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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam and Steffy hug as he says they are having a baby. He’s amazed and she says she never thought they would ever be saying this. Bill is transfixed off in space and Wyatt cannot get his attention. This is Liam’s job but as usual he is not around. Wyatt says it is like talking to a brick wall. Thorne tells Rick and Maya that Ridge is getting ready to make his move, but not this time if he can help it. Thorne says it is time they all stand up to him. It’s a big surprise when Thorne tells them that Ridge betrayed Brooke with Quinn. He does not deny he still has deep feeling for Brooke and he told her and hopes it is not too late. Rick says for what it is worth, he is on Thorne’s side and pulling for him. Meanwhile Ridge and Brooke are in bed with a satisfied look on their faces. He hands her the ring and says put it on her finger where it will stay forever. He wonders what Bill is up to since he is no longer reaching out to Brooke. He says he almost feels sorry for him as he knows how it feels to lose the woman you love and feel you should be with. Liam gloats again. It is official, they made a baby. While Wyatt it thinking Brooke, Bill is thinking Steffy when Wyatt says it is not in the cards now so he needs to completely let it go. Liam confides in Steffy that he does not want to dwell on it too much as he knows she had a previous bad experience but he’s got it all planned out – where the nursery is going to be and a swing set on the beach – he is ready. Then he apologizes and says he is being insensitive. Steffy is not talking and he should let her have some alone time and space to think about this moment.

Thorne stops by Brooke's and he notices the ring when Brooke quickly slips it off. She says she is not wearing it but she did say yes to Ridge. She does not want to put the ring on since she is still married to Bill but she would like to make it clear that she has every intention of marrying Ridge. She knows what Ridge did but she is just trying to get past that and get on with her life. He says well she has another three months or so and he will spend all that time trying to change her mind. Liam says he knows they are both worried but they should be happy right now and focusing on that. She cries that she will be happy and positive and make this baby the best time ever. She just hopes all goes the way it is supposed to. He bends down to the floor with his mouth by Steffyís stomach to talk to his baby about his amazing mother and life he will have. Again he beams to Steffy "this is ours."

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve put Kate on notice about what she did to Kayla and Tripp. He wanted to make sure that Chad heard everything. Steve walked out of the mansion. Chad blamed Kate for what happened to Theo. Rafe looked through the report that IA had on JJ. Rafe told JJ and Abe that JJ was cleared of shooting Theo. Ciara thought about Rafeís conversation with Sami. Hope met Ciara in the park. Hope wanted to know what happened so Ciara was prepared to tell her. Hope told her that she went by the loft and talked to Shawn. Ciara got upset so Hope wanted to know what was wrong with her. Abe was upset that JJ was cleared. He thought it was a whitewash as usual. Abe thought he could still be prosecuted for criminal charges. Rafe said that IA recommended no charges be filed. Abe still wanted him to pay. Abe felt that JJ shouldnít get away with what he did because he was wearing a badge. Abe thought JJ was a criminal. Abe refused to let the decision stand. Ciara recapped what happened to her. Hope wondered if Ciara was mad that she was engaged to Rafe. Hope didnít understand her attitude since she loved Rafe. Hope wondered what happened to her recently. Hope wanted to know why she was so angry. Hope assured Ciara that she would find happiness again. Rafe tried to calm Abe down, but he refused to listen. Abe let it slip that Eli commented on the case. Abe told Rafe that Eli felt the shooting shouldnít have happened. Abe wondered if Eliís theory was in the report or was it covered up. Rafe assured him that the report was impartial. Rafe offered to let him read the report, but he didnít have time. He wanted to be with his son. He blamed JJ for what happened. Chad reminded Kate that she blamed Andre for what she did. He recapped what she did to cover everything up. Chad told her that she was lucky Stefano wasnít there. She wanted to know what he was going to do to her. Ciara blamed Claire for what happened with Theo. She thought that Claire made sure that she didnít have a chance with Theo. Hope tried to defend Claire and Ciara got mad. Hope didnít think she should be vindictive. Ciara told her that Rafe was vindictive. Rafe told Jennifer, Abby, and Lani what happened with JJ. Lani approached JJ and thought that it was time to move on. JJ didnít think they could.

Abe went to the hospital and Kayla told him that the news wasnít good for Theo. Abe asked her was there any hope for Theo. Kayla told Abe not to give up hope on Theo. Chad mocked Kate for only worrying about herself. Kate tried to defend herself, but he didnít care. Chad told her that she was going to do what he said. Kate was relieved that he wasnít going to turn her in. He told her not to thank him. He called her out for her selfishness. He warned her that if JJ faced criminal charges, she would be responsible for it too. Abby tried to convince JJ to forgive himself for what happened. Rafe offered JJ his badge and gun. JJ told Rafe that he couldnít work with Lani. Rafe let him work with Eli. Hope wanted Ciara to talk to her, Rafe called to the station. Chad told Kate again that he was going to turn her in if something happened to JJ. He mentioned that they still didnít know who was sabotaging the company. He told her that she had to step down as CEO. He warned her that she would be out of the family if she acted up. Abe visited Theo. He went down memory lane with him. Steve told Kayla and Tripp that Chad knew the truth. Chad thought that Kate believed she was off the hook because of the specialist. Chad got a call. He found out the procedure didnít work. He told her to pack her bags. Abby arrived and wanted to know what happened. Jennifer told Kayla that JJ was cleared. Jennifer took JJ to his room. She wanted to celebrate, but JJ wasnít in the mood to celebrate. She noticed that he was reading his bible. Tripp thanked Kayla for protecting him from Kate. Abe vowed to get revenge for what happened to Theo. Hope asked Rafe if something happened between him and Ciara. He explained what happened. She told him that Ciara wanted to tell her something and realized she was upset. Rafe thought about the conversation he had with Ciara.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco explains to Elizabeth that he has a secret that he hasn’t shared with her. He is reluctant to share though as he doesn’t want Elizabeth to be mad at him. Elizabeth takes him into an exam room for privacy. Franco admits that he knew for a while that Jason was actually Drew when the real Jason returned. Elizabeth is shocked, she doesn’t seem to blame him though… Oscar shows up at Drew’s office to discuss their relationship again. He wants to try to get to know him. Drew would also like that. Oscar tries to ask him questions about his past but Drew doesn’t know the answers.

Sam shows up at the Metro Court to speak with Carly. Sam explains that she is not legally married to Drew so he asked her to marry him. Carly thinks she is doing herself a disservice by not admitting she is in love with Jason. Sam doesn’t think she is in love. She loves him but Drew is the love of her life. Carly thinks she needs time to properly process this. Jason gets in contact with Anna who has the Christmas ornament with the information in it. Anna realizes that it has gone missing. She tells Jason to meet her as the ornament is lost.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor pairs up Scott and Abby because he wants them to find out who bought Chancellor park and if the new owner wants to continue the development project. Abby thinks that Victoria already knows about the night they had sex inside the storage unit. Abby asks Scott to find a way they can work together without having to see each other. She also tells him that she has started dating again. Jill tells Cane and Billy she plans to sell Chancellor Industries and use the money from the sale to help people in need. Cane asks Jill not to sell the company and give him a chance to make it more of a success. Jill promises to take his words to heart before she makes the decision to sell the company. Billy tells Jack about Jill's plans to sell the company and he heads to the Chancellor mansion to talk to Jill. He makes her an attractive offer to buy the company. Billy tells Ashley and Traci the news and Ashley decides to call an emergency board meeting to stop Jack from buying Chancellor because they fear that Jack is making reckless decisions that could hurt the company and the Abbott family.

Nikki and Victoria both ask JT not to turn her in to the police for stealing Victor's money but he thinks he has no choice. Nikki tells Kevin to get out of town and she will not tell the police that he helped her steal Victor's money. Victoria tells Victor that Nikki stole his money and he promises her that he won't do anything to Nikki. He gets a call from Paul saying that JT's report states that the problem with his account was due to a mistake by the bank. Victor thanks JT for his actions and asks him not to tell Nikki she won't be facing charges because he wants to give her the good news himself.

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