The TV MegaSite's Monday 12/11/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam says he is not accusing Steffy of anything. He is just asking her a question so he is not sure why it upsets her. If she went to her grandfather’s to just move in there then she could just tell him that and that she changed her mind. He tries to touch her and she backs him off and he does not know why. He tells her that she left here furious and never wanted to see him again. Now he is getting two different stories from her and Quinn and he wants to know which is true. He asks if she is still angry and she says sometimes yes. This is all her fault. She made a mistake; she did something wrong. He repeats her story about driving around and parking and thinking. She was alone…….or at least she said she was. But if in the guest house somebody else could have been there and it is okay for her to tell him. If she had just told him then but now he has to wonder why she won’t tell him. She grabs him and hugs his neck and says she is sorry. Ridge sits on the floor after Thorne has pushed him over. Brooke comes in and asks Thorne what he did. Ridge and Thorne spar a little and she says not in her house; they need to respect each other. Ridge calls Thorne little brother again and Thorne tells him again that he hates that but Ridge continues. Brooke wants to know why they can’t see in each other what she sees.

Liam tells Steffy that he is the one who should be apologizing after she did come home okay. She dusted herself off and tried harder. He is the one obsessing about this. She says the past is the past and they do not have to bring it into every new day. They kiss and all seems better. Both Thorne and Ridge asks the other why they are here. Ridge says he is here to say hello to his future wife. Thorne scoffs. Ridge tells him he can go back to the sandbox. And he did not bully his way to the top; he earned it. He smirks that Thorne’s DNA and his chromosomes is the only thing that kept Thorne from not getting fired. Without seeing it coming, Ridge gives a big shove and pushes Thorne down on the couch. Brooke objects but Ridge just smiles. She sees Ridge out and then asks if Thorne is okay. Ridge called her his future wife and he wants to know if he is right. He always needs to win and he hopes she will not do this to herself; then it will be his father’s wife again that he wants. They both agree they love Ridge. People who work with wild animals love them too. She says she likes to think she belongs to someone. He says there are other ways to feel like that. He leans over and kisses her. She’s amazed. Liam notices that Steffy has tears in her eyes and says he realizes they had a close call. He says when he was a kid he thought about things he wanted and achievements, but she is a whole new meaning. She kept peace between her and his brother and now kept his father in his life. Everything in his life he wanted is because of her but he hates to see her so upset. Where is that wild woman, that lover of fun; where is she…..none of that night with Sally ever happened so she can let go of it. He needs a sign that she is back to her normal kick-ass self so she says Cha cha cha. Now he declares she is back and what happened never happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ wanted to see Hope because he felt bad about her losing her job because of him. He gave her his resignation. Will went to see Sami. He let him know that he spoke to Eric about her. Sami let him know that she was leaving Salem. She believed that she was making things worse for him. She wanted him to have the space he needed to remember his life. Hope didnít want JJ to resign from the force. Eli and Rafe talked about what happened to Theo. Kate talked to Andre about what happened with Tripp. Andre realized that she blackmailed Tripp to keep from getting caught. Kate was afraid of what would happen if Chad found out about what she did. Andre told her that Chad would throw her out. Kayla wondered why Tripp needed protection from Kate. Steve told her that Kate blackmailed him. Steve let her know that Tripp was trying to protect him. Steve told her that Tripp cares about her. Kayla wanted to confront Kate. JJ didnít want to talk to Hope anymore and snapped at her when she wanted to help him. He insisted that she leave. Sami let Will know how much she loved her kids and wanted to be there for them. Will told her what Eric said about how much she would do for her kids. Will admitted that he started to remember something after Ben strangled him. Will apologized for hurting Sami. She apologized for sending a serial killer after him. She wanted to know where they went from there.

Sami wanted Will to reach out to her anytime or come with her. Will wasnít thrilled with the idea. He thought he could remember his past better if he stayed in Salem. Hope ran into Eric and Jennifer and told them that JJ was in bad shape. JJ thought about shooting Theo again and became anxious. Andre told Kate that he didnít forgive her for letting him get accused of what happened to Theo. He did admit that he wanted to work together to find out who was sabotaging the company. Steve and Kayla walked in the room and confronted Kate about blackmailing Tripp. She denied it at first and then they started arguing with her about it. Eli showed up just as they were arguing. Kate told Eli that Steve and Kayla were leaving. Eli wanted to know if Kate and Andre could answer some questions. Steve and Kayla were about to leave, but Kayla wanted to tell Eli something first. Hope told Jennifer that JJ broke up with Lani. Jennifer didnít know that happened. She wanted to check on him. Eric decided to go talk to JJ for her. Rafe talked to Julie about getting back together with Hope. He reached for the engagement ring and realized it was missing. Will found a ring at Samiís place and she said it was a ring that EJ gave her. Steve stopped Kayla from telling Eli the truth so she only told him to work quickly on the case. Steve and Kayla walked out of the room. She wanted to know why he stopped her from telling him about Kate. Steve felt like Kate had too much on her and Tripp. He assured her that she would be caught. Eli questioned Kate and Andre about Theo. Eli asked Andre about the calls he made to Theo. Hope told Jennifer that she and Rafe were back together. She told Jennifer that everything was out in the open between them. Rafe continued to look for the ring until Sami showed up with it. She was wearing the ring. Sami told him about what happened with Will. He told her that he and Hope made up so he needed the ring. She tried to get the ring back and it was stuck on her finger. Kate called Kayla and warned her not to say anything about her role in Theo getting shot. Steve told Kayla that Kate would get caught. Eric showed up at JJís place. Sami and Rafe started to argue over the ring getting stuck on her finger when Hope walked in on them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Jason continue to question Brit on what Faison planned to do with the traitor. Brit isn’t sure what happened. Jason finds a manuscript in the fire place that has somewhat burnt. Brit explains that it was sent to Faison and then he left. Sonny will call the police to have them come handle Brit. Brit tells Sonny he can take her to the station if he wants. Kim tells Drew that Oscar is his son. Sam walks down stairs having overheard this conversation. Kim explains she only knew him briefly but what they had was strong. She knew he was going to be gone for a while though and was unsure of the best way to tell him. When she finally attempted in 2012, they said he deserted. Drew is unsure of what he wants to do. Sam tells Drew in private that she will support him one way or the other. In the park, Joss reads Oscar the paternity results. Drew is Oscar’s father. Oscar is not sure how to react. Kim shows up and says she needs to talk with Oscar.

Anna meets with Andre to discuss why he did what he did. Andre explains that he did it for his wife. Jordan listens to all of this from the next room. Andre tells Anna that his wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. He couldn’t help her though because it was to late. Anna understands and will help him. Jordan walks in and cannot believe that he kept this from her while the were together. Andre says that the marriage was dissolved in request of her family. Jordan would have understood had he told her the truth. Nelle informs Carly that she is pregnant with Michael. Carly doesn’t believe that she is actually pregnant. Nelle explains they just had the test done by Kim. Carly suggests a paternity test. Nelle is not going to risk harm on her baby. Carly informs her about the tests being a lot safer than they used to be. Michael is going to set an appointment up. Nelle reluctantly agrees.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Nikki are even more determined to save Chancellor park and stop Victor's development project. Nick talks to Devon and tries to persuade him to buy the park but he says that he would have a conflict of interest because Victor is a PR client. Devon thinks things over and after talking to Sharon and Hilary he decides to buy the park to stop Victor's project. Devon tells Hilary and says he is worried how Neil will react since he hasn't spoken to him yet because he is busy taking care of Sofia and Moses in New York since Sofia was injured in a car accident. Ashley fights Victoria to keep Ravi working for Jabot since Ravi has a non compete clause and now Newman and Jabot are competitors since Newman owns Brash and Sassy. Jack shows Ashley plans to update the Jabot lab so Ashley can get back to doing Research and Development . Jack tells Ashley he plans to run Jabot from home. Faith is upset that her parents won't take her to the park to skate with her friends so she disobeys them and calls a cab to take her. Scott tells Abby that she is the one that gave him the information about Victor's development deal which he later told to Sharon. Scott promises that he will protect her and take the blame if Victoria discovers the information and he will leave her name out of it. Scott warms Abby's hands because she forgot her gloves and that leads to a kiss which Faith sees because she is skating at the park.

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