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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam sidles up to Steffy at the breakfast bar and says how lucky he is to start each morning like this with his beautiful wife. She says she really regrets what she did, walking out on him but she is so happy now. Yet a half second later she is thinking of her romp in the sack with her father-in-law, Bill. Bill too remembers her telling him that she has to tell Liam and he says no; he must never know. Sally thinks back on what she told Liam while they were trapped in the rubble. She tells Coco that she is going to see Liam but she wants to be sure she does not run into Steffy. She doesn’t want anything bad to happen but she does need to speak to Liam. Liam tells Steffy that today he is working from home. Liam mentions Christmas and says he is actually looking forward this year to it, He knows she will want to be with her family and he wants to spend more time with his dad.

Sally goes to see Liam. She says he and Steffy looked very happy at Thanksgiving. He says yes she is very happy and is very understanding. Sally says she knows. She expected Steffy to stick the turkey in her face but she didnít. Liam says yes Steffy was obviously mad but it is like overnight she found this acceptance and they even renewed their wedding vows. It’s like she left one woman but came back another. Steffy goes to see Bill and says she is not being honest with her husband and this will haunt her the rest of her life. Bill says they must take that risk. Steffy wonders why they did not stop themselves before it went too far. Bill reminds her that Liam told her that he shared a connection between him and Sally. She says it was still a mistake and no reason to do what they did. She knows that she owes Liam the same honesty and integrity that he gives her. Bill says she will lose him then if that is what she wants. Sally tells Liam that she has to be honest with him and she is happy he is back with Steffy but she cannot forget when they were together in the rubble. Bill reminds Steffy again that if she tells Liam he will feel betrayed. They made love and they both felt that way about it. He cannot pretend that he does not feel they were made for each other. He cannot deny what he knows. They were meant to be.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate admitted to Andre that she was the one who sent Theo to the warehouse. She explained what she did to get Theo to go to the warehouse. Hope told Rafe that she didnít want to get married because of Aiden. Rafe couldnít believe that Hope thought he would be like Aiden. Lucas went to Marlena and John to get their help. He asked them to help find Will. Will started to remember the night Ben killed him. Ben stopped himself from killing Will. Ben admitted that Sami put him up to it. Andre prepared to tell Chad that she was the one who sent Theo to the warehouse. Lucas continued to convince John and Marlena that Will was kidnapped. John said it wasnít Susan. Marlena realized that Sami did it. Will was upset with Sami for her plan. He told her that she was a terrible person and wanted her to stay away from him. Abby tried to get Chad to make up with Andre. Kate begged Andre not to tell Chad the truth. Andre called her out for letting Chad blame him for what happened. She was afraid she would be arrested and begged him not to say anything. Will went to the townhouse and told Lucas, Marlena, and John that Sami was a b*tch. Hope denied thinking Rafe was like Aiden. Hope didnít know why she was stalling getting married. Rafe knew he wasnít Bo.

Rafe continued to tell Hope that he wasnít Bo. He knew no one would ever measure up to Bo. Hope told Rafe that he loved other people and mentioned going off with Sami. He didnít want to hear it. He finally got her to admit that he wouldnít be Bo. Andre wanted to know why Kateís message wasnít on Theoís phone. Will told Lucas and company what Sami did to him. Lucas and Will yelled at Sami for what she did. Will wanted Sami to get out of the townhouse. Sami wanted Lucas to side with her. Lucas wanted Sami to get arrested, but Will didnít want the police involved. Sami asked Marlena to hypnotize Will, but she refused to do it. Kate told Andre that she deleted her phone calls from Theoís phone. Andre told her that she could have deleted his calls. She wanted to know what he was going to do. Chad and Abby walked in as Kate asked if he was going to turn her in to Chad. Hope tried to explain why Rafe wouldnít be Bo. He was glad to finally know the truth. Chad apologized to Andre for what happened. Chad didnít want Andre to move out. Kate told Chad that Andre didnít do it. Chad wanted to know if she knew who was responsible. Sami tried to justify her plan. Will didnít want to remember her anymore. Hope wanted to work things out with Rafe, but he wanted to end it. Hope begged Rafe not to end it, but he couldnít be with her anymore. She gave him back her ring and he walked out of the office. Marlena wanted Sami to leave. She walked out of the house. Andre ended up covering for Kate and said that they didnít know who did it. Andre wanted to work together to find out who was sabotaging the company. Rafe and Sami ran into each other at the town square. They hugged each other.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Sonny and Jason six question Obrecht over where Faison is. Obrecht claims she is not in contact with Faison and cannot help them. She leaves and Sonny goes to handle something. Jason six walks out and finds Spinelli. Spinelli hugs him. He then says he is sorry for marrying Sam and Andrew. Jason six thinks it is fine so long as Sam was happy. Spinelli still doesn’t think it is ok. Diane shows up to talk strategy. She wants to have Sam and Michael go on the stand. It will make them win and Franco will be a very hated man. Sonny shows up and is ready to get down to the station. Jordan and Curtis attempt to get Andre to come back with them to PC. Andre has no desire. Jordan begs him if he was ever a good man that he will.

Oscar shows up at GH on Kim’s first day. He begs her to tell him who his father is. Kim claims that there is a good reason why she never told him and tells him to drop it. Joss gets yelled at by Carly at the Metro Court. Joss tells Carly that when she gets permission from Oscar she will have a good reason as to why she snuck out last night. Carly will be waiting. Oscar shows up and Joss tells him they can get a DNA test from Jason’s cup she took. Carly shows up at Jason and Sam’s telling him about Kim. Sam says that Jason even recognized her. Carly wants them to go and talk to her then. Jason knows he is the real Jason and Curtis just found the proof. At the PCPD Elizabeth demands Franco get the charges dropped against Jason six. Franco has no desire. Elizabeth really wants him to though because she loves him and no one else. Jason six shows up along with Diane, Sonny, and Spinelli. Franco ends up dropping the charges. Carly walks in with Sam and Jason. Andre is behind them along with Curtis and Jordan.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Lily talked to Charlie about respecting women, and told him that he needed to apologize to Hilary for looking at the photos. Lily met with Cane to see how he and Sam were doing. Lily joined Cane at the hospital, after Sam's doctor called. Cane was told that Sam had taken a turn for the worse and might not survive. Hilary's show lost another sponsor, the guest who was supposed to appear on the show canceled and the commercial she starred in was pulled from television. Hilary took her frustrations out on Mariah, but she refused to throw in the towel and give up on her show. Charlie apologized to Hilary. Hilary admitted she shouldn't have trusted Jordan. Hilary vowed to turn her show into something that empowered women. Jack envisioned happily decorating the house for Christmas with Dina, but she told him she couldn't care less. Jack and Dina made up and enjoyed themselves, but Dina's memory lapses continued. Dina told Jack that when her disease progressed, to remember she always loved him.

Ashley started her first day as acting CEO. She was irritated because Jack's files were in disarray and she found out he hadn't been keeping her up to date on all the company issues. Ashley and Gloria clashed, because Gloria didn't respect Ashley's authority, and she disapproved of the way Ashley criticized Jack's way of running Jabot. Ravi helped Ashley find files and helped calm her nerves. Ravi told Phyllis that he couldn't keep waiting on Ashley to make up her mind about him. Ravi took up for Ashley when Gloria badmouthed her. After a confrontation with Jack, and seeing a confused Dina think it was Christmas Eve, Ashley tried to arrange dinner with Abby. Abby was busy, so Ashley booked a room at the Club and had Ravi meet her there. She met him at the door wearing lingerie.

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