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B&B Recap Written by Wanda


Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe told Valerie that Jennifer reminded him that he was in JJís position when he shot someone years ago. Valerie wondered what he was going to do. He said Jennifer wanted him to forgive JJ. Valerie wondered if he could. Lani and Eli dealt with the aftermath of them having sex. Gabi wanted to make sure that JJ got the help he agreed to get. JJ called Jennifer and asked if Eric would give him counseling. Gabi wanted to take his gun to Kate to be on the safe side. When Ciara talked to Roman about seeing Theo, Claire showed up. Ciara and Claire got into an argument. Roman stopped them from arguing. Gabi went to see Eli. She apologized for not explaining why she didnít meet him. Eli confronted her about sleeping with JJ. Valerie called Jennifer to give her a message from Abe. Abe went to see JJ. Eric tried to assure Jennifer that she helped Abe and JJ make up. Eric and Jennifer almost kissed each other. Eli confronted Gabi about sleeping with JJ. Gabi denied sleeping with JJ. Eli was about to throw her out when she told him that she wasnít going to let JJ kill himself. Eli immediately felt bad about what happened. Abe told JJ what happened when he talked to Jennifer. Abe realized that he punished JJ for too long and that he forgave him.

Eric ended up giving Jennifer a friendship bracelet. He credited her for saving his life. Roman wanted Ciara and Claire to think of Theo. They agreed to make up for him. They gave each other a fake hug when Steve, Kayla, and Tripp showed up at the pub and were surprised to see them hugging. Gabi explained to Eli what happened with JJ. She gave Eli JJís gun so he could give it to Rafe. Lani went to the hospital and Valerie told her that Abe went to see JJ. Lani wasnít that happy about it. Valerie wanted to know why she wasnít happy. She didnít reveal the real reason why she wasnít happy. Abe apologized to JJ for the way he treated him. Gabi wondered if Eli was upset the entire time he thought she was with JJ. Eli thought about making love to Lani. Gabi had to leave. Abe believed that JJ and Lani loved each other. He promised not to stand in their way. Abe told JJ that Lani was at the hospital. Eli met up with Lani at the hospital and told her that JJ and Gabi didnít have sex. JJ tried to kill himself. Lani felt guilty and thought she should have been there for him. Eli suggested that she be there for him now and pretend the night didnít happen. Later, Abe and JJ showed up at the hospital. Abe told Lani and Valerie that he forgave him and wanted him to see Theo. Eli met with Gabi and Arianna at the town square. Ciara and Claire arrived at the hospital and wanted to see Theo. Everyone (including JJ) went to see Theo. JJ and Abe hugged each other. Abe pleaded with Theo to wake up. Theo woke up from the coma.

GH Recap Written by Anthony


Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City celebrate the true meaning of Christmas in a series of four short stories in the first story Mariah and Sharon struggle to find each other a Christmas present and end up getting each other the same blouse. Sharon wonders why Mariah never calls her mom and Mariah explains that she feels like she is her mother but her adoptive mother didn't really treat her like a mother treats a daughter and she was hurt by her. Sharon and Mariah remember Cassie and Sharon let's Mariah keep Cassie's Christmas stocking and Mariah calls Sharon mom for the first time.. The second story focuses on Hilary promoting Devon's toy drive on the Hilary hour Devon reads a letter to Santa in which Annie just wants pots and pans for her mother and a pretty new dress for her mommy. Once they go to commercial, Devon figures out the letter was put their by mistake and that Hilary's Sunday school teacher sent it to her since she saved it all these years because it touched her heart. Hilary is deeply touched by remembering the letter she wrote to Santa and later writes a thank you note to her former teacher. The third story deals with Billy being upset that his present to Phyllis didn't arrive in time and him feeling depressed because he messed up again. Billy tells his troubles to Abby who is feeling depressed because it has been a rough year for her and she feels sad because she is no longer an Abbott Billy tells her that she will always be his niece and Ashley will always be his sister and none of the other stuff matters to him. Abby tells him that he gave her the best gift possible and he didn't even have to wrap it. Phyllis' gift arrive and it is a pear tree with five golden rings inside it. In the last story Nikki's wallet gets robbed by a homeless woman named Kathy who turns out to remind her of Katherine and later when Nikki talks to Sharon she discovers that there isn't a homeless woman named Katherine at the shelter. Nikki finds a beautiful necklace with the initials KC on the necklace and Nikki runs to the park to thank Katherine for the reminder and assure her that her family, friends, and the town will never forget her.

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