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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Wyatt: Did you think there was any chance Steffy was gonna forgive Liam for what he did with Sally?

Bill: No. I honestly didn't.

Wyatt: See? Miracles do happen. Maybe you'll get yours with Brooke. Anyway, I got to go. Taking a meeting for Liam. He wants to spend some quality time with the wife. And they're probably not even gonna leave the bedroom anytime soon.

Bill: You're a good brother.

Wyatt: T-t-y-L.

Bill: Oh, don't talk to me in letters. You know I freakin' hate that!

Wyatt: I know. Just making sure you're paying attention. B-y-E. Whoa!

Liam demands to know what happened and why Steffy is crying and so upset. Wyatt questions Bill if he ever sees or thinks about Brooke any more. Brooke tells Ridge that she saw him and Quinn in a quiet moment but she hoped it was just business and she did not want to interrupt. He asks her not to be jealous; there is no concern. He was just telling her that her jewelry looked beautiful. Brooke is still the sexiest one around. Thorne walks in while Eric is preparing some gowns for the models and asks Thorneís help. He canít quite put his fingers on it but Thorne shows him a little trick and Eric is appreciative. Eric quips to watch out for the models. Thorne says he is not his brother, RidgeÖÖ..and by the way where is he. Eric says at Brookeís. Steffy continues to cry and cry and Liam tells her to settle down and tell him what is the matter. He will always love her so she can tell him anything. Eric tells Thorne that it is no secret that he would like Ridge and Brooke back together but he will try not to make it so obvious and curb that desire until Brooke comes around to that on her own. He thinks Thorne looking out for Brooke is a good thing. Sheís going through a difficult time and they all will be watching. Thorne says he will always be there for her. Ridge tells Brooke that Liam and Steffy renewed their vows and that is good as they will be saying theirs soon if he has his way. Bill drifts off and Wyatt has to get his attention again. Maybe miracles do happen and he will get his with Brooke.

Liam asks if his dad did something or said something. Steffy says simply that she was afraid he was going to lose his father and she is so glad he didn’t. Too many things are happening all at once. He realizes this all started because of what he did with Sally. She says no they got through that and he declares he is not going anywhere so she has no worry. Thorne tells his dad that he just could not be around the family and he had to get away, but it was time to come home now. He confesses to Eric that he is staying with Brooke for the moment but he is not freeloading; he is paying his own way. Eric says he could stay with him and Quinn but Thorne says they need their own space. Ridge is not too happy when Brooke tells him that Thorne is staying with her at the moment. He reminds her he could stay with Eric or the guest house or even a hotel. He does not want his little brother to stay with Brooke; he is up to something. Eric fills Thorne in on Sheila Carter but does not want to spend any more energy on talking about her. Thorne says he knows what happened in Australia and he is not convinced that Ridge has changed and will be good for Brooke. Liam tells Steffy they got through all the bad parts and nothing bad happened and he doesn’t want her to forget that. He tells her he agreed to meet with Wyatt but if she needs him he can cancel it. She says no and kisses him goodbye. Bill calls and he wants to know if she told Liam. She says she could not bring herself to do it. They have to keep the secret otherwise they both will lose everything.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas showed up at the mansion to see Kate. They talked about Will being alive. Lucas didnít like how Will didnít remember him. Lucas told Kate that Sami had him kidnapped and almost killed. Shawn Douglas and Belle showed up at the pub and surprised Hope. Sami and Rafe kissed each other and things started heating up between them. Ciara saw Claire and Tripp hugging. Ciara thought Claire was cheating on Theo. Claire explained what was going on with Tripp. Claire told her that she loved Theo. Ciara loved him too, but thanks to her he wouldnít know it. Kate couldnít believe that Sami would go through with the plan. Lucas didnít understand it either. He told Kate that he wanted to go to the police, but Will wouldnít cooperate. Lucas felt like Sami made her bed and had to lie in it. Sami and Rafe moved to the bed and prepared to make love. Ciara continued to blame Claire for Theo not knowing the truth about how she felt. Ciara continued to make her pay. Hope told Shawn Douglas and Belle how withdrawn Ciara was when she called her. They told her how she was acting like that with them too. Shawn D hoped that Rafe could help Ciara. Hope told them that she and Rafe broke up. Rafe and Sami made love.

Steve and Kayla talked about Tripp having feelings for Claire. They also talked about him knowing that Kate figured out that he donated the money. Kayla and Steve denied telling him. Lucas wanted to drink so Kate tried to get him to stop drinking. Kate didnít want him to end up like Theo. Lucas didnít know what happened so Kate told him. She told him that it was her fault. Hope told Shawn D and Belle what happened with Rafe. Belle thought that they could make up. Shawn D suggested that Hope call Rafe. Rafe told Sami that Hope gave him the ring back. Sami suggested that he try to get Hope back. Claire denied trying to deliberately hurt Ciara. Ciara thought what she did was hurtful. Ciara warned her that she was going to be the one hurting people. Steve didnít understand how Tripp knew about the conversation with Kate when they didnít say anything to him. He decided to ask Tripp. Kate didnít come out and say what she did. She felt responsible because she was in charge of the company. Ciara and Hope reunited at the pub. Hope didnít like the fact that Ciara was riding Boís bike. They ended up arguing over it. Hope demanded that Ciara give her the keys. Ciara refused to give them to her and wanted to go after Rafe. Rafe wanted to go home, but he knew Gabi would have questions. Sami suggested that he stay there with her. Kate wanted Lucas to move in the mansion, but he figured out that she wanted to keep an eye on him. She told him that he had so much to look forward to, but he didnít want to stop drinking. He wanted everyone to stop telling him to drink. He walked out of the mansion. Shawn D and Belle went to see Claire. Claire talked to them about her falling out with Ciara. Hope wanted to know why Ciara was suddenly interested in Boís motorcycle. Ciara said she missed Bo. Ciara was sick of being a doormat to everyone. The bike was the only thing that helped her.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco and Elizabeth go to the hospital where Franco asks if Elizabeth is ok. Elizabeth is fumed at Andre for lying to them and taking on Jake as a patient with what he was doing with Andrew at the same time. Robin shows up and Franco leaves. Robin finds out that Jason six is indeed the real Jason. She wonders how it will affect Sam and Andrew. She needs Elizabeth to promise that she will not keep Jason away from Jake. Elizabeth thinks it might be hard but she will get through it. At the PCPD, Franco goes to visit Andre. He needs Andre to promise that he won’t tell anyone what happened. Andre promises. He thinks that Franco should tell Elizabeth though what happened if he really loves her. Franco decides to but before he can Elizabeth proposes marriage to him.

Alexis finds Jason at the docks. She tells him that he needs to stay away from Sam. She is vulnerable right now but in a better place than when she was with him. Jason says that he is not going to get in the way. At the PCPD, Sam tells Andrew they should go home. She is still married to him and she doesn’t think that is going to change. Alexis shows up after Andrew leaves. She saw Jason. She thinks she needs to stay with Andrew. Sam runs off unable to breathe. She runs to the docks and finds Jason. He promises that what happens will happen. It will be ok. Sam is left alone. Joss and Oscar send away for the paternity test. Nelle shows up and Michael is there. She has an autographed photo for Joss. It is revealed that Nelle is the one who signed it though in secret. Oscar finds Andrew on the footbridge and they both think about life together.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The residents of Genoa City put up their Christmas trees and decorations. Victor and Nick compete for guests at their tree-trimming parties. Cane asks Lily to donate more blood for baby Sam before his surgery. Although she wants to donate, she isn't allowed to, because it is too soon after her first donation. Charlie gets tested but his blood doesn't contain the special antibody Lily has to make the baby heal more quickly. Mattie gets tested and does have the same protein as Lily, so she donates blood for her baby brother after Lily makes her understand that she shouldn't blame Sam for her and Cane's divorce. Victor tells Noah that Tessa stole Nikki's gun and gave it to Crystal who then used the gun to kill Zach. Noah talks to Tessa and he is hurt that she didn't tell him what she did. Tessa tells Noah that she loves him and wanted for him to have plausible deniability if the police found out what she did. Tessa also tells him that she has problems trusting people because of the way she grew up. She always wonders if people like her or if they want something from her. Noah forgives her and tells her he understands, but later Victor offers Tessa $100,000 to leave town and never come back. Tessa turns down Victor telling him that she loves Noah and will never leave him. Sharon gives Scott a Christmas stocking with his name on it and asks him to move with her. When he accepts, they hang the stocking on the fireplace mantle.

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