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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy looks around to make sure Liam is not around so he can hear. She calls her doctor who says they should know today who the baby’s father is. She hugs Liam again when he says she is carrying his child. Katie and Wyatt continue to play games. He arrives as the tool guy plumber and she is the damsel in distress wrapped only in her sexy, skimpy lingerie. He wants to know who else can service her needs. He has been the pizza guy to almost anything else she needs. Brooke tells Thorne to stop teasing her. He says he does only because he likes to see that smile. Justin asks Bill how was his Christmas. Bill says fine especially when the boys came by. Liam talks to the baby via Steffy’s tummy and says he is going to work and glad to be doing that. She has a flashback of when Bill told her he would get his revenge on Liam. She goes to Bill’s and says sorry they have to meet here but they needed privacy. The baby has to be Liam’s but there is the possibility it could be Bill’s. She wants him to be honest with her. She asks if her marriage concerns him. He says of course. She wants to know if he slept with her to get revenge on Liam. Brooke tells Thorne they have a problem. She is engaged to Ridge but Thorne does not want her to be. He says he will always be around to help her. Wyatt shows up at the office and grouses to Liam that he left some very important things for this meeting and now Bill is not here and no one knows why. Liam says his dad is going to flip when he finds out he is going to be a granddad.

Bill answers Steffy that no, of course not, he would never hurt Liam like that. All of that was before they made peace. Liam disrespected his marriage and his wife when he put Sally above that so they were there for each other out of love. He truly was loving her and it was never about revenge. She says okay she believes him. They both put themselves in this situation. She remarks that she is going to the doctor. He offers to go with her. She says she will go alone. This is her journey and she will make sure this baby is Liam’s. Katie is shocked, so is Throne when she runs to the door and thinks it is Wyatt coming back. She is still in her definitely not visiting attire. She makes an apology and invites him in anyway. Wyatt tells Liam that he sure is lucky to have Steffy and that she gets along so well with Bill and both of them are on Liam’s side. In the doctor’s office Steffy panics and wants to know if the doctor has the results……..she has to know now and this baby must be Liam’s.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad overheard Kate and Andre talking. Chad wanted to know why she was still there. Chad and Andre argued because Andre wanted Kate to stay at the mansion and the company. Abe and company were relieved that Theo woke up. Valerie told Claire, Ciara, and JJ about Theoís condition. Claire wanted to see him and Ciara wanted to as well. Valerie wanted then to wait. Chad refused to listen to what Andre had to say about Kate. Theo wanted to know what happened. Abe told Theo what happened. JJ called Gabi to tell her that Theo woke up. Gabi wanted to tell him something when she got the chance. Eli went home and saw his bed. He thought about having sex with Lani and snatched the sheets off the bed. Ciara and Claire got into another argument over Theo. Abe told them to stop and think of Theo. They agreed to stop when Valerie came out and said Theo wanted to see her. Ciara assumed he wanted to see her and went in the room. Gabi went to see Eli and noticed that he was carrying his sheets. She questioned him about doing laundry on Christmas. Andre reminded Chad that Kate got the deal with Gabi. Chad put Andre on notice and told him that heís out if she messes up again.

Kate tried to plead her case to Chad, but he wanted her to stay away from him. Chad and Abby walked out of the room. Kate thanked Andre for sticking up for her. She promised not to forget what he did for her. Theo was surprised that Ciara was home. Ciara told him that she thought of him and had to tell him something. Lani confronted JJ about committing suicide. JJ told Lani that he was better now. Lani wanted him to come to her. Gabi told Eli that Theo was awake. She noticed something was wrong with Eli and thought that it had to do with Lani. JJ wanted to know how Lani found out what he did. Lani told him about walking in on him with Gabi. She told him that she ran into Eli and stopped talking. Gabi thought Eli and Lani were upset that she was with JJ. Gabi started crying so Eli didnít tell her what he did. Chad and Abby told Andre and Kate that Theo was awake. Kate was relieved that Theo woke up. Andre wondered what would happen if he remembered what happened when he was shot. Lani continued to explain that she told Eli what she saw. JJ let her know that things would be better. Gabi was upset that JJ tried to kill himself. Eli thought it was great that she was there. Lani and JJ went to Theoís room. JJ told Theo that he shot him. Theo was surprised he shot him. JJ told him what happened. Theo told him it wasnít his fault. He told JJ that he was the reason he was shot. Theo told JJ why he was responsible for what happened. JJ didnít want him to blame himself. Eli told Gabi that he would be there for her. Claire told Ciara to stay away from Theo. Chad talked to Valerie about Theoís recovery. Abe saw Lani and Theo talking. Lani wanted to know what happened when he was shot. Lani asked him if someone from the DiMera family convinced him to go to the warehouse. Kate looked inside the window.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Valentin and Nina wait for Charlotte at Kelly’s. She shows up with Lulu and they are late. Lulu and Valentin confront one another over the ballots and Valentin accuses Nikolas of tampering with them. Lulu leaves. Cassandra shows up with a present for Charlotte. Nina confronts Cassandra in private and informs her that she better stay away from Charlotte. Nina tells Valentin that she doesn’t care if she broke her charade with Cassandra. She wasn’t going to let Cassandra go after their child. Finn and Anna go to the gym in order to work on Finn’s fighting skills in case of an emergency. He ends up besting her after the first round. Cassandra calls to set up a time to go over things. Finn makes plans for the next day as soon as possible.

Peter shows up at Sam’s office at Aurora to ask Sam for permission to run a story on the Drew situation. Sam tells him she is not interested because Drew wouldn’t want it. Peter makes a few suggestions to why it would make sense. He even suggests that it might help Drew find information on who he really is. Later, Lulu runs into Peter and asks if she has a job on the paper. She informs him that the ballots have confirmed to be real. Peter tells her to get the story written for a follow-up. Maxie and Nathan go to Kim’s office at GH for an appointment. Kim assures Nathan that so long as he is healthy nothing should be wrong with the child even if his records are not proper. Sam later shows up asking for help on information involving Drew. Kim claims to not really know anything. Sonny shows up at Drew’s house to inform him that he does want to be his friend. Drew admits that while his mind tells him that they are best friends, he himself is going in a different direction. Sam shows up and Sonny leaves. Kim then shows up and gives Drew the CD that he had made her years ago.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki and Victor decided to renew their vows to convince the public, including Nick, Paul and Christine, that their reunion was real. Victoria and Nick were on opposing sides regarding their parents' reunion. Victoria was pleased about the reconciliation, but Nick disapproved. Nick tried to convince Nikki not to go forward with the ceremony. Nikki told Nick that Victor wanted him to be at the vow renewal. Victor later told Nick that he actually didn't want him to be at the vow renewal, but he still urged Nick to come for the family and the company's sake. Nick agreed to go because it would make Nikki happy. Traci had a disagreement with Ashley about the board meeting and the way Jack and Ashley had been handling things. Billy had words with Jack over Jabot and the way he'd been treating Ashley. Jack lashed out at Billy and brought up Billy's past mistakes, including Delia's death. Jack told Ashley that he'd added the stipulation that only blood Abbotts could run Jabot because he'd been afraid Phyllis would fight him for the company during their divorce. Abby was upset that the Abbotts were fighting. Ashley consulted with Michael about the legality of the amendment, but he couldn't help because there was a conflict of interest. Jack learned that Ashley was thinking about fighting his amendment to Jabot's bylaws in court.

Traci and Billy touched base and lamented the family drama. Dina struggled with confusion and thought it was Thanksgiving. When Jack's attempts to remind her didn't work, he left the house, shaken. Ashley opted to redirect Dina instead of correcting her. Jack was remorseful about hurting Ashley, and Traci assured him that it wasn't too late to fix this. Paul turned down Victor's invitation to the ceremony and made it clear that the investigation into Victor wasn't over. Paul warned Nikki that it wasn't a good idea for her to go back to Victor after all he'd done, but she paid no heed. Paul told Nikki that when Victor was eventually charged with something, she could end up being charged as an accessory. Victoria and Abby were pleased when Victor told them about the vow renewal. Victoria apologized to Abby for the way she'd treated her after the fallout from DesignDate. Victoria asked Nikki if she'd really be able to tell an audience that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with Victor. Nikki said that they'd soon find out.

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