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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy corrects Bill; they are not meant to be. Bill says okay then he will be a good and loyal father and respect his son’s marriage. But he remembers the first time they got wrapped up in each other before bloodlines and relationships interfered. And he cannot lie to himself or to her about their times together. Liam tells Sally that she is taking this brush-off pretty well considering. Darlita tells Coco that it is sort of like a little love story on its own that now both Liam and Sally have the Spectra dust in their systems. If Steffy were gone he would be automatically drawn to that women who he shared so much with. Bill tells Steffy that he is not asking for anything. She can walk away as he understands this is killing her. But she needs to think twice about telling Liam. He is not going to let her paint what they had without goodness and caring. She says he deserves to lose his son. Liam deserves to know so just be prepared for anything. Sally says goodbye and thanks Liam for not slamming the door in her face. He says they are friends. She says she knows but she also knows they are not going to be hanging out together and that is okay. She does make this promise that if he needs her at all she will be there and she doesn’t care who knows.

Steffy goes home and Liam asks if she is okay. She says no. He says she is not acting like herself. She replies hypocrisy will do that. He tells her first about Sally coming over and now Steffy has been elevated from princess to Empress. But he can see that she is really unhappy about something so just tell him. Whatever it is she can tell him. It cannot be that bad. Sally tells Coco that Liam seems even happier than before. His wife came home and sounds like a new and improved wife. Sally says this time she knows what to look for. She learned her mistakes with Thomas and then Liam. She wants to be strong like Steffy and never give up. Bill cannot stop thinking about his night with Steffy and how they were meant to be. Liam reaches out to Steffy and she pushes him away and won’t let him touch her. She cries that she cannot help herself. He asks if she is sick. She says no but she cannot pretend anymore. He thinks he knows that she must feel trapped. He put that whole renewal vows on her without giving her a chance to say no. She cries out that she cannot forget. He wants to know what she wants him to do. She replies just love her. He says he does. She cries out this has to do with his father.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Rafe and Sami talked about what happened with Will. She thought that what she did was right. He didnít think she should have done it. Sami thought he was going to turn her in to the commissioner and fiancťe. Rafe let her know that Hope wasnít the commissioner or his fiancťe anymore. Hope talked to Jennifer about what happened with Rafe. Jennifer was shocked that they broke up. Valerie wanted Abe to know that she felt guilty about the surgery. She thought she could have done more to help Theo. Eli shared with Gabi that JJ possibly shot Theo because heís black. Gabi was offended that he believed that JJ was racist. Gabi was upset and didnít want to go out to eat anymore. Rafe and Hope went back and forth with Sami and Jennifer respectively about their situations. Abe wasnít upset with Valerie for what happened with Theo. Gabi went to see JJ to make him feel better. JJ told her that he and Lani broke up.

Gabi assured JJ that Theo would be okay and that Internal Affairs would clear him. Gabi told him that Hope was fired. He felt bad that she lost her job because of him. Hope told Jennifer that she gave back the ring. Jennifer thought there would be hope for them. Hope was afraid that she would never get over Bo. Hope was afraid that if something happened to Rafe that she would feel the way she felt when she lost Bo. Rafe and Sami were drinking and talked about Hope losing the love of her life. Sami explained how she felt when she lost EJ. Rafe felt that people moved on with their lives. Rafe thought Sami could move on too. Sami thought she was done with men. She planned on spending the rest of her life alone. Jennifer advised Hope to tell Rafe that she was afraid that he would get hurt. She told Hope to talk to Rafe before itís too late. Sami and Rafe continued to drink. Rafe assured her that Will would get his memory back. Sami wanted her kids to be happy. She was upset because she felt like she failed Will. She didnít know if she could live with herself because of it. Rafe hugged her and tried to make her feel better. JJ continued to talk to Gabi about how he shot Theo. He felt responsible for what happened to him. Claire and Tripp gathered Abe, Lani Valerie, and Eli as well as others for a vigil for Theo. Claire sang a song for Theo. Abe appreciated the song that Claire sang for Theo. Ciara showed up at the end of the vigil. Hope decided to go after Rafe. Jennifer wished her luck. Rafe and Sami almost kissed each other. He said it was okay. He assured her that he would be there for her. Sami felt like Rafe would find someone else. They ended up kissing.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Ashley told Ravi that spending the night with him helped her forget her troubles, and she wanted to do it again. Ravi was looking forward to going on outings, but Ashley said she was too busy to make concrete plans and that she wanted to keep things low key and spontaneous. Ravi accepted this, but seemed disappointed. Abby celebrated walking away from Newman with Lily. Abby explained her reasons for quitting to Lily and Ashley. Victoria reassured Cane, who was worried about Sam, and promised to keep them in her thoughts. Lily surprised Cane by going to the hospital to check on him and Sam. Cane told her that Sam would need heart surgery. A technician mistook Lily for Sam's mother and asked her and Cane to donate blood for Sam's surgery. Lily decided to give blood to be stored in the blood bank for others. Coincidentally, it turned out that Lily's blood matched Sam's and was more suitable for him than Cane's was. Cane told Lily that if Sam survived it would be thanks to her.

Nikki told Victor that Tessa stole the gun from their safe. Ashley confronted Victor for letting Victoria push Abby out of Newman. Victor asked Victoria if she was jealous of Abby. Victor praised Abby and asked her to come back to Newman, and he instructed Victoria to make Abby feel welcome. Abby insisted on getting several perks on the condition of returning to Newman, and Victoria granted them. Victoria and Abby were still at odds. Nikki sympathized with Ashley about Dina. Nick and Chelsea prepared to decorate for their first Christmas as a couple, and ran across an ornament from Adam. Chelsea didn't think Nick would want to hang it, but he assured her that they would to honor Adam. Sharon told Nick that she wanted to ask Scott to move in with her and Faith. Nick gave her his blessing. Scott was a guest on a major news show. He told the audience that Victor had nothing to do with the sex ring and that he wouldn't have made it out of the storage unit if it weren't for Abby. Scott was offered a reporting job based out of NY. Victor asked Chelsea to come to his party. When Chelsea politely declined, Victor threatened to tell Nick that Chelsea was lying to him about Christian's paternity.

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