The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 12/6/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne and Ridge spar at each other and Thorne says he is just now getting back to town and already Ridge is on his case…..guess he is not bowing down far enough in his brother’s office! Thorne says this is getting under his skin and he is definitely not going to keep this up any more. He is so tired of Ridge’s condescending attitude. Ridge tells his “little brother” to stop over-reacting. Thorne points his finger in Ridge’s face and tells him not to call him that again. And Ridge does not get to tell him what to do. Ridge reminds him that it is he who runs this company now. Quinn tells Brooke and Eric good for Thorne for branching out and becoming a designer while he was in Europe and Eric knew nothing about it. Eric says he likes what he has seen so far and is interested in just how far it will go. He knows Ridge and Thorne have always been competitive all their lives but somehow Ridge always ends up with the upper hand. But maybe Thorne will stand up to his brother this time. Steffy panics as she thinks again on the night she was with Bill and their night of passion. Liam cannot catch her attention and asks what is wrong. Thorne and Ridge are still squabbling when Quinn, Eric and Brooke come in and want to know what’s the matter. Eric says he does not want them fighting in here and Brooke agrees they both need to calm down. Thorne tells Ridge that he is a bully and used to controlling everyone around him and that has to stop. Eric tells Brooke to please take Thorne to lunch and let them all cool off. Thorne points his finger again at Ridge and says he is tired of being mistreated and it has to stop, including his treatment of Brooke. Steffy says she was just thinking about something else; nothing is the matter. It’s over now. She’s just happy to be home with her husband and being made a homemade meal; it is all she ever wanted. They hug when he apologizes for bringing Sally and Bill’s name up and for when he broke his vows. He will never be that insensitive again.

Ridge tells his dad that Thorne breezed back into town and now he is a designer. He is up to something; what he does not know. And he is not upset but he does wonder why a grown man would come to Los Angeles and not get a hotel room for himself. He is staying at Brooke’s. And now Ridge is going to find them and relieve Brooke of her babysitting duties. At Il Giardino, Sheila spies Brooke and Thorne at one of her tables. Brooke tells Thorne don’t let Ridge get to him. Thorne says he tries not to but he always rattles his cage. He has had to put up with it all his life and now it is over. He does not appreciate Brooke trying to defend him and she was right to call off her wedding in Australia. He thinks she is an amazing woman and she does not need a man to define her. Sheila is planted behind a big bush taking all of this in. Brooke thanks Thorne and says he is nice and it is sweet of him to remind her. He reminds her that any man does not understand that is a fool. Instead of putting it all behind him Liam continues to want to re-live that night and when she came home he could not believe how lucky he was that she forgave him. It was like she was a different person and he never even asked her where she had been. Now he is curious where she went that night and what did she do. She thinks long and hard and finally says she never should have left and she drove around thinking of him and how she should have stayed. Thorne tells Brooke they have been through a lot together and she has always been there for him and he counts on her as someone he can always turn to. She says he is too humble….really she thinks he is the sweetest, kindest person she has ever met. Suddenly there is Ridge interrupting their talk. He says he called but it kept going to voice mail. They have a meeting and she is needed. He won’t listen to Thorne’s no she does not have to go. Ridge spirits her away and Sheila wastes no time in walking over and saying hello to Thorne and even invites herself to sit down as it is her break. He says he heard she was out of jail and back in town. She says she could not help but see he was with Brooke and it’s too bad that Ridge came in and whisked her away. But then that is what Ridge does….he swoops in and takes the women away from his friends, his brother and even his dad. Brooke is surprised when she gets back to the office with Ridge and there is no meeting, just a lunch he has provided for the two of them. She says he was rude to Thorne. He says Thorne will get over it and they both need to stay away from the restaurant as Sheila works there. Sheila confesses to Thorne that she tried to sabotage Quinn and Eric but she was wrong and Quinn did not cheat on him after all. She had her reasons for thinking she would. She says he has been away from home for a long time so there is a lot he does not know. For instance she wonders if he ever thought why Brooke and Ridge did not get married in Australia. She admits she knows who Ridge was with just before the wedding but he cannot tell anyone that this came from her. Quinn cheated on Eric with Ridge. Liam keeps yammering away at Steffy how loyal she was and he knows she does not want to talk about this and put it all past her so he will never let her down again. Again all she sees are these images of her and Bill having sex and she finally shouts at Liam to stop. He leaves for a minute to go back to kitchen and she goes to the mirror and looks at herself and says she is a big cheat….a big liar, phony and a cheater. Guilty as charged!

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope wanted to know where Rafe was the night before. Rafe thought about being with Sami. Sami reminded Belle that she gave her money and she gave it back to the DiMeras, Will showed up at Paulís room. Sonny talked to Chad about what happened with Will. Sonny felt guilty foe the time Will was in Memphis. He thought that he should have answered the message Will left him. Paul noticed that Will was checking him out. Will admitted that he was attracted to him. Paul reminded Will that he and Sonny were engaged. Sami tried to justify the plan she had to help Will get his memory back. Belle thought her plan was wrong and that she was only thinking of herself. Hope noticed that Rafe wouldnít look at her because of what she said to him. She told him that she was afraid to lose someone else she loved deeply. Rafe wondered why she didnít just tell him that. Hope wanted an open and honest relationship. She trusted him and wanted to know if he would forgive her. He wanted to talk about Sami. Hope wouldnít let him talk because she said she loved his loyalty. She told him that she needed him when Theo was shot. He regretted not being there for her. They talked about how things changed once she became his boss. She didnít care about the job anymore. Paul started to explain what happened between them. Sonny thought that he should tell everything and that would help Will get his memory back. Chad thought he should start his life with Paul. Will couldnít believe he cheated on Sonny for a story. Will wondered if Sonny was wrong about how happy they were. Sami and Belle argued over what she did to Will.

Sonny didnít know what to say to Paul or Will. Chad wondered what Sonny would do if Will didnít get his memory back. Paul didnít want to talk about Willís marriage to Sonny. Paul admitted that he lied to Sonny about Will. Belle called Sami out for doing what she wanted to do. She basically told Sami that she was no different from Susan as well as the DiMeras. Sami wanted her to take that back. Belle reminded her of the things she did in the past. Sami denied what she said. Belle said she was the one who messed up with Will. Sami wanted her to get out of her room. Hope knew she and Rafe had problems, but felt they should be open and honest with each other. Rafe wanted to tell her something. Rafe told Hope that she deserved a better man than him. Hope felt like he was saying goodbye. Paul admitted that he kept the truth about Will being alive from Sonny. Will wasnít sure if he wanted to be himself again. Will wanted to leave Salem. Paul tried to talk him out of leaving town. Paul thought Will was worth being with when he came out. Will felt he could be himself with Paul. Sonny admitted to Chad that he wanted to stand by his vow to love Will forever. Hope wanted to start over with Rafe. She said she loved him with all of her heart. She proposed to Rafe. Rafe agreed to marry Hope. Chad told Belle that he needed her help to find out who was sabotaging DiMera. Will was about to leave, but kissed Paul. Sonny showed up at Paulís room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Ned is sorry he was being callus about Drew with Alexis. Alexis thinks it is fine. She goes to leave and Julian is at the door. Julian is not there to see Alexis. He wants to see Leo. Olivia walks in and cannot believe that he was released. He should be in prison. Julian demands to see Leo. Alexis warns him this could send him right back to jail. She leaves without saying anything else. On a baby monitor, Leo calls Ned daddy. Julian warns Olivia that if she doesn’t let him see his son that Leo will find him one day and want to spend time with him by himself. Olivia reluctantly tells Julian that he can come see Santa with them. At the park, Curtis is dressed as Santa. Jordan has to go though as something is going on with Drew at the station. Curtis stays to fulfill his duty as Santa. Michael is there with Rocco and runs into Nelle who is one of Santa’s elves. Carly and Sonny show up, Nelle warns Carly that something is going to happen soon but won’t tell her what it is. The family takes photos and Julian keeps slipping into them.

Lulu and Maxie sneak into the invaders office by wearing hazmat outfits and planting a sneak bomb. They find information that proves Nelle did it with a pay stub. They are caught by the police and thrown in jail though. Nathan and Dante taunt them behind bars and then say they are free to go. They explain Nelle did it. In the park later, they spot Nelle with Michael. Drew is under arrest for treason and Alexis shows up with an injunction stopping the arrest. She claims because he is legally Jason and has a different face that he might not be who they are looking for. They go to talk with the judge. Alexis doesn’t think they have long. Drew is put in a holding cell. He asks Nathan to look after Sam and the kids because he cannot trust Jason or Sonny.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick and Nikki find out that the city wants to sell Chancellor park to a developer who wants to put up condos and a parking structure they make it their mission tell let the people know so they can save the park. Nikki confronts Kevin about letting Victor use him to hack her e-mail and phone accounts while he was in town in September. Nikki warns Kevin that if he does it again she will tell Paul what he did to her. Nikki wonders what Victor has on Kevin and she knows it must be something big for him to agree to hack her e-mail and Phone accounts. Devon considers dropping Tessa's contract after her arrest but after hearing the reason she stole the gun he gets Tessa an interview on the Hilary hour to promote her song and talk about why she was arrested. Tessa doesn't want to talk about Crystal and the sex trafficking at first but then she tells the audience everything. After the interview, she confronts Mariah because she thinks she told Hilary things she shared with her in confidence. Mariah denies doing such a thing then Devon tells Tessa he did make the interview more spontaneous. Tessa apologizes to Mariah but Mariah is hurt that Tessa would think such a thing and walks out of the studio. Abby asks Scott to stop writing articles about sex trafficking on Hashtag and Scott agrees after a long argument with Abby that leads to a kiss between the two that leaves Abby saying wow.

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