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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is stunned – Steffy pregnant, he wants her to be sure. She says yes, she and Liam have been wanting a baby for a long time. He says great but there is a possibility that child is his. Steffy nixes that. She says she and Liam having been wanting a child for years and she and Bill were only together one time so it just can’t be his. Bill says she is hiding her head in the sand as it can happen. Steffy panics and says even if it is she will lose Liam anyway. Liam reinforces to Wyatt why they want to just stay quiet for a while until the pregnancy is further along. Losing his first baby was devastating. They almost did not make it as a family and now they have waited so long. Wyatt says they will have a healthy baby and he will be a great father so no negativity. Brooke still cannot believe it – Katie and Wyatt as a couple, but she bets it is sort of exciting sneaking around. Katie admits it is but they are not ready to tell anyone just yet especially not Bill. She scoffs when Brooke tells her about Thorne’s proposal. Brooke says they have always been close but she did not take this seriously, only that he did not want her to marry Ridge. She will make it crystal clear to him she will not rekindle their romance and she intends to marry Ridge.

Wyatt tells Liam they could use a little joy after all that happened in the last few months so good for Steffy to bring them all together. Steffy tells Bill he does not know what this is doing to her. She cannot sleep or even make a decent thought. He says he knows she is under tremendous pressure but the baby must come first. She says she is trying; if only she could go back. Bill says they need to know and she keeps saying this cannot be his child. It is Liam’s. This is the family they have always wanted. Bill says whatever but the baby needs to be raised by its biological father. She says she has to go and she knows she has to know for sure that Liam is the father. This pressure is not good for her or for the baby. He says it will be a great holiday coming up but there is only one way to find out the paternity. She calls her doctor and says this has to be in the strictest confidence. She needs to schedule a paternity….and right away. She cannot wait until after the holidays. The doctor tells her to come on in today and she will squeeze her in. Brooke catches Thorne coming out of the pool and she wants to remind him again she remembers what he said and she wants to repeat again that although he is worried about her she knows what she is doing. She is going to marry Ridge and wants him to accept that decision. He says do not tell Ridge that he is sweet but he will accept her decision while still hoping she will change her mind in the next few months. Bill wants to go with Steffy but she says no. No one must know about him. She has been lying to Liam and she cannot take it anymore. That may make her a bad person but she cannot do this anymore. He says it sounds like a plan and once it is confirmed then it will all be behind them. She says good and then she wants everything that happened between them…….. never to think about it again.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ tried to write s letter to Theo. JJ had trouble writing the letter. When Jennifer called, he wrote the letter to her. While he was writing the letter, he thought about her telling him that Jack died. JJ wrote to Jennifer about the terrible way he acted when he came to town. He thought about seeing Jack in 2011. Jack gave him advice about going back to school. JJ thought about spending time with Jack and Jennifer. He prepared the letter to Jennifer. JJ started his letter to Abby. He thought about when Chad told him about proposing to Abby. He also thought about being there for Abby when Chad broke her heart. JJ wrote a letter to Hope. He remembered how Hope was there for him when he became a detective. He gave Hope his pin for bravery and asked her to look out for Jennifer and Abby. JJ wrote to Gabi and apologized for their relationship not working out. JJ remembered more times with Jack and Jennifer. JJ wrote a letter to Abe. He gave him his badge. He pulled out a gun. JJ wrote a letter to Lani. He explained how he felt about her and why he had to end their relationship. JJ wrote a letter to Theo. He thought about the last conversation he had with Theo. He prepared to go to the town square to take his life the way he took Theo’s life.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nathan thinks that there is something wrong with the medical records of Victor Cassadine. He decides to confront Obrecht about them. As he leaves, Felicia shows up to talk with Maxie. She has gifts for everyone while she is out of town. Maxie confides that she doesn’t think she can be a mother. She is worried. She isn’t sure that she can do this. Felicia assures that she will be a good mother and that she has help from many people. Nathan goes to confront Obrecht, but she claims that nothing is wrong with the records. Later, he asks Griffin to look into them. At Ava’s gallery, Griffin and Julian fight about Ava and Julian ends up leaving not wanting to cause further conflict. Nelle shows up after Michael tells her to find a job. Griffin leaves upset. Nelle discusses the personal assistant position and Ava hires her on the spot.

Lulu and Dante are both asked by Laura and Kevin respectively in separate if they will be maid of honor and best man. Each accepts, Laura tells Lulu that she has to get to a town meeting. Lulu runs into Peter at Kelly’s and tells him about the story involving the ballots she found. Lulu then asks Dante about the situation and he thinks that she has to show someone as this is big news but the press getting involved could work in Lomax’s favor. At the town hall meeting, TJ and Laura both give their say on the subject of Charles Street being restructured. Michael is unsure if he wants to be involved but, Ned thinks it is smart for them to get involved instead of another company. It will be a done deal so long as Lomax is still in office.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jack refuses to give up his position as CEO of Jabot even though the board voted him out of his job Phyllis takes his side and advises him not to give up because being Ceo of Jabot is part of him and it is where he belongs.  Billy takes Ashley's side and advises her to not feel guilty that she  called the board meeting because Jack is on the edge and needs to take a break from the company and concentrate on taking care of Dina.  Ashleytells Jack that she will tell the board she wants to be the only CEO and Jack makes it clear to Ashley that he will fight to keep his job.  Nikki returns to the ranch because she thinks its the only way she can stay out of jail.  Victor and Nikki agree that they will have a public marriage but behind closed doors they will sleep in seperate rooms.  Victor also insists that she not say bad things about her family because they must appear united and strong for the sake of the company.  Nikki and Victor also agree to take two week vacations from their fake marriage to get away from each other in the summer.  Victorwants Nikki to put the money she took from him back in hos account but she says the money is gone because she bought a park wioth it.  Devon starts a toy drive and is surprised that Hilary promotes it on the Hilary hour and all her social media.  Hilary also donates a lot of toys to the toy drive and sharon is surprised by the change in Hilary.  Sharon wonders if Devon still has feelings for Hilary and he tells her that he doesn't have feelings for his ex wife.  Hilary goes to Cane's house to bring Sam some clothes and toys and Cane tells her the doctor said the baby can go homefor New Year's day. Hilary also advises Cane to persude Jill not to sell Chancellor industres.  Lily is upset to find Hilary at Cane's house when she comes top vost him and leaves before ever talking to him.  Cane and Lily both decide it is time to move on with their lives because each belives the other wants a new beginning.  Billy and Phyllis decide that even though they are on opossite sides of the Jabot company fight they won't let it affext their relationship.  

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