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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt feigns skullduggery when Katie tells him she let slip about them to Brooke. This is the lady that is still married to his dad. Then he goes Holy…….when she slips off her robe and is in a skimpy Santa suit. Liam goes over his list of employees who deserve bonuses this year for Christmas with Bill. He says his Christmas bonus will be Bill to tell him if he ever gets down or unhappy; just remind him how happy he is right now with Steffy and they will have a rich future together. Bill tries to get the convo around to the doctor visit but Liam is not talking. He tries to call Steffy who is at her doctor appointment and because Bill is listening he is pretty vague when he inquires what Steffy is doing or where she is. She tells him she is checking out the pre-natal classes and yes she did take her vitamins.

After their moment in bed, Wyatt brings out a present for Katie since they will be with family later and he wants this to be a secret. It is a lovely pair of earrings. She says it has been her experience that men usually do that when they feel guilty but Wyatt assures him that this is the case here. He just wanted to give her something that she could wear and always think of him. Liam gives Bill an early gift and says he can only hope if he is fortunate enough to be a dad that he will be as generous and kind as Bill is. He loves him; they hug. Meanwhile Steffy’s doctor tells her the blood has been drawn and preliminary tests done but for cross-examination they will need to be sent off to get those results. Steffy does not know how much more of this she can stand. The doctor tells her just go home, do not panic, relax the best way she can during the holidays and in a few days they will know the paternity.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ was about to go to the town square when Jennifer called him. He talked to her and told her goodbye. Doug and Julie went to the hospital to invite Abe to their Christmas dinner. Abe wanted to be by Theoís side. Gabi went to see JJ. She wanted to go to his motherís house with him, but he said he wasnít going. She noticed that he was wearing his uniform and wanted to know what happened. She saw the notes and read the one addressed to her. She was upset that he was about to commit suicide. Doug and Julie remembered Abe that they were friends and going through that together. Abe told them that Jenniferís son shot his son. They understood and let him be with Theo. Gabi tried to talk to JJ about when she wanted to end her life. She begged him not to take his life. Rafe asked Ciara what she wanted to talk to Hope about.

Rafe wanted to know what Ciara was going to say when Shawn, Belle, and Claire showed up at Jenniferís place. Gabi tried to use Arianna to keep JJ from committing suicide. When that didnít work, she told him that he would break Jenniferís heart. The Hortons gathered for their annual tree trimming party. Ciara and Claire started to argue. Everyone put their ornaments on the tree. Abe cried at Theoís bedside. JJ told Gabi that he had to go to the town square. Jennifer decided that she was going to leave. JJ wanted Gabi to go out of his way. She refused to move out of the way. She read his letters to him. She showed him the picture of Arianna. He broke down and she hugged him. Jennifer went to the hospital and ran into Abe. She wanted to talk to him. Gabi wanted to stay with JJ. She believed things would be different in the morning. They got into the bed and hugged each other. Lani walked in and saw them in bed together.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Joss brings Jason a gift that is meant for Jake. He thanks her. She wonders if he needed help with something for Danny. Jason already got him toys for Annabelle. Joss feels that is a great gift. Jason thinks so as well. Oscar shows up as Jason leaves. They exchange presents. Joss got him Edward’s biography and he got her a mix tape of songs that make him think of her. Kim shows up to the Quartermaine house to meet everyone. Ned is reluctant for her to be there. Olivia tries to get him to lighten up. Drew shows up with Danny and Danny plays. Drew wants Oscar to be as comfortable as possible. At Sam’s house, Jason shows up. He has Danny’s present. Sam informs him that Danny is not here. Jason thinks that she can put it under the tree then. He notices her ring. Jason understands and says she can keep the penthouse and company. He doesn’t want to take it from her. Sam later, shows up at the Quartermaine house. Ned and Oscar end up singing before they eat.

Jason shows up to Elizabeth’s home to give Jake his present but Jake wants nothing to do with him. Elizabeth informs Jason that Franco and her are getting married. Jason thinks that is fine so long as he does nothing else to anyone. It isn’t his business. He leaves. Franco gets a card from Betsy saying she is sorry for everything. Elizabeth is confused. Laura and Kevin are to get married, but Maxie brings up superstitions and then Lucky and Spencer cannot get there on time. The reverend also has to leave early. Laura doesn’t think this wedding is happening. Lulu looks outside and thinks otherwise.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki and Victor published a press release saying that they teamed up to save Chancellor park. Victoria and Abby saw the statement and were pleased that Victor and Nikki had reunited. Victor lead Victoria to believe he'd told Nikki that JT had decided not to turn her in. Nick questioned Nikki about her abrupt reconciliation with Victor. Nikki admitted that Victor blackmailed her into returning to the ranch, but she assured Nick that she was happy with the arrangement. Nikki told Nick that she was the one who outbid Victor and bought the park. A concerned Nick told Chelsea that it was just a matter of time before Victor broke down Nikki's defenses and hurt her again. Chelsea cheered Nick up with some romance. Paul thought Victor and Nikki's sudden reunion was odd. He was disappointed that JT couldn't find something to nail Victor. Nikki told Victoria why she'd gone back to Victor. Victoria told Nikki that JT, not Victor, was the one who made the charges go away. Nikki confronted Victor about his lies. She decided to stay at the ranch since Victor could still tell the authorities what she'd done. Nikki noted that she could turn Victor in for breaking Adam out of prison or bringing Chloe to town. Victor and Nikki toasted to themselves being a formidable couple. Mariah decided to quit her job because Hilary made her dress up as a snowman for the show. Sharon urged Mariah not to be hasty. Mariah and Hilary came to a compromise, and Mariah decided not to quit. Mariah hinted that Scott was keeping things from Sharon. Scott took Mariah aside and assured her that there was nothing going on between him and Abby. Scott praised the work Mariah did on the Hilary hour and said he'd be interested in hiring her at Hashtag. Mariah accused him of trying to buy her silence. Sharon walked in on the conversation, but Mariah and Scott came up with a cover story.

Mariah asked Abby if she was involved with Scott. Abby denied it. Mariah made it clear that she'd fight for Sharon's happiness. JT was shocked to see Mariah, because he didn't realize Cassie had a twin. JT bought Abby a drink. Sharon and Scott spent some time catching up with JT and Abby. Sharon inadvertently made Scott and Abby uncomfortable when she told JT how they'd been trapped together. Scott and Sharon got their own table, but Scott couldn't stop watching Abby laughing and talking with and JT. Scott told Sharon that he didn't think it would be a good idea for Abby to date JT, because of his reputation. JT invited Abby to go visit the old bar where he used to hang out. Abby thought JT was asking her out, and she tore into him for it because he was married, and he'd been romantically involved with Abby's sister and cousin. JT swore he just wanted to hang out with Abby as friends, but she didn't believe him. Scott and Sharon saw the whole thing. Sharon theorized that Abby overreacted because something else was bothering her. Abby told Victoria that JT made a pass at her. JT explained that Abby misunderstood. JT admitted that he and Mac had been separated for some time, and she'd taken D.J. and Becca and moved back to Washington D.C. He also revealed that the reason he took the assignment in Genoa City was that he lost his full time job. JT planned to go home to Warsaw tomorrow. Victoria didn't want him to spend the holidays alone, so she invited him to stay and celebrate with her and Reed.

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