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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells Brooke that he is not upset. He is just curious. Thorne is up to something and is not staying with Brooke just because of family being around. Thorne tells his dad that he wonders who the other woman was and he is sure it was more than a kiss but he cannot imagine Ridge cheating on Brooke just before the wedding. Quinn and Ivy discuss the collections pieces and Quinn remembers how Ridge touched her when they discussed it too. Eric tells Thorne that Brooke and Ridge have worked through their problems and the other woman is out of the picture and they should just forget it. Thorne says he does not want to be Ridge’s little brother anymore. It is condescending and he is not going to put up with it anymore. He has come back to be on equal footing. He shows his dad some designs which Eric thinks it terrific and asks who they belong to. Thorne says him. Ridge is not the only son who can design. Brooke tells Ridge that he has seen his brother. Does he really think he is different. Ridge says well he did not come home in time for Thanksgiving and yet he did not wait until Christmas so there has to be a reason why now. He will have to dust off his desk in shipping and receiving and make sure it is ready. Brooke says do not be surprised. She thinks he will want more than that. Eric tells Thorne he did not know he was a designer. Thorne says after Aly died he found her style and elegance and with encouragement he got started with kudos from Paris and Milan. This is one of the reasons he came back….that and Brooke and the whole family. He’s heard so much but he wants to see it firsthand. He knows Brooke married Bill because Ridge let her down and now she is divorcing Bill so he knows Ridge will be after her again.

Ridge walks in and sees the designs, He is totally surprised when he learns they are Thorne’s. Ivy tells Quinn that when Ridge came back home there was a real shakeup but that won’t happen with Thorne. Ridge tells Thorne that his designs are great and everybody should have a pretty hobby. Thorne remarks that it is more than a hobby. He wants to contribute. He welcomes Ridge’s opinion and he is not afraid to ask for it. Ridge takes them and says they are good but there is no connection to the grouping. He has put a lot of work into it but it is not complete. And they do not just hand out designing jobs. Thorne says he would hope that his dad has the final say. Ridge says he knows what it takes to make it in this business and he has not been designing that long. Eric dismisses himself and says they will discuss this as a family. Ridge turns to Thorne and asks what is his little brother up to. Brooke tells Eric and Quinn that Thorne’s work is promising and she hopes he will pursue it. Eric says the brothers have always approached things differently. He admires both of them; both are very confident but Ridge has always been dominate and now he thinks maybe Thorne wants to challenge him. Ridge tells Thorne that he wants him to be happy and everyone has a role to play for the future and he hopes Thorne will figure that out. Thorne says he went to Europe and he knows he is a novice and does not have the experience Ridge does but he wants to give it his all. Ridge says this is absurd. Thorne says enough of the little brother. They are not kids anymore. Maybe Ridge thinks he can intimidate him. He was treated like this his whole life but enough is enough.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was upset when he thought Tate was kidnapped. Victor and Maggie tried to calm him down. Paul wanted to keep busy with his cases so John was concerned. John wondered why Paul wanted to take on so many cases. Paul wanted to take his mind off of Sonny and Will. Rafe had a dream about Hope and realized that he woke up next to Sami. He apologized for calling her Hope. Hope tried to call Rafe, but he declined her call. Marlena introduced Will to Belle. Belle thought she could get him to get his memory back. He noticed that she wasnít like Sami. Belle thought Sami was loyal. Hope showed up at Samiís room just as she told Rafe not to tell Hope what happened between them. Eve was the one who had Tate. Brady was upset with Eve for taking Tate without telling him. Eli showed up at the mansion and Brady wanted Eve arrested for kidnapping. Hope asked Sami to open the door so they could talk about Rafe. Rafe wanted to get it over with and tell Hope the truth. Sami didnít want to do it. Sami went to the door. Will told Belle what Sami did to him. Belle thought it was crazy but reminded him that he made a mistake too. Paul and John continued to talk about Sonny. Eli tried to question Eve about Tateís kidnapping until he found out that Tate was home. Brady apologized for the false alarm, but Eli wanted to see him anyway. Eli wanted to get Bradyís statement regarding Deimosí murder.

Brady didnít see why he had to make a statement. Eli wanted Brady to explain how he got the amulet. Victor tried to defend him. Eli told Brady that he would be the number one suspect in Deimosí murder. Will wanted Belle and Marlena to tell him what he did. Belle told him that he cheated on Sonny. Will wanted to know who he was with and Marlena told him that he cheated with Paul. Hope asked Sami if she knew where Rafe was. Sami denied knowing where Rafe was. Hope explained to Sami what happened with Rafe. Rafe was in the bathroom while they were talking about him. Hope was about to leave when Sami wanted to give her advice about getting Rafe back. John told Paul that Sami tried to recreate what Ben did to Will. Paul didnít understand why she did it. Will was upset about what he did to Sonny. He didnít want to be a Horton anymore and stormed off. Brady was willing to take a lie detector test, but Eve wanted Eli to take him to the station. Victor told Eli that he knew for a fact that Brady didnít kill Deimos. Sami advised Hope to talk to Rafe. Hope listened and went to look for him. Sami and Rafe talked after Hope left. She advised him to go after Hope. Marlena wanted to know why Belle told Will the truth. Belle explained to her why she told him the truth. Victor told Eli that Brady was recovering from heart surgery and he was with him. Eve told Eli that they were in cahoots with each other and knew who killed Deimos. Victor told Brady that they would eventually have to blame Nicole for Deimosí murder. Will went to see Paul. Belle went to see Sami and she wasnít happy about it. She was also mad that Belle went to see Will. Hope met Rafe at the park. Hope wanted to know where he was last night.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Olivia is decorating a white tree with modern decorations in the Quartermaine living room. Monica walks in and thinks the tree looks horrible. She wanted a real tree with the traditional decorations they have in the attic. Olivia thought she said it was up to her to do the tree. Monica didn’t think she would do it like this. They argue and Monica tells her she doesn’t have to live here if she doesn’t want. Olivia explains that it is important to Ned so she does. In the foyer, Alexis comes to talk with Michael and Ned. She tells them that since Andrew exists that means there is an additional person in Edward’s will. Ned thinks they should buy both Jason and Andrew out of the shares. Michael doesn’t think so because he feels Edward would have wanted them to be included. Monica walks in with Olivia and tells Ned that Andrew should be involved in the will as well. Ned guesses they can figure it out later. He tells Alexis he is sorry for talking about her son-in-law like that. Monica says she is sorry to Olivia. Olivia agrees to do the tree traditionally. She has Easter though.

Kim shows up at GH and Amy shows her to the exam room where Maxie and Nathan are waiting. Amy is shocked she is pregnant. Maxie tells her not to tell anyone. Amy can do that unlike some people. Maxie reminds her she didn’t have anything to do with revealing who Man Landers was. Amy isn’t sure she believes her. Kim has Amy and Nathan leave while she starts the exam. Nathan tells Amy in the hallway to be a little more lenient of Maxie. Nathan later hears the heart beat and Kim asks him to get his medical history for her. At the Metro Court, Lulu meets with Peter the COO of Aurora who tells her to bring him a good story and he will hire her. Maxie and Nathan shows up. Nathan asks Obrecht for his medical history. Lulu and Maxie decide to find out who leaked the Man Landers story. At Aurora, Sam tells Drew that things will be ok and that they will make their own memories. Kim shows up to talk about Oscar, but Sam wonders if she knows anything about Drew’s past. Kim claims she knows nothing. A military officer shows up and arrests Drew.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Tessa missed her interview on the Hilary Hour because Paul took her into the station for stealing Nikki's gun. The DA offered to give Tessa immunity if she went undercover to gather information tying Victor to the sex ring. Tessa refused, so she was arrested. Noah stood by Tessa. Ashley was too busy to accept Ravi's offer to go out for drinks. Billy and Phyllis made plans for an impromptu trip to NY. Billy and Ashley agreed that they were siblings even though they weren't biologically related. Billy told Ashley that he and Phyllis were great and that he didn't want to get married. Ashley wondered if it wasn't fair not to commit to Ravi. Billy urged her to do what made her happy. Ashley offered Billy a job at Jabot, and she loaned him the company jet for his trip to NY. Victoria offered Ravi the position of head of software development at Newman. Ravi turned her down out of loyalty to Ashley. Ravi told Phyllis that he felt like Ashley was using him. Ravi wanted something more than a physical relationship. Phyllis advised Ravi to make Ashley see him as a man instead of an employee. Ravi invited Ashley to dinner. She declined, but suggested that they hook up at the hotel later. Ravi agreed. Ravi called Victoria back and accepted the job.

Victoria found out Newman was to be audited. Lily promised to help Victoria out with the audit, and she asked if there were any skeletons in the Newman's closet. Devon filled in for Tessa on the Hilary Hour. Hilary interviewed Devon and impressed him with her knowledge of his company. Hilary got on Devon and Mariah's bad side when she announced Tessa's trip to the police station on live television. Nikki apologized to Dina for the way she'd treated her. Dina was hostile toward Nikki, but Nikki was understanding and took it in stride. Jack learned that Nikki had gone to the ranch the other day, and he asked if she was on the way to rekindling things with Victor. After spending time with Dina, Nikki understood why Jack had broken up with her. Jack assured Nikki that he knew he couldn't expect her to wait for him to be ready to date again.

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