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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Thorne that she appreciates what he is saying about Ridge. He asks if she is really listening though. Quinn tells Ridge that it feels good now that it is not awkward and she is back with Eric and he with Brooke so no one is peeking around on the two of them. Bill shows up at Steffy’s and she chides him for just keeping showing up. Is this easy for him? He says no but technically this is his house and he just came to check up on her. She says it has been hard as she had to lie again, more lies as Liam wanted to know where she was that night if with anyone. Eric looks for Ridge but Pam tells him he was here but just left for Brooke’s. Eric confides in Ivy that Thorne found out what happened in Australia between Ridge and Quinn and he is not going to let it go. Quinn shows Liam some of her pieces, a bracelet like the one that Steffy wears all the time. She tells Liam that she found that one in the guest house but gave it back to Steffy. He finds that strange that Steffy did not mention it. She sees this bothers him as he was told Steffy just drove around and went nowhere. Bill tells Steffy that if she told Liam that she was alone then just stick to that story. Liam is forgiving so let it be far away from this house and far away from him. Thorne tells Brooke that he sees he has upset her. But it has not been easy to watch his brother do this again. This word game, commitment, is just that a game to Ridge. It has no meaning. He confesses another reason he came back to L.A. was Brooke. Steffy wants to know if she and Bill can pretend this never happened. She thinks it is written all over her face when Liam talks with her. Bill reminds her they have to keep it a secret and she agrees; this lie will be for her husband.

Quinn can see that Liam does not believe her when she says not only was the bracelet there but the bed had been used and so was the shower. He does find that almost a lie as Steffy never mentioned it. Thorne says he came back not exactly for Brooke but she was one of the people left here that he was close to, so of course he had to come back. She says she missed him too as they always had wonderful times together. Ridge bursts in and tells Thorne to tell him again whey he did not get a hotel. Thorne fires back that Ridge can tell him why he keeps disrespecting Brooke so much that she had to call off her Australian wedding the night before. The doorbell rings and Brooke asks if it is safe to answer it and leave them alone. Ridge says he knows that look and what is coming. Thorne is going to fail and then go to the basement or back to Paris just because Ridge was his mother’s favorite. He wants to rescue the whole world and their whole family. He loves Thorne but he has to tell him the truth. Ridge is the designer and Thorne will always be in his shadow and even in the eyes of Brooke. Thorne pops him over and tells him he will purge Brooke from his life and he will just be gone. Bill keeps having flashbacks of the night of passion with Steffy. Liam returns home and remarks to Steffy that he stopped by to see Quinn and turns out Steffy is a huge part of her inspiration. She found Steffy’s bracelet and gave it back to her and now the line has a similar piece. He tells her the rest that Steffy had to be there and took a shower and was in bed but she lied to him and said she was just driving around. Hey, he sees how upset she is and only wants to know what really happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve and Maggie were at odds about whether Victor and Brady set her up for Deimosí murder. Brady went to Paul for help with Eve. Brady told him that Eve had something on him and Victor that he couldnít talk about. Brady asked Paul to get some dirt on Eve that they could use against her. Sonny told Victor that he called off the wedding with Paul. Victor thought he should have stayed with Paul instead of going after Will. Sonny told him that he wanted to be with Will, but Sonny wanted to be with him anyway. Eric talked to Will about Sami. Eric tried to defend Sami to Will. Eric admitted to Will that Sami witnessed something that affected her. Eric told him how Sami saw Marlena cheating on Roman for John. Will was shocked that Marlena did that. Eric basically said that they were alike. Lucas was at the station because he got in an accident. Sami wanted Lucas to get clean. Brady filled Paul in on what Eve did when she had Jackís money. He wanted Paul to keep the investigation between them. Sonny let Victor know that he wouldnít turn his back on Will. Eric told Will that he shot EJ. Will was surprised that he shot EJ. He wanted to know why he wasnít in prison. Eric told him that Lucas took the blame for him. Eric advised him not to judge Sami. Will was afraid that she would smother him. Sami asked Lucas if he could help her with Will. She wanted him to get sober so he could help. Lucas wasnít sure if he could get sober again.

Sonny told Victor that he could still run Titan. Victor warned him that he wouldnít have a job if he screwed up again. Paul told Brady that Sonny dumped him. Brady told him that Sonny was a jerk for that. Paul told him that Sonny wanted to be with Will. Brady reminded him that their marriage was over, but Paul was the reason it was over. Lucas told Sami that itís hard to get sober. They had a heated discussion about his sobriety. Sami told Lucas that heís a great father and she wanted him to try to get sober. Eve put Maggie on notice that she refused to leave the mansion because Victor and Brady set her up for Deimosí murder. Brady was surprised that Will kissed Paul. Paul regretted saying something. Paul talked to him about how Sonny wanted to work things out with Will. Sami wanted Lucas to take things one day at a time. Sami believed he could get sober again. Sami wanted Lucas to promise not to drink again. He wasnít sure if he could do it. Sami started to get frustrated with him and wanted him to call her everyday. He had to promise her that he wouldnít drink every day or he was dead to her. Maggie believed that Victor and Brady were innocent of Deimosí murder. Eve wanted to know how they had the amulet. Eve intended to change things at the mansion. Maggie told Eve to go to the Intruder soon if sheís going to do it because Victor will make sure that she doesnít have anything. Sonny continued to convince Victor that he would be good for the company. Victor reminded him that Will caused scandal for them. Sonny thought that Victor wanted him to stay with Paul. Victor didnít believe that he could be happy with Sami Jr. He didnít think things look good with Will. Eric wanted Will to give Sami another chance. Lucas didnít want to talk anymore. Sami wanted Lucas to promise to be there for their son. She wanted him to lean on the people who love him. Brady went back to the mansion to get a drink, but Eve busted him. Maggie went to the station to see Lucas. Lucas admitted that he was an alcoholic and needed her help. She agreed to help him. Sonny went to the townhouse to see Will, but Eric told him he was gone. Will went to see Sami at her hotel room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Jason show up at the hotel room where Brit has been hiding for a while. She claims she has separated from her father. Brit claims she knows nothing about Faison’s involvement. Sonny and Jason both demand she tell them what she actually knows. Brit is reluctant but eventually tells them that Faison was angry that Jason was actually alive. Sonny guesses this means that Faison didn’t intend for Jason to live. At the park, Drew and Sam meet up with Elizabeth and Franco who have Jake. Elizabeth and Drew take Jake aside and admit that Drew is his uncle not father. Jake doesn’t want to believe this. Drew promises that nothing will change.

Nelle claims she is pregnant with Michael’s child. Michael thinks she is lying because she doesn’t want to lose him. Nelle insists she took a test. Michael demands they go see a doctor right now. Carly runs into Kim at the hospital and Carly explains to her everything about Jason’s situation and her past with Jason and Drew as well. Kim has to go deal with a patient. Carly runs into Joss and Oscar. Carly is angry that Joss is out after dark. Oscar claims it is his fault. Carly says that after this no more helping Oscar with his project. Michael and Nelle go to see Kim. Michael informs Kim that Nelle can lie and he just needs to know the truth. Kim reveals that Nelle is actually pregnant. Michael and Nelle run into Carly. Nelle says she is pregnant. Kim shows up at Drew’s house. She informs him that he is Oscar’s father.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Abby had a flashback to the almost-kiss with Scott. Abby told Ashley that she didn't want anything to do with Scott. Scott looked at a picture of himself and Sharon and imagined it morphing into a picture of him kissing Abby. Scott was eager to soak in the trappings of Christmas at Sharon's, because he usually spent the holidays out of the country. Nick was determined to save Chancellor Park. Ashley thought it was nearly time to place Dina into full time care, but Abby didn't want her grandmother to be sent to a nursing home. Ashley and Dina got off on the wrong foot, but they had a nice day ice skating. Dina quickly forgot about their outing and insisted that she hated ice skating. Nick and Sharon discussed the park. Sharon suggested that Scott do a story on Nick's fight to save Chancellor Park. Scott warned Nick that in his experience, taking on a corporation was a hopeless battle. Sharon and Scott had a fight after she accused him of being dismissive of Nick's cause. Sharon told Mariah that she and Scott didn't have the same priorities, like she and Nick did. Mariah felt that Scott saw Sharon as a strong person, unlike Nick. Sharon second-guessed asking Scott to move in. Scott told Abby about his fight with Sharon. Abby was unsympathetic. Scott told Sharon that he was jealous of her connection to Nick. Scott learned that Newman owned the shell company that was threatening the park. Sharon relayed the information to Nick. Sharon and Scott made up. Cane spent the day with Charlie, catching up and reminiscing about the past. Charlie decided he wanted to spend Christmas with Cane and Sam. Nick and Victoria clashed when he learned that she was in favor of redeveloping the park. Victoria felt that Katherine would approve of the project. Chelsea and Nick raced to the hospital because Christian fell and sprained his ankle. Chelsea wasn't sure how to define her relationship with Christian. Nick told Chelsea that she would be the only mother Christian ever knew.

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