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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy she looks like that carefree thing, the lightness that she has always been about. Thorne comes into Eric’s from the pool. Eric says he could still come and stay with him and Quinn if he would like. Thorne says again no, they are still in their honeymoon phrase. He did not come back to cause trouble but Ridge is disrespecting him, it’s the elephant in the room and they can’t keep dodging it. Eric tells him to calm down a bit; he wants and expects peace in this family. Ridge pops in on Brooke and takes her by the hand and says he has a surprise for her. He leads her out on the back patio where an elegant table is set up complete with flowers and caterers to serve them a special meal. Then he dismisses the help so they will be alone and have privacy. Thorne shows Eric some designs – Aly – that is him. Eric is shocked and says he wished he had told him so he could have helped him get started. Thorne says he really wants to do this. He can contribute as a designer. He loves this family and he won’t disrespect it like Ridge does. It is now his time. He feels like he has been living in the shadows of Ridge all his life but no more. Steffy and Liam take their swim and compete in a little surfing and she says this is what it is all about, nothing comes before this and the two of them. Brooke enjoys her lunch and Ridge says he will never get tired of pleasing her. And the surprises will keep on coming. Steffy changes and tells Liam that she has a doctor’s appointment; just a little checkup so she will be right back. He says he is loving the new her with her attitude now. But sitting around here without her, he thinks he will go back to the office. She tells him she is so grateful to be his wife – cha, cha, cha.

Eric states to Thorne that he seems really connected to Brooke now, more than he has in the past. He says yes because of Ridge he thinks he needs to support her. He does not want Ridge to ruin her life. She is remarkable and he does not want his clutches into Brooke again. He hates talking bad about Ridge but he cannot support that relationship. Eric senses more and asks if he is interested in Brooke for himself. Throne says yes he has thought about it a lot and he thinks he is ready for that. Ridge tells Brooke that everything he wants is in this house. He wants her to know how much she means to him; the love of his life. He wants what they once had. What they had was great but what they can have is even better. He admits he is like a child and he keeps taking but he does not want that anymore. He wants to spend the rest of his days with her and he wants to do it now as time is precious. He suddenly gets up and then down on his knees and says he was hoping she would make him the happiness man in the world and marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope and Rafe saw Ciara in the park. Hope and Ciara got into an argument over the motorcycle. Brady found out that Eve married older men for money. Eve let him know that he didn’t have any proof of what she did. Brady let her know that he planned on digging more dirt on her. She wanted Brady to keep digging. Sonny went to Will to talk about being together. Sonny confronted him about kissing Paul. Will tried to downplay what he did. Rafe talked to Ciara about getting a motorcycle license. She turned on him after she gave up the keys. She stormed off so Hope went after her. Sami said goodbye to Roman and Eric. Will told Sonny that he wanted to be single for now. He wanted to explore what it was like to be a single, gay man. Sonny pulled Will into a kiss.

Ciara stormed into the pub and ran into Eric. She wanted him to buy her a drink. He gave her club soda. He tried to get her to open up, but she wouldn’t do it. Eve tried to tempt Brady with a drink. Brady reminded her that he’s sober. Eve told him that she saw him drinking and she planned on telling his boss. Sonny asked Will to give their relationship another chance. Sami ran into Rafe in the park and told him goodbye. Sonny wondered why Will was fighting what was happening between them. Brady told Eve that Victor knew about his drinking. Eve told him that they had nothing on each other and should go back to what they were doing. Eve let Brady know that Victor gave up on him and planned on giving the company to Sonny. Will wanted to take things slow with Sonny. Sonny agreed to that, but wanted him to move into the mansion. Hope went to Shawn and wanted to know what happened to Ciara in Hong Kong. Sami and Rafe talked about going to bed together. They realized it was a one-time thing. They said goodbye and hugged each other. Sami recapped everything she did while she was back. Sonny was convinced that Will felt something for him. Will agreed to move into the mansion. Rafe mentioned once again that he slept with Sami. Ciara overheard their conversation.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Anna informs Finn that the only way she is going to let him move out is if he agrees to give up on going after Cassandra. Finn thinks that it is because of Anna that he is even invested in Cassandra. Anna wishes he would give up this though so he is safe. Anna promises to let him move out if he calls Cassandra and tells her no. At the Metro Court, Cassandra informs Valentin that she is going to be having Finn working with her from now on. Valentin wants to be out of this equation. Cassandra doesn’t really care. She will be leaving though once she can confirm that things go well with Finn. Finn calls her and he says that he wants in. Cassandra will get back with him later on details. Anna cannot believe he just agreed. The two argue and call each other miserable and claim they are the reason they have enjoyment in their life. They end up kissing. Lulu shows up at Wyndemere for Charlotte’s Christmas list. Nina would have emailed it. Lulu wants it since she is here. Nina goes to get it and Lulu starts searching. Nina walks in with a bag assuming she is looking for this. Lulu takes the bag. Nina warns her that the ballots might have been stolen by Nikolas and not Valentin. Valentin returns home later and knows nothing about them. Laura and Kevin tells Lulu they are getting married on Christmas Day.

Jason finds Sam on the docks and the two talk. Jason thinks that things should be fine. Jason feels bad for Spinelli right now because he didn’t know any better. Sam realizes she is wearing Jason’s wedding ring. Kim is at the Quartermaine house. Monica shows up and accuses her of being a gold digger. She thinks it is odd that Kim would move from Ohio for no reason. Kim wanted to see if Oscar had any family here if it was true. She didn’t know if Drew would be here. She doesn’t want money from her. Monica says she is sorry and wants Oscar to be in her life. Kim says it is up to Oscar not her. Drew shows up at Oscar’s house and wants to get to know him. Oscar seems uncomfortable. He doesn’t want to talk.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Nikki and Victoria got together and talked about JT's return and investigation. Billy informed Victoria and Nikki that he was still angry with JT for taking Reed from Victoria all those years ago. Victoria hoped to help Reed reconcile with JT. Billy urged Victoria to have some fun. Victoria told Billy that he could bring Phyllis with him when he came to visit the kids. Nick and Devon discussed the purchase of Chancellor park by a mystery buyer. Sharon felt like Scott had been avoiding her since she said she loved him, and she insisted that they talk. Scott kept putting the conversation off, but eventually, he told her that her declaration made him think about what he wanted in life, and he wanted her. Hilary met with Jack to discuss the direction of her show. He was proud of Hilary for embracing the more positive and upbeat angle that he'd insisted on. Jack wasn't thrilled that Hilary interviewed Cane, which gave free press to Chancellor, a rival. Jack vowed to best Victor and Cane, and Hilary was pleased to see Jack's competitive side reemerging. She showed Jack pictures of Sam and talked about holding him. Hilary accepted Jack's invitation to Christmas dinner. Devon later invited Hilary to spend the holiday with him, but she told him she had plans.

Nick was proud when Mariah told him that Faith seemed to share his aversion to Scott, but he later encouraged Faith to give Scott chance. Nick told Chelsea about his plans to stage a rally to save the park. Chelsea couldn't go, due to work, so Nick took Faith and Mariah with him. The rally had a big turnout, and Chelsea told Nick she was proud of him. Faith told Mariah about going to the park without permission and seeing Scott kissing Abby. Nikki confided in Jack that she'd done something wrong, but it was best if he didn't know the full story. Jack urged her to talk to someone. Nikki took Jack's advice. She confessed to Victoria that she stole money from Victor's account and sent it to an offshore account. Nikki was terrified that JT would find out and she'd go to jail.

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