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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne tells Brooke that he has wanted to kiss her for a long time but this was not planned. She says he has everything a woman would want and she’s had good times with him, now and then. He says if she feels like that maybe they should give it another shot. Ridge confides in RJ that he has a surprise for his mom and he thinks she will love it. Nicole oversees Thorne and Brooke huddling together and goes back to tell Maya that they looked intimate close. Maya finds that hard to believe as everyone assumes it will be Brooke and Ridge again. Quinn and Ivy finish up her design for a gorgeous engagement ring to show Ridge. Thorne tells Brooke it is time to stop this little brother crap. He says she could have a much better future. Letting her go and not fighting for her was one of his biggest mistakes. But as long as she was happy and Ridge was treating her right, he could be okay with that. But now he finds Ridge has not been good for her, so she needs to consider her options and not be so quick to say yes again to him. She explains what she saw between Quinn and Ridge and the kiss in Australia. Later they said it was a goodbye kiss. Thorne says he hates saying this but she deserves so much more than his brother and not to believe all his denials and explanations.

Ridge tells Quinn they have come a long way now, full circle. She says there is nothing between them any more but she knows what she did was hurtful. Ridge reminds her that now that Thorne is back he may bring it to the surface again and both of their futures will be at stake. Brooke is the only woman for him. Thorne tells Brooke to think about it because she knows what is in store for her with Ridge if she says yes. There will always be another affair for Ridge so do not accept that. Thorne says he will treat Brooke the way she should be. She’s an incredible woman and now he comes home to this and she simply cannot marry his brother. He wants her to marry him instead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eli told Abe that Theo was at the warehouse to investigate a hacking. Abe wanted Eli to find out who was responsible for sending Theo to the warehouse. Eli said he would find out. Jennifer and Abby talked about JJ and what he was going through. Eric wanted to talk to JJ. Hope wanted to know what was going on between Rafe and Sami. Eric tried to reach out to JJ. JJ told him how guilty he felt about shooting Theo. Hope thought Sami wanted Rafe to drop the charges against her. Rafe went along with Hopeís thought. Hope wondered if something else was going on. Sami told them she had to go home to her other children. Sami pretended to cry so she could sneak the ring off her finger. Jennifer told Chad and Abby that the DiMeras were connected to the case. Abe asked Eli if he thought JJ acted improperly. Eric continued to reach out to JJ. Eric reminded JJ that he killed Daniel. JJ thought Abe wouldnít forgive him. Abe wanted Eli to tell him if JJ was in the right. Eli thought JJ could have reacted differently. Jennifer questioned Chad about Theo. Abby made the statement for him. Jennifer didnít accept Abbyís answer. Jennifer wanted more to the story. Chad reminded her that JJ shot Theo. Sami hugged Hope and slipped the ring to Rafe. Hope felt like Sami was hiding something. Abby was shocked by what Chad said. Jennifer apologized to Chad. Chad assured her that he would find out who was responsible for sending Theo to the warehouse. Rafe and Hope went to the club and he proposed again. Hope agreed to marry him. Hope wanted to get married right away.

Gabi overheard Eliís conversation with Abe and she was upset with him. Eric told JJ to focus on himself. JJ didnít want to talk anymore. Eric offered him the bible, but he didnít want it. Eric thought it would help him. Sami ran into Kate and told her that she got Lucas into rehab. Sami explained what happened with Lucas. Kate thanked Sami for helping Lucas. Doug and Julie joined Rafe and Hope at their table. Doug pulled Rafe aside and warned him not to hurt Hope. Rafe promised not to hurt her. Abe ran into Kate and Sami so he believed that the DiMeras were involved with what happened to Theo. Kate denied it, but Abe warned her that he would make the person pay. Eric met with Jennifer and told her about his conversation with JJ. Eric believed the only thing that would save JJ was Abeís forgiveness. Sami tried to defend Kate to Abe, but he walked off. Kate admitted that Andre wasnít responsible for what happened to Theo. Sami thought Kate needed to stop defending Andre.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Bobbie shows up at Carly and Sonny’s to talk with Carly. Carly explains that Nelle is pregnant and it is supposedly Michael’s. She thinks that Nelle might just be trying to pass it off and does realize she did the same thing with Tony years ago. Bobbie wasn’t going to mention it. Carly thinks this is all just karma on her. Bobbie doesn’t want her to worry about this. Michael is not going back to her. Carly already knows Michael will make them all Nelle into the family events even if they are not together. Carly needs Bobbie to mess with Nelle’s paternity results. Bobbie thinks that Michael would never forgive her. At the Metro Court, Sonny runs into Nelle who he tells to get lost. Nelle claims she is meeting someone. Nelle then runs into Nina and Charlotte. Nelle tells her that she is pregnant. Nina cannot believe it and takes Charlotte to see Santa. Nelle tries to charge her meal to Mister Corinthos account and the waitress cannot do that. Sonny walks over and says he wouldn’t pay for her meal. Nelle meant Michael. Sonny doubts he would either. Nelle explains she is having Michael’s baby. Carly and Sonny go off on Nelle while Michael shows up. Michael thinks that Nelle invited his parents here. Nelle claims she didn’t and wants them all to talk together as they are all so blessed.

Finn has a breakfast meeting with Cassandra to discuss the possibility of her funding his research. Finn says he has to think about it though because he wants to. Cassandra will let him think about it. She respects him more for it. Finn tries to get into his hotel room but the key is not working. He later finds out from Carly that he supposedly checked out. He turns around and finds Anna holding a key. She says that he will be living with her so she can keep an eye on him. She will see him at home. Lulu is with Laura at Kelly’s and Laura wants to save Charles Street. Lulu then goes to the park to see Santa with Charlotte and finds a ballot in Charlotte’s pocket.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Jack's first day running Jabot from home didn't go well because Dina interrupted his meeting and mistook the woman he was talking to for Traci. Scott was thrown when Faith was cold toward him. Mariah and Sharon urged him not to take it personally. Mariah told Scott that Sharon would accept if he proposed to her. Scott thought it was too soon for that, but he thought there was a chance it would happen someday. Mariah asked Faith why she was mad at Scott. Scott returned before Faith had a chance to respond. Mariah encouraged Faith to give Scott another chance. Scott surprised Sharon with a homemade meal to celebrate her finishing her college finals. Sharon and Scott said they loved each other, and Faith saw them kissing. Michael tried to convince Victor to take the audit seriously. Victor wasn't concerned because he thought the investigation was a bluff. Victor offered to show Victoria his private files to prove that his finances were in order. Victoria assured Victor that she believed him. Kevin had breakfast with Gloria and Michael. Michael asked Kevin to hack into Victor's files to see what the government had on him, but Kevin refused. A panicked Kevin warned a mystery person that it wouldn't be long before Victor found out what he or she did.

Gloria was dismayed when Ashley revealed that Jack would be working from home, meaning Gloria would have to report to the mansion for work and deal with Dina. Gloria tried to ignore Dina's insults out of respect for her condition. Dina insisted that Gloria treat her normally and respond in kind. Dina discovered that Chancellor and Newman were more profitable than Jabot. When Jack tried to make excuses, Dina said that John had always considered Jack a disappointment. Victor told Ashley that Jack was insecure and that he took on more than he could handle. Jack ordered Ashley to start delivering more innovation so that he could make a mark on the company and make John's legacy a lasting success. Victor and Victoria were ordered to meet with an official about Victor's financial anomalies. The official happened to be JT, Victoria's ex husband.

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