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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam makes Wyatt promise that he won’t tell anyone….he’s telling him only because he is his brother – they are welcoming a new Spencer into this world. Liam says they just found out so it is very early and he knows Steffy’s past history with pregnancy so it’s best to keep this under wraps for now. Wyatt is happy for them. Boy or girl it will be really lucky to have them as parents. Liam thanks him and says he is so glad he and his dad are getting along now and can’t wait until he can tell him. Brooke likewise tells Katie that she has some news. Ridge proposed and she accepted. Right afterwards Katie slips and lets Brooke know about Wyatt. It just happened but it feels right. Quinn and Eric know but Quinn has promised not to tell anyone. Wyatt is super sexy and off the charts with sex and very funny so they are enjoying themselves. She feels free and uninhibited and not planning ahead. She does not feel she has to tell Bill but wonders if Brooke knows what is going on with him right now.

Ridge visits Bill and says he might as well say it right up front – he has asked Brooke to marry him and she accepted. Bill says message received so Ridge can go now. Ridge wants to be sure he has signed all the papers so the divorce will go through as planned. Bill shoots off that Brooke must be in line for more heartbreak as he knows that is what will happen. He thinks of his own heartbreak with Steffy. Ridge says before he goes he would like to think for Steffy’s sake that her father and father-in-law could make peace and everyone be happy. Maya and Nicole go on and on about Lizzy and Christmas within earshot of Steffy who tries to act happy but cannot. She has a daydream about giving birth with Liam in attendance and something is wrong. Liam opens the blanket and there is Bill’s face on the baby. In a panic Steffy calls Bill and says she must see him, not in the office but at his house. Liam gloats on and on about him going to be a father; it will be the greatest moment of his life. Steffy goes to Bill’s and says she wants him to know that she and Liam are very happy. They have put everything behind him just like Bill advised. Until…….she had a doctor’s appointment. She is fine but…..Liam showed up at the appointment and the doctor told her something she did want to hear. She is pregnant. Bill is stunned but says he hopes she will have a happy and healthy baby. The look on Steffy’s face makes him worry though.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Andre that Chad knew the truth. She told him that Chad threw her out. Andre couldn’t believe Chad wanted her out. Kate understood why Chad did it. Will told Paul that he was moving in with Sonny. Eve talked to Justin about the way Brady and Victor have been treating her. She asked him to be her ally. He refused to be an ally because he was loyal to his family. She said she was family and wanted to get Basic Black on track. He said he would support her if she was sincere, but threatened her if she did something against Sonny. Kate told Andre how Steve set her up. Gabi met Kate at the mansion. Kate was about to tell Gabi that she was fired when Andre interrupted and wanted to get the deal. Will told Paul that he wanted to explore what he felt about Sonny. Paul hoped it worked out. Sonny talked to Justin about Will. Justin told him that he was worried. Sonny wanted to take a chance with Will. Will asked Paul if they could hang out. Paul told him that he was in love with Sonny. Will said he wanted to be friends. Paul didn’t want to be his friend. Andre tried to convince Kate that Chad would want her back at the company if she made the deal with Gabi. Andre and Kate tried to convince Gabi to work with DiMera. Gabi had her doubts about taking the deal. Eve interrupted when Andre and Kate tried to get Gabi to sign the contract.

Eve tried to convince Gabi to work with Basic Black. Andre and Kate told Gabi not to trust Eve. Eve offered Gabi a contract. Victor wanted to know why Brady hasn’t gotten rid of Eve. Brady told him about the information he found out about her. Victor told him that his plan failed. Brady blames him for why he couldn’t get rid of her. Brady wanted him to help him get rid of Eve. Paul ran into Sonny. Paul let Sonny know that he knew that Will was moving in with him. Paul wished him luck. Sonny apologized for hurting him. Gabi decided to sign with Kate. Brady confronted Victor about pitting him against people. Brady thought that Victor was his enemy. Will talked to Marlena about living with Sonny. When Eve went home, she overheard Brady and Victor arguing. While Kate and Andre were celebrating Gabi signing with them, Kate was worried that Chad wouldn’t change his mind. Andre said to leave it up to him. Brady and Victor ended up pretending to argue with each other in order to set up Eve.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Curtis goes to lunch with Stella and informs her that he is lost without her at his apartment. Stella is sure that he and Jordan were getting nasty the moment she moved out. Curtis doesn’t comment. Curtis gives Stella a housewarming present which is a piece of art. Stella loves it. Jordan shows up and gives Stella a piece that is almost identical. Jordan explains it is part of a set. Stella doesn’t need two though so she will sell it and donate the money t charity. In private, Jordan is shocked that her and Stella are not doing well again. Curtis reminds Jordan that the holidays are hard on Stella without Thomas around. Ava shows up for work at her gallery to find flowers at her desk waiting for her. Griffin and Kiki are there to welcome her. Kiki gets a call from Dillon informing her that he is working on a move and will not be home for Christmas. Kiki thinks that she should be with him and give up on med school. Griffin urges her not to do that.

Obrecht and Brit talk about the possibility of Brit being released if she gives Faison’s whereabouts. Obrecht will not hear of it. She wants Brit to be safe and Faison would kill her if she told the truth about where he was. Brit guesses she can wait. Maxie and Nathan discuss the baby and medical records. Obrecht shows up with Victor’s medical records and leaves. Nathan thinks something is up because they seem to perfect to be real. Jason shows up at Sam and Drew’s house. Drew admits he invited him to the house. He wants to know why Jason met with Andre. Jason was trying to find information on if it was possible to get Drew’s memory back. It apparently is but the information was stolen by someone. Later, Danny shows up and Drew decides he needs to know the truth about Jason. They all explain to him the situation and Danny hugs Jason. After Jason has left, Sam proposes to Drew and he accepts.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Traci tried to play peacemaker between Jack and Ashley. Dina blamed herself when she learned that Ashley and Jack were fighting for Jabot. Ashley admitted to Ravi that she didn't want to be with him romantically, and they agreed to keep things strictly professional. Nikki told Nick that she embezzled money from Victor's account. Michael and Lauren discussed using her vote to help Fenmore's. Billy considered skipping the board meeting so he wouldn't have to choose sides, but Phyllis told him it was important to make a decision. Jack and Ashley met with board members to try and secure their votes. Jack made Phyllis a board member in an attempt to stack the votes for himself. The vote was tied. Abby, Billy and Morgan sided Ashley. Phyllis, Lauren and Traci voted for Jack. Kyle was the tie breaker, and he stunned his father by voting against him. Victor set up a romantic dinner for Nikki at the ranch. He told her that she could either come back to him and he'd make the charges go away, or he for turn her in for embezzlement. Nick asked Michael to help keep Nikki out of prison. Michael was trying, but he didn't think it would be easy.

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