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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

All festive, Brooke and Ridge admire the Forrester tree and he says it has come full circle. She wishes they could all be together. He says he will always be there. Quinn and Eric join them and soon Rick, Maya and Nicole and Thorne show up. Katie helps Pam and Charlie in the kitchen and asks if that is it – just keep stirring. She is the one Logan they can trust in the kitchen. Steffy and Liam arrive, as well as Wyatt, Ivy, Coco and RJ. As Viv and Julius arrive, Eric thanks them all for coming and helping out at the breakfast at the shelter this year as it means so much to him. Katie and Wyatt exchange glances as she parades around the room serving the hors d'ouevres. He manages to find a time to sneak a kiss in. Brooke tells her later that she saw them and she thought they wanted to keep it a secret. Steffy accepts some champagne but nixes drinking it. Liam gloats that this time next year they will be a freaking family. Donna is the last to show and totally shocks Brooke and the rest. They have a regular little Logan family reunion. She says Ridge made her promise the surprise. With tears in her eyes Brooke gives Ridge a big kiss. Donna hugs Pam in the kitchen and says admit it, she missed her. Eric tells Ridge that every year is special but this year with Thorne home and him and Brooke together it is more special than ever.

Ridge makes a little speech about sharing the house with all of this family. There is one special person he wants to thank. Christmas came early for him this year. He asked this beautiful creature to marry him and she said yes. RJ is shocked and joins in the merriment. Even Thorne wishes them congratulations. Rick tells Maya that is all he wants for his mother – true happiness and it looks like she has it now. Lots of hugs and kisses all the way around. Eric tells the crowd that he would have said he was the happiest man in the world but now he thinks maybe Ridge could beat that and he could not be happier. Difficulties pass and he is happy they can all be together. Brooke counts out the names, Forester's, Logan's, Spencer’s, Savant's, all together making new memories and that is what makes it so special. Eric drags out a table of eggnog while Brooke thanks them all for coming and making this day special. Julius leads them in “Silent Night” as each join in while Eric tinkles the ivories. Then he bursts off into a livelier tune, “Joy To The World” with all in unison.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Jennifer wanted to talk to Abe about what happened with their sons. She begged him to hear her out. Lani walked in JJís room and saw him in bed with Gabi. She walked away without him knowing that she was there. Will asked Sonny to tell him about when they met. Sonny explained what happened when they met each other. JJ told Gabi that she didnít have to stay with him, but she wanted to do it. She wondered why Eli didnít respond to her text. Eli was going to his room when he saw Lani. She was crying so he wanted to know what was wrong. Brady and Eve talked about her overhearing his conversation with Victor. Sonny talked about when Will first came out to him. Jennifer tried to get Abe to see that JJ was hurting because of what happened to Theo. Gabi assured JJ that she had his back. Eli asked Lani again what happened. She told him that she thought JJ loved her. Eli told her that he did love her. She wanted to know why he was sleeping with Gabi if he loved her. Brady pretended to be upset about what Victor did. Eve asked Brady if he wanted to work for her. Sonny continued to tell Will about when they got together. Gabi wanted JJ to make an appointment with Marlena. He agreed. He told her that she didnít have to stay in the bed with him, but she wanted to do it. Lani told Eli that she saw JJ in bed with Gabi and that he wasnít wearing a shirt. Eli wanted to kill him. Abe didnít see how he could forgive JJ. Jennifer reminded him how he felt when he shot Brady.

Lani didnít want to defend JJ, but she knew that he was spiraling since the shooting. Eli didnít accept that as a reason to dump her and sleep with Gabi. Eli wanted to know what Gabiís excuse was for having sex with JJ. Abe tried to justify why he shot Brady so Jennifer used the same explanation for JJ. She begged him to find it in his heart to forgive JJ. Sonny and Will kissed each other. Sonny apologized for kissing Will.  Will didnít have a problem with the kiss.  They both agreed to take things slowly.  Will wanted to know about the wedding.  Eve tried to convince Brady to help her turn Basic Black around.  He agreed to help her.  Abe told Jennifer that he was protecting the people in the diner.  Jennifer said that it worked out for him because Brady didnít suffer any damage.  Abe said that it didnít stop Brady from suing him.  She reminded Abe how relieved he felt when Brady forgave him.  Eli was upset that Gabi still had a thing for JJ.  Lani tried to defend Gabi.  Lani felt that they should have been honest with them.  Eli said he wrote Gabi off when she was interested in Chad.  He confessed that he was interested in Lani. Brady agreed to work for Eve. Brady and Eve were under the mistletoe and he pulled her into a kiss. Sonny told Will about the day they got married. JJ got out of the bed and slept in the chair. Gabi made him promise that he would get help in the morning. Lani thought Eli hid his feelings from her. He didnít want to say anything because of JJ. He pulled Lani into a kiss. After Eve walked away, Brady was proud of his performance with her. Sonny wanted to start new memories with Will. Abe didnít mean to blame Jennifer for what happened. Abe was willing to think about forgiving JJ. She thanked him and wished him a Merry Christmas. Gabi wondered if JJ loved Lani. He said he did love Lani. Gabi wanted them to be with Eli and Lani. Eli apologized for kissing Lani. He didnít want to take advantage of her pain. She admitted that she forgot about JJ and Gabi while they were kissing. She wanted him to make her forget about them. They began to make love.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Michael requests that Carly, Sonny, and Jason tell him the story of how he ended up a Corinthos instead of a Quartermaine. Carly explains the situation with Tony and AJ and how Jason helped her along the way. Sonny blackmailed AJ at one point. They all agree that Michael made them better people. Nelle ends up showing up at the house and passes out from being cold. She wakes up and explains that the roads were bad, and she ended up walking here. Carly sets a room up for her and Michael takes her to it. Sonny toasts to Carly and Jason and they toast to him. Laura decides to call off the wedding because nothing is going right. Lesley ends up showing up with her Italian boyfriend Marcello. He can give them a ceremony, but he doesn’t speak English. They all agree, and Kevin and Laura are married on Christmas.

Griffin and Ava show up at Julian’s pub. Ava gives him a gift and Julian asks why Griffin is here. Ava explains that he helped her from the car. They end up all arguing and they leave. At Molly and TJ’s house, they try hosting Christmas dinner, but hostility runs high with different twists and turns. The power and gas go out, so Molly cannot continue to cook. Stella suggests going to that pub for dinner and they all go. Ava and Griffin walk over as well and beg Julian to let them all in. Julian does when he hears Alexis speak. They all end up arguing again, but later Molly and TJ get them to come together to help feed the homeless.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jill griped at Esther for making heart-healthy Christmas Eve menu. Charlie decided to celebrate with Cane at the Chancellor house instead of with Lily, Devon and Mattie at the Club. Phyllis and Billy weren't eager to spend the evening with the warring Abbotts or the critical Jill. Billy decided to visit Jill on his own and meet Phyllis at the Abbott's later, to spare her from doing two celebrations. Charlie gave Cane a gift from Lily – a baby blanket. Charlie gave Lily a book about Paris, which stirred up memories about her wedding to Cane. Mattie had conflicting feelings about Cane; she was angry, but she missed him. Cane called Lily to thank her, but she didn't know what he meant. Charlie admitted he'd given them the gifts to get them talking. Charlie asked Jill not to sell Chancellor. Esther was shocked about Jill's plans for Katherine's company, and they bickered. Billy spent time with Jill and was pleased she didn't lecture him. Paul and Christine suspected that Victor blackmailed Nikki into taking him back. They offered her immunity if she could tie Victor to the sex ring. Nikki stormed off. Paul followed Nikki and urged her to let him save her from Victor.

Tensions ran high at the Abbott dinner; Dina insulted Hilary and Phyllis, Jack accused Ashley of getting him ousted from the CEO's seat because she wanted the job for herself. Ashley and Abby admonished Jack for making the celebration awkward. Traci took up for Jack. Dina asked what was going on, and Ashley told her the truth. The dinner fizzled after Dina accused the others of stabbing Jack in the back. Traci left because she blamed Ashley for adding to the drama by telling Dina the truth. Hilary ended up at the Club and accepted Devon's invitation to join them for dessert. Phyllis tracked Jack down. He admitted he was considering doing something extreme to Ashley. Phyllis urged him to think of the consequences before he acted. Phyllis and Billy had a private romantic evening in front of their fireplace. Jill and Devon combined their celebrations, so that the Ashbys ended up together. Cane and Lily hugged as they listened to Tessa sing Christmas songs. Ashley took Dina's advice and tried to make amends with Jack. Jack revealed that he'd added an amendment to Jabot's bylaws stating that only blood Abbotts could be CEO. Hurt and furious, Ashley slapped Jack.

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