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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Sheila finish their conversation when she says Eric forgave both Ridge and Quinn. Just remember he did not hear this from her. Thorne returns to the office and says Ridge had other ideas so his lunch with Brooke was cut short. Brooke and Ridge are in the steam room. Quinn pops over to Il Giardino to wait for takeout and cannot escape from Sheila who spots her and waltzes over asking how she is. Quinn says she does not have to play nice with Sheila since she is just a troublemaker. Sheila thinks it is too bad that Brooke was called away by Ridge. Quinn says no mind, Brooke and Ridge will be having fun in a moment and she hopes they are as happy as she and Eric are. She grabs her takeout, making sure Sheila never got her hands on it and tells the witch to leave Eric and her entire family alone. Sheila grins; she knows she still gets to Quinn. Eric tells Thorne this is why he did not want Thorne to know about Brooke and Ridge and the rough patch with Quinn. But he forgave her and all is well. He did tell Ridge he was no longer part of this family, this company and no longer his son, but in time he forgave him. Life is short and hanging onto animosity does no good.

Thorne says he knows but Ridge takes and takes and he is going to stop that once and for all. Eric says he does not want him to fly off the handle and go after his brother; all has been forgotten. Thorne says Ridge is CEO well co-CEO but Eric knows all he has done in the past. Thorne says because of his mother’s lie he spent his whole life in the shadows of a Marone, not a Forrester. Maybe that is why Ridge does what he does. He knows he is not worthy. Brooke is an extraordinary woman and she deserves the best. Actions deserve consequences and his brother is going to learn that the hard way. Brooke apologizes for being dragged away at lunch but says she can take care of herself. Thorne confides that he knows who the other woman was and why Brooke did not want him to know. She cannot let this go on, the lies and betrayal. With dad’s wife, she must have been horrified. He says no more butts, no more excuses for his brother. Brooke should have been enough for any man but Ridge wanted more. She has to get out of this. He has broken her heart countless times and enough is enough. He will not let him do that again. Ridge is incapable of loving one woman; she cannot go back to him and marry him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Steve wanted to talk to Tripp about his conversation with Kate. Kayla overheard Kate talking to Theo asking for forgiveness. Kayla asked Kate why she needed forgiveness. Eric tried to make Sami feel better about Will, but she still felt horrible. Sonny knocked on Paulís door, but Will wanted him to ignore it. Will ended up arguing over his tough love for her. Sami wanted him to get out. Kate lied to Kayla about why she needed forgiveness. Kayla asked her about talking to Tripp. Steve told Tripp that he wanted answers about Kate. Kayla asked Kate if she talked to Tripp about his donation to the hospital. Kate lied about saying anything to him. Steve warned Tripp that Kate is a barracuda and that he should talk to him about her. Ciara put Claire on noticed about taking things from her. Claire wondered why Ciara wanted to live with her since she hated her. Ciara refused to live with her mother. Eric didnít leave Samiís place so he listened to her again. Eric believed that Will would forgive her again. Paul told Sonny that Will wanted to know about his past. Will told Sonny that the family only told him good things while Paul told him the truth. Will wanted t know why Sonny didnít tell him that they didnít have a perfect marriage. Tripp admitted that Kate approached him once he had the phone. He told Steve that she wanted the phone or she would tell the board about the donation that Tripp gave them. Steve figured out that Kate was why Theo was at the warehouse the night he was shot. Kayla and Kate continued to talk about Tripp until Claire showed up. Ciara thought about what could have happened if he got her letter. She smashed the pic of Theo and Claire together. Sonny wanted to talk to Paul, but Will wanted to stay. Sami almost slipped and told Eric about what happened with Rafe. Eric wanted to know what happened.

Tripp apologized to Steve. Steve said he would handle Kate. Tripp was afraid Kate would go after Kayla. Steve would take care of her. Claire apologized to Theo for arguing with him the night he was shot. Ciara overheard Claire talking to Theo. Paul asked Will to leave so he and Sonny could talk. Sonny told Paul that they were done. Ciara and Claire had another brief argument before Claire left the room. Eric wanted Sami to be patient with Will. Paul didnít understand why Sonny wanted to end their relationship. Sonny didnít want to be with Paul because he loved Will. He wanted to be married to Will. Kayla and Kate ran into each other again. Kayla wanted to finish their conversation. Kate denied telling the board about Trippís donation. Steve showed up and said he was sorry about Theo. Kate walked off. Kayla thought Steve was being hostile towards Kate. He didnít want to talk about it out in the open. Sonny wanted to be friends with Paul. Paul didnít want to be friends. He wanted to be his husband. Sonny told him that he wanted Will, but Paul asked him what he would do if Will didnít want him. Ciara blamed Claire for what happened to Theo and vowed to make her pay. Sonny didnít want Paul to wait around for him. Sonny said it was over between them.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle and Michael are in the park cleaning up after the Santa event. Maxie and Lulu walk over and tell Michael that Nelle is responsible for outing Man Landers through the Invader magazine. Michael is shocked. Nelle claims she didn’t do it. Lulu shows him the picture of the paystub so she cannot continue to lie. Michael cannot believe she would do this. Nelle claims it was all because Maxie got her fired because she didn’t like her. Maxie informs Michael that Nelle was fired for doing something with Valentin and upsetting Nina. She had nothing to do with it. Michael wants nothing to do with Nelle to the point where he is selling her apartment building. Nelle claims she is pregnant. At GH, in his office Franco proposes to Elizabeth properly with a ring. She accepts. Kim shows up and Elizabeth goes with her to get coffee. Elizabeth tells Kim about how she almost married Drew. Franco shows up and suggests they get married right away.

Sam decides the only thing she can do is call Jason. She calls Jason who is at Sonny’s house and asks him to come to the police station right away. When he gets there, he discovers that it involves Drew and not her. Jason tells the officer that he was kidnapped, and his memories were transferred to Drew. The officer decides to take this into account. At Sonny’s house, Joss shows up and Oscar later. Sonny questions Oscar alone about why he wanted to know about Drew. Sonny ends up leaving to find Jason though. Joss has the DNA test results. Oscar is reluctant. In the cells at the PCPD, Drew is across from Andre. Andre thinks the best thing for Drew to do is discover who he was and what his past was. Drew demands to know if his memories can be returned but Andre is taken to go see his lawyer before he can answer.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Billy surprised Phyllis with a racehorse that he'd named Philly after the two of them. Then, they made love, resulting in Phyllis being late for work. Hilary asked Jack to sponsor the Hilary Hour, and he agreed, on the condition that Hilary revamp the show to reflect the Abbott family's values, meaning no more scandals, and that she devote a large amount of time to advertising Jabot products. Having nowhere else to turn, Hilary accepted. Dina unleashed an unprovoked verbal assault on Hilary. Ashley was furious when Jack killed a business deal she'd been working on for years. Billy and Traci tried, but were unable to convince Jack to stop micromanaging Ashley. Hilary went to Jabot to finalize the agreement she'd made with Jack, but as acting CEO, Ashley refused to honor the deal. Ashley felt that Jack had been too distracted to effectively run Jabot. She called Traci, Abby, Lauren and Billy into an emergency board meeting and laid out the case for removing Jack as CEO. Jack and Ashley had a vicious argument, and Jack told Ashley she wasn't an Abbott. Ashley argued that Jack was desperate for Dina's approval because he'd made numerous mistakes and it was too late for him to make it up to John. The rest of the Abbotts tried to convince Ashley and Jack to unite for Dina. Dina wandered off, and Ashley blamed Jack. Dina was found unharmed. Jack had to go out of town, and he angrily told Ashley that she could take care of Dina.

Sam's surgery was a success, and Cane got to hold him. Cane told Lily that Sam would be home by Christmas. They reminisced about bringing the twins home from the hospital. Lily held Sam briefly before giving him back to Cane and rushing out. Hilary went to the hospital to check on Cane, and he convinced her to hold Sam. She seemed moved by the experience. Scott told Abby that he wanted to have sex with her again, but he was committed to Sharon. Abby wondered if Scott really wanted Sharon. Scott was adamant that his feelings for Sharon were real. He admitted that he had chemistry with Abby, but he said there was nothing more to it. He was determined not to hurt Sharon. Billy and Phyllis held opposing views on Jack and Ashley's feud, with Phyllis supporting Jack and Billy feeling sympathy for Ashley. Phyllis and Billy decided not to get swept into the drama and to only support each other. They kissed. Lily and Abby both felt the need to unwind, so they went out for early drinks. Abby told Lily to stop beating herself up for being uncomfortable with holding Sam.

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