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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge says things seemed to have settled down between Steffy and Liam because of the Sally thing. She says yes they have put it behind them. You just can’t get stuck in the past with all the guilt and blame. Just love each other and move on. She says she and Liam are together and nothing will ever come between them again. Ridge says she is doing the right thing by just focusing on her marriage. He says sometimes you have to lose or almost lose a person to know how much they mean. She guesses he is doing a little of his own soul-searching. He can’t wait to show her the engagement ring. She says Brooke will love it. Ridge says yes but then he knows her father-in-law is going to be the sore loser. Bill is distracted and neither Justin, Wyatt or Liam can get his attention over what he calls minutia. They think it is about Brooke although Bill denies it. They all say they will help him with anything. He tells the Three Stooges to back off. Justin says he has never seen him like this. Liam says they all know what he is going through….he just lost the woman he loved. Bill says they are right, he did. He admits he screwed up. Liam says he cannot keep beating himself up; it is not hopeless. Bill tells them to get out of his office, they are not going to sit around and discuss feelings. Go do something productive. Justin and Wyatt leave but Liam stays behind. Bill questions if he knows what the word productive means. Liam says he knows what that feeling is like. When Steffy walked out on him he really felt like he had blown it. But Steffy got over it and he is glad they did or he doesn’t know where they would be right now. Bill grumbles that he is glad things worked out. That’s the problem usually Liam cannot let things go. Forgiveness is like that; you either get it or you don’t, so Liam should just accept it and stop ranting about it. Liam says he knows but Steffy won’t let him apologize; she is apologizing to him. Then he goes on a long explanation of how Steffy just drove around and ended up at the Forrester guest house and just crawled into the bed there. But Steffy did not even tell him that. It was Quinn who found Steffy’s bracelet. Bill asks a few questions then says the important part is that Steffy came back and it really doesn’t matter where she was during that period. Liam says he doesn’t know how but in that guest house somehow Steffy found peace and forgiveness so he knows something happened that night. Steffy tells Ridge that she almost lost Liam and she does not want that to happen again. He is the most constant thing in her life right now.

Liam tells Bill that family is where it’s at. And love always will be even when it is not reciprocated. Bill tells him to stop. This is not going to be a competition to see who has the most to regret. Bill says he deserved everything Liam did to him. He says he is not a perfect person and he had no right to hit his son….he wants to be better…..he can be better. He cannot live in the past or change reckless decisions that he made but he can assure him his perspective has changed and he admits now how much Liam means to him. And that he values Liam’s happiness more than he does his own. Liam gives him a big bear hug and says he knows that. Justin and Wyatt come back but find Bill in a foul mood and he barks at them to leave again. He doesn’t care what they do. He thinks back on his time with Steffy. Meantime Liam goes home and explains to Steffy that he and his father had a very productive talk. Bill is devastated right now but he needs to focus on the good things in his life. Steffy says they have a fresh start and she wants to focus on that. She tells him he is the most important thing in her life and she is sorry she lost sight of that for a moment. She loves him so much and she never wants to lose him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope talked about honesty to Rafe and that nothing else would come between them again. Rafe thought about being with Sami. Brady overheard Sonny leaving a message for Will. Brady told him that Will might not be into him. John saw Paulís wallpaper on his computer and thought that he and Sonny were back together. Sami brought gifts for Marlena, but she closed the door in her face. Lucas had a hard time at rehab. Hope was concerned when she saw the expression on Rafeís face. He only told her that he loved her and wanted to spend his life with her. Sami wanted to talk to Will, but Marlena reminded her that it was too risky now. Sami thought that Will told her what happened. Will walked in the room and told Marlena that they came to an understanding. Paul told John that Sonny broke up with him. He told him how Will came on to him. Paul told John that Brady wanted to investigate Eve. Sami wanted to give Will his Christmas present early since she was leaving Salem. She gave Will a journal. He couldnít remember the journal. She wanted him to use to help him jog his memory or start new ones. Sonny was not happy about Brady throwing Will up in his face. Brady wanted to know why Will was seducing Paul if he was in love with him. Kate went to see Lucas in rehab. Maggie was in his room too and assured him that he would get better. He didnít think anyone would be there for him because he let everybody down. Maggie assured him that he could get better again and that his family would be there for him. Brady told Sonny that Will kissed Paul. Sonny was surprised that Brady would break his confidence. Brady continued to goad him about what happened with Paul and Will. Sami gave Will her contact information and he noticed that she wasnít wearing the ring he found in her room. He asked her if that was the ring he found.

Hope and Rafe talked about JJ being willing to resign so she could go back to the force. Rafe wanted the case solved so they could both be back on the force. Sami told Will that EJ gave her a lot of rings and she switches them up. Paul showed up at the Kiriakis mansion while Sonny and Brady were talking. Brady wanted Paul to confirm what he told Sonny about kissing Will. Paul reminded him that he told him that in confidence. Sonny asked him if he kissed Will. Paul told him that Will kissed him. Paul explained what happened with Will. Sonny was upset with Paul for not telling him about the kiss. Sonny put Paul and Brady on notice and let them know that he would be back with Will. Sonny stormed off. Paul thanked Brady for throwing him under the bus. Sami told Marlena that she talked Lucas into rehab. She was thankful that Marlena would be there for Will. John showed up and Sami said goodbye to her. She had one more goodbye for Will. Paul had some information about Eve. Sami went to see Lucas at rehab. Brady looked through the information that Paul gave him. Rafe and Hope were in the park and saw Boís motorcycle parked there. She was upset that Ciara took the motorcycle. Sami reminded Lucas that he had to be there for Will. Sami told him that she and Will talked. Lucas was happy for her. Sami told him again to be there for Will. Will looked at his stuff when Sonny showed up. Sonny told him that he wanted his husband back.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle sits down with Michael, Carly, and Sonny for breakfast where they discuss the terms of Nelleís pregnancy. Michael is willing to pay for all of Nelleís medical expenses during the pregnancy and support the baby financially. Nelle doesnít think that works for her. She wants to be paid as well to raise the child. Carly thinks she can get a job. Nelle doesnít want one. Michael will let her live rent free. Nelle still wonít let Michael see his child if she doesnít get paid for it. Monica gets a visit from Sam to discuss Drew and to make sure that Monica tells him he is still welcome in the family. Monica agrees and will reach out to him soon. Monica thinks she needs to think about Jason though. Sam says she has been so focused on Drew though that it has been hard.

Julian and Ava have lunch together and Julian asks the last time Ava has seen Avery. Ava doesn’t think he wants to know that. The two discuss Griffin and how he makes Ava feel happy. Julian doesn’t like how Ava has to choose between him and Griffin when spending time. Oscar shows up at his house after ditching school. Kim and him talk about how it is ok for him to have a relationship with Drew. It is also fine if he doesn’t though. Kim gets called away and Drew shows up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

JT tells Victoria that there have been recent large money transfers from Victor's personal account to an offshore account and that is why Paul asked him to help with the investigation. Abby tells Lily that she has feelings for Scott and she is confused by them because she doesn't like him, as a person. Abby also tells Lily that she and Scott had sex while they were trapped in the storage facility. Lily tells Abby that she should push Scott to make a decision because he can't have both her and Sharon. Abby advises Lily to make sure she wants to divorce Cane and Lily tries to talk to Cane twice about the subject but he is too busy with work to pay attention to her. Cane gives Hilary an interview for the Hilary hour about how Chancellor Industries is the company to watch in the coming year. Cane tells Lily he can't forgive her for kicking him when he was down so she had better watch out. An anonymous bidder wins the Chancellor Park development deal and leaves everyone wondering what this person will do with the park. JT wonders if Reed is ignoring him because he is still angry with him for moving so far away for his job. Billy arrives to bring the kids presents to Victoria and is not happy to see JT at the house.

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