He remembered that she sent him to the warehouse. She wanted to know why he didnít tell the truth. Ciara thought it was strange that Claire stopped her from going to see Theo. They continued to argue. They started fighting until Ciara pushed Claire on to a table.

Ciara and Claire were going to fight again when Tripp showed up and stopped him. Claire wanted to go to the hospital to see Theo, and wanted Tripp to keep Ciara away from her. Chad wanted to know why Theo lied to Abe too. Theo didnít want his father to be mad at Kate because she was family too. Theo told her that he wanted to help because he didnít want anyone to hack the company. Theo remembered when he and Kate became friends. He told her that he loved her. Abby knew that Andre loved Kate. Andre admitted that he loved Kate, but he wasnít sure if she would return his feelings for him. He thought that she would only be with him out of gratitude. Abby gave him some advice on how to get Kate to fall for him. Abby wanted to have a party for Chad being the new CEO and suggested that he bring Kate with him. Theo wanted to know if Chad and Kate found out who hacked the company. Chad told him no and that he was taking over the company. Theo asked to help when Claire showed up. Kate and Chad left his room and he went off on her. Chad told her that nothingís changed between them. Kate wanted to know what else she could do to make it up to him. He told her that he lost respect for her. Ciara didnít think that Tripp could keep her from the hospital forever. She told him that she knew he was into Claire. Tripp denied having feelings for her, but Ciara didnít believe him. JJ gave Lani the Rihanna tickets that he had for her. She was happy about it. She didnít want them to break up again. Chad told Kate that they were done. Kate wanted to tell Abe something before he went back in Theoís room. She told him that Theo was covering up for her. Theo asked Claire if everything was okay with Ciara. Ciara offered to work with Tripp to help him get Claire. She wanted him to help her get Theo. Kate explained to Abe how she got Theo to help him. Abe reminded her that she kept quiet about what she did. She couldnít let Theo take the blame for what she did. Abe thanked her for her honesty. Abe wanted to check on Theo.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Maxie needs Amy to do her a favor in regards to getting her a DNA test done on Nathan. She needs to see if Obrecht is lying about his paternity. Amy is reluctant but Maxie reminds her that she owes both her and Nathan. Obrecht shows up at Kelly’s for a lunch with Nathan. Obrecht refuses to actually say anything about Nathan’s father. She is very happy to be able to be a grandmother though. Ava and Griffin exchange gifts. Ava gives Griffin a watch but Griffin isn’t so sure he can accept it. It is way to glamorous. Ava understands but wishes he would take the gift and she won’t get him anything else extravagant. Kiki shows up and Ava overhears Griffin and Kiki talking. It sounds like they are sleeping with one another in Ava’s mind. She is cold with them afterwards. She later hears them again at the hospital.

Anna and Finn go over the plan to take down Cassandra. Anna listens in until Cassandra instructs Finn to turn off his phone for the meeting. Felicia runs into Anna while this is going on and Anna explains that she doesn’t have feelings for Finn in the way she assumes. Felicia thinks otherwise. In the meeting, Cassandra shows Finn the testing done on her drug. Finn makes arrangements to see the warehouse. Finn puts a bug in Cassandra’s phone while she is out of the room. At GH, Laura decides to take Kevin’s name. They run into Stella who informs them that her building and others had no heat or electricity on Christmas day due to Lomax and the landlords. At the PCPD Lulu, Dante, and Jordan try to figure out what will happen with Lomax. Alexis shows up explaining she will probably be fired. There are many bylaws that must be done in the town though. Laura and Kevin show up with Stella and Felicia is there to pay a parking ticket. Lomax has stepped down as mayor. Alexis says that there has to be a special election within the next month. Felicia no longer wants to be mayor. Kevin thinks that Laura would make a good mayor.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Ashley begins the process of a legal battle to become CEO of Jabot and she calls an emergency board meeting to amend the Jabot bylaws to state that the CEO must work from the office not from home. Ashley tells Jack he must choose between Dina and Jabot so having no choice he tells Ashley he will work from the office. JT tells Reed that he and Mac are getting a divorce and he promptly goes with Mattie and Charlie to a party and gets drunk. Mattie and Charlie don't drink but Mattie makes good on her promise to call the police on Reed since he didn't listen to her and drove the car. Mattie fears that Reed will never speak to her again like he promised before he left. Victoria tells JT to go fight for his marriage before they get a call from the police telling them Reed has been arrested. Jack surprises Jill by agreeing to her extremely high offer to buy Chancellor Industries. Jill has second thoughts about the sale after talking to Lauren ,Cane and Billy and finding out about the no confidence vote. Lauren tells Jill things are tough for Jack with the company and taking care of Dina but she still thinks he is a good leader. Cane and Billy agree for once that Jack can't handle caring for his mother and Jabot. Cane asks Jill not to put Chancellor in the middle of a war between Ashley and Jack. Jill sends Billy to tell Jack that she has decided not to sell the company to him since she found out about the confidence vote.

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