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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Instead of saying hell no, all Brooke says to Ridge is she wants him to be sure. He replies it will mean the world to him if she says yes and marries him. Thorne tells Eric that Ridge is not capable of committing to Brooke but he is. Liam drops in on Bill who thought he was going home to be with his wife. Bill says work is important but do not forget what comes first – his wife. Liam says he appreciates Bill’s support and they have come a long way. He and Steffy might not even be speaking to each other if it had not been for Bill. Steffy made him see Bill’s good points, his loyalty to his family and he does not take that lightly. Eric tells Thorne that he knows Brooke cares for Ridge and he always supported them to get back together but he too wonders if another round is good for either of them. Ridge tells Brooke that he knows before he has always screwed up on his commitment and Brooke would be questioning that now, but he sees their future clearly. She goes into his arms and says yes she will be his wife again. Steffy tells the doctor that she has been all stressed out but that seems to be behind her now. The doctor says good; she will go check on her blood tests.

Liam asks if Bill would like to come over and have dinner but Bill declines and says they need time alone. Liam apologizes for going on and on about how happy he is again and that must hurt Bill right now so he will try to be more sensitive. But the next thing out of his mouth is about Brooke. Bill realizes that he will never have her again. But he does not begrudge Liam’s happiness with Steffy so he should go be with her. They hug. Thorne tells Eric that if Ridge cannot change then he needs to be gone – out of Forrester Creations and out of Brooke’s life. Quinn walks in on the conversation and says that may be too late. She knows nothing definitive but the way Ridge has been acting she thinks he might have other things on his mind other than leaving. Upstairs Ridge tries to get Brooke to put on the ring. He tells her she is the most beautiful woman he knows and proceeds to undress her and then lays her on the bed where he romantically kisses her shoulders, legs and finally mouth. Later he tells her there is no doubt they should be together. They are going to be okay. They have a future together forever and later the ring will be on her finger where it belongs. Liam shows up at the doctor’s office surprising Steffy. He says after everything that has happened he just wanted her to know he was there for her. The doctor comes in and is not sure she can speak in front of Liam. Steffy says it is okay. Both go crazy when she says according to the blood test she is pregnant. Steffy is ecstatic……..until she suddenly remembers her night with Bill.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby went to see JJ to make sure he was okay. He didnít want her to be there for him. A specialist was in Salem to check on Theo. Ciara thought about Rafe talking to Sami about having sex. Ciara saw Rafe with her motorcycle and wanted the keys. Rafe offered to help her practice to get her motorcycle license. She wanted him to keep it from Hope that she wanted to teach herself how to ride. Rafe didnít want to keep anything from Hope. Ciara had the opportunity to confront him about what he did with Sami, but she only told him about taking Hopeís job. Valerie felt bad about not being able to help Theo. Lani tried to make her feel better about it. Lani told her that she missed JJ. Abe overheard them talking. He was glad that Lani wasnít with JJ anymore. Abby wanted JJ to go out with her, but he refused to go with her. Rafe showed up at his room to let JJ know that he heard from Internal Affairs. Chad told Kate that he wanted to find proof that Andre was the one who was responsible for what happened to Theo. Steve showed up at the mansion to talk to Kate. Steve told her that she won and that he wouldnít tell her involvement in Theoís shooting. The specialist arrived at the hospital to check on Theo. Ciara ran into Tripp at the town square. They got into an argument over Claire. Ciara noticed that he was into Claire. He tried to deny it, but she didnít believe him.

Abby showed up at the pub and told Jennifer and Kayla that IA decided that JJ did the right thing when it concerned the shooting. Lani arrived at the police station and saw JJ. Lani was glad that JJ was cleared of the shooting. JJ wanted her to go back to the hospital because Abe would be upset. She didnít care because there was nothing she could do for Theo. Lani wanted him to know that she was there for him. Rafe called Abe to let him know that IA made a decision about JJ. Ciara told Tripp that she knew Claire longer than him and that she warned him about her. He tried to relate to Ciara so she could give her a break. Ciara realized that he only cared about Claire. She told him that he was just like Rafe. She told him that Theo was in the hospital and he was trying to make a move on Claire. Kate was glad that Steve decided to keep quiet about what she did. He let her know that he had a couple of things to say to him. Steve recapped to Kate about what she did to Theo. Steve didnít understand how she could justify what she did. She told him to keep his mouth shut and to get out. Steve asked if someone heard enough. Chad walked in and told him that he heard enough. Kate was shocked that Chad heard her. Claire ran into Ciara and Tripp. Claire wanted Ciara to tell Theo all of the things that she was saying to him. Ciara wanted to know why Claire keeps hanging around Tripp. Claire reminded her that they were friends. Jennifer and Abby arrived at the station to let him know that they were there for him. JJ went to Rafeís office. JJ wanted to know if he got the report. Rafe was about to open it when Abe showed up. He wanted to know what the report said too. Kate wanted to know what was going on and Chad told them that he got every word. Ciara thought about Rafe admitted to sleeping with Sami. Rafe didnít think that it was a good idea for Abe to be in his office while he read the report. Abe demanded to stay and wanted to know the results.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna and Finn argue and insult one another but end up kissing passionately. They break the kiss once Anna gets a call from Robin. Anna talks with Robin and then Emma about the holiday. Anna hangs up and Finn is eating an expensive cookie. Finn only had one. Anna and him wrap presents together for children. They try to dismiss the kiss as a mistake. Finn goes to bed and Anna goes to put ornaments on a community tree. In Drew’s office, Alexis comes to help him out get his affairs in order now that he is Drew. The acknowledge that he and Sam are not married and that he needs to become married to her. Drew plans to. Alexis informs him that she is on his side. At the police station, Julian is let go. He later goes to a bar with Julian where he signs papers. Alexis shows up for a date with David and tells Julian to leave. Julian tells her that he owns the place.

Jason and Sam are the docks and Sam begs Jason to take his wedding ring back. She cannot have it if she is Drew’s wife. It belonged to Lila. Jason tells her to give it to Scout or to Danny because he is their son. He can give it to a woman he loves one day. Sam goes to see Drew and tells him about the ring. Drew understands considering that they are not married. He proposes though. Elizabeth goes to see Andre at the station and yells at him for what he did. Andre does think that Jake has become a lot better than he was though. He is happy for Elizabeth and Franco. At the hospital, Elizabeth tells Franco she went to visit him. Franco tries to admit what he knows about Drew and Jason but doesn’t. Jason goes to see Andre before he is taken to prison. He wants to know if Drew’s original memories exist. Andre says they do but they are in a Christmas ornament with the one person in the town he trusts.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Mariah noticed that Scott was being very affectionate with Sharon, and Mariah locked eyes on Scott and made pointed comments about being faithful and loyal. While hanging out with Mattie, Reed deleted messages from JT unread. JT caught up with his old friend, Cane. JT admitted he thought Victoria might have something to do with the fact that Reed was avoiding him. Cane thought that was possible. He encouraged JT to take Reed back to Warsaw with him. Cane said that he'd always love Lily, but she wanted to divorce. Cane helped JT out by inviting Mattie to the Club and telling her to bring Reed. Mattie convinced Reed to stay and talk with his dad. Reed accused JT of putting Mac and their children ahead of him. JT assured Reed that he was never an afterthought. JT admitted he'd been hard on Reed because he didn't want Reed to make the same mistakes JT had as a teenager. JT promised to put in a good word for Reed with Cane. Cane talked with Mattie about Mac and how much they owed her for being the surrogate who gave birth to Mattie and Charlie. Mattie suggested that Cane might like Reed more if he thought of Reed as JT and Mac's son. Cane promised to try that. JT asked Cane to give Reed a break. Victoria confided in Michael that Nikki stole the money and asked him how to keep her parents out of prison. Michael didn't think that would likely be possible. Abby burst in, seeking an update on the audit, and she stormed off after Victoria and Michael refused to bring her into the loop.

Billy, who still harbored a grudge over Cane sabotaging him, seethed about Cane's business success. Phyllis urged him to let it go. Billy took his complaints about Cane to Victoria. Victoria asked Billy for advice on protecting her family from the investigation. He suggested that she find a way to persuade JT to drop the case. Mariah intercepted Abby and suggested they have a single girls' night out. Abby was suspicious of Mariah's motives, and she turned Mariah down. Abby insisted on talking to Scott. Mariah saw them leaving the coffeehouse together. Cane and Billy sniped at each other. Billy admonished JT for investigating Victoria's family. JT flirted with Phyllis in front of Billy. Victoria privately told JT that Nikki stole the money and asked him to keep her out of prison. JT told her that Nikki would have to face the consequences. Billy was upset that JT had disrespected Mac by flirting with Phyllis. Scott told Abby that they were toxic together and that he wanted to be with Sharon. Abby angrily announced that they should stay away from each other. Mariah talked with Sharon and suggested that Scott was trying too hard. Sharon thought Mariah was being cynical because of her bad luck in love, and she assured Mariah that she'd find someone. Mariah confronted Scott about kissing Abby. He swore it wouldn't happen again and begged her not to tell Sharon. Mariah decided to keep quiet, but she promised to make Scott pay if it happened again.

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