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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thorne has coffee with Brooke and says he knows she does not want to discuss why she did not marry Ridge in Australia but he has a feeling it always has to do with another woman and he cannot understand that. And while Ridge is not his dad’s biological son, he is talented like Eric so he will give him that. Then he shows Brooke some of his own designs that he has been working on. Charlie brings in lunch but Pam says she already had hers before she went to the cemetery. She asks if he believes in rehabilitation – the reason – she just ran into Sheila. He has an unhappy look on his face. But he laughs and says so she is still in town. He hopes Pam did not invite her to see her more often. At the restaurant Sheila sees Eric talking to Carter about some contracts and he will have them signed by the end of the day. Eric looks up and is surprised to see that Sheila is still in town. She says some of her happiest times have been here in L.A. and she just could not leave. And this thing with Mateo she could not help herself. She did wrong but she had to test Quinn to make sure she was worthy of Eric so she is not going to apologize. Ivy is pleased with some jewelry pieces that Quinn and Ridge show her. Ridge places a piece around Quinn’s neck and says it makes her eyes sparkle and he could even design a dress to go with it. This could be their finest collection. Somewhere in the conversation he mentions that he does not want Thorne to find out what happened between the two of them.

Brooke is shocked by Thorne’s collection and he says he started right after he left when Aly died. He met another designer and decided to give it a shot, even took some classes and with encouragement he continued. She’s so happy for him. He explains the Aly label is his. In a way she inspired him. She gives him a hug and says she is so proud of him. He cannot wait until he hears Ridge’s and Eric’s opinions. Then he tells her she is a little different. She tries to shrug it off to her new shorter hairdo but he swings it around again to why she did not marry Ridge. Pam tells Charlie that she has looked in the mirror and everyone deserves a second chance, even Sheila. Charlie says Pam is Mother Teresa compared to Sheila and he does not believe she will change. Sheila says she has no reason to believe she can ask Eric this but if he has not burned her portrait she would like it back. He says it is still there in the closet. Brooke states to Thorne that he is starting a new career and she does not want him to be thinking so much about her. She tells him to check in and make himself comfortable. Pam tells Charlie that second chances are what life is all about. Charlie says the only second chance Sheila wants is with Eric. Quinn tells Ridge that Thorne will not hear about them from her; no one is even talking about it anymore so there is nothing to worry about. She is grateful for where they both are now. She has Eric and he will have Brooke someday. At that moment Brooke walks in and sees them through a slightly open door. Ridge is adjusting or touching something around Quinn’s neck. Brooke gets the wrong impression.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad called Andrť out for what he thought he did to Theo. Kate listened to Chad going off on Andrť, but didnít say anything. Will found Lucas on a bench. Lucas didnít believe that Will was really alive. Sami had Ben kidnapped and wanted him to help her get Willís memory back. Marlena interrupted her conversation with Ben to warn her not to do anything dangerous. Sami didnít tell her that she had Ben with her. She wanted to move on to her next plan. Her henchmen warned her not to be alone with Ben, but she wasnít worried. She had a gun and told them they could leave her alone with Ben. Hope wasnít happy that Rafe was going to be the new commissioner. Rafe tried to explain that the position is temporary. She was still upset that he had the job. She didnít understand how he went to Abe to talk to him about her job and ended up with it. Rafe told her that Abe didnít think she could be impartial. She didnít think Abe could be impartial too. Abby walked in and tried to defend Andrť. Chad ended up blaming her brother for what happened to his nephew. Ben told Sami that Chad would be after him once he found out that she had him. Sami let him know that she went to a lot of trouble to get him. Will told Lucas that he really was alive. Will confirmed that he was alive and Lucas hugged him. Rafe couldnít believe that Hope would think that he would want her job. Rafe reminded her that she wasnít impartial. Hope felt that Rafe resented the fact that she was his boss. She thought he was second-guessing her the entire time she had the position. She believed that Rafe thought he would do a better job than her. Rafe admitted that he could do a better job. Abby didnít like what Chad said to her. Andrť tried to stop them from arguing. Andrť was willing to leave and Chad wanted him to go. He asked Kate what she thought. She focused on Will and Theo. Sami wanted Ben to help her bring Willís back. He finally agreed to do it. Lucas was relieved that Will was alive. Will told him that he didnít remember anything. Lucas tried to remind him about the times they shared. Samiís henchmen grabbed Will and hit Lucas in the back of the head.

Sami wanted Ben to do exactly what he was supposed to do or she would kill him. Hope was relieved that Rafe finally admitted that he could do her job better. Rafe defended himself so they argued again. He didnít want the job to come between them. She said the job did come between them. Chloe found Lucas lying on the bench. Will was taken to Benís apartment. Will didnít remember Ben so he introduced himself. Marlena talked to John about the ways to get Will to get his memory back. She realized that she didnít leave the book where it was. Ben stalked Will the way he did when he tried to kill him. Will didnít understand what Ben was doing. Abby didnít want Chad to throw Andrť out. Chad didnít listen and told Andrť to get out. Rafe explained why he wasnít in town since she threw it up in his face. Hope didnít like that he didnít tell her about going out of town with Sami. Hope brought up that she was his fiancťe. Rafe wondered why they arenít married yet. Lucas told Chloe that he saw Will. Chloe didnít believe him. Lucas left to find his son. Ben tried to kill Will again. Will bumped his head on the table. Sami was in the closet with the gun pointed at him. Ben seemed to enjoy trying to kill Will. Andrť appreciated Abby standing up for him. She didnít think it was right that he was being thrown out. Andrť couldnít believe that Chad treated him the way he did. While Chad and Abby were gone, Kate admitted that she was the one who was guilty. Rafe wanted Hope to admit that she didnít want to get married. She admitted that she didnít want to marry him. Lucas went to Marlena and John and told them that someone kidnapped Will. Ben continued to strangle Will. Will started to remember what Ben did to him the night he tried to kill him. Sami continued to watch Ben attack Will.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Dante shows up at his desk and finds Jason six. He wants to see the file off the night that he was shot. Dante allows him to see it but isn’t going to leave the room. He tells Jason six that there is no information in the file that will help him. He needs to find Faison but all they know about him is he is obsessed with Anna. At Anna’s house, Anna argues with Finn over wanting to help. Finn wants to design the drug for Cassandra to get closer to her operation. Anna refuses. Valentin shows up and agrees with Finn it is a great idea. Anna cannot believe him. Finn storms out and Anna later tells Valentin to do so as well. At the Metro Court, Valentin finds Nina and then finds she is having lunch with Cassandra. Nina tells Valentin in private she is trying to help. Later, Valentin finds Finn talking with Cassandra at the bar. Jason six shows up to speak with Anna about the whereabouts of Faison. Anna explains the only one who will know that is Obrecht.

Jordan and Curtis are in Cuba looking for Andrť. Curtis set up a meeting with an American selling artifacts. He assumes it must be Andrť looking for cash. Andrť shows up and the two get into a fight. Jordan stops them. They plead with Andrť to come back with them to the US but he has no desire. At The Floating Rib, Felicia and Mac open up early with Sam there. Obrecht then shows up. Nathan and Maxie later show up with Lulu and the announcement of the pregnancy happens. Everyone is so happy. Robin shows up and tries to say sorry to Sam about being wrong about Jason. Sam doesn’t want to hear it though. She tells Nina that she is sick of people telling her how she should feel.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Charlie goes to Devon for advice because he is worried about his baby brother Sam and wants to visit him in the hospital but he feels like he is disrespecting Lily if he worries about his little brother. Devon tells Charlie that his mom would be proud that he is showing his little brother love and support. Devon also agrees to give Charlie an internship at his music streaming service. Paul tells Nick that Dina has Alzheimer's disease and that is why the police won't be pressing charges against her. Dina's condition gets Nick thinking about his parents and how glad he is that neither of them are as ill as Dina and he admits to Chelsea that he is having second thoughts about the distance between he and Victor. Hilary loses commercials because of the nude pictures Jordan posted on her website. Hilary asks Devon to make the Hilary hour a part of the Hamilton Winters group but he turns down her idea because the show doesn't fit with the company's mission statement.. Hilary storms out but Devon stops her and she cries and admits that those pictures have ruined her life Abby and Scott decide to quit their jobs and they both do that but Victoria gets a call from her PR company saying that the article Scott wrote for hashtag is getting a lot of positive response and she should keep the website running so Victoria refuses Scott's resignation. Abby feels betrayed by Scott once he explains what happened in Victoria's office and she tells him she will never forgive him for what he has done. Scott takes Sharon to the top of the tower to celebrate and he sees Abby and goes over and apologizes to her and tell her she should be angry with him but he wanted to keep hashtag open to cover stories that nobody else would and he wants to use the website to make a difference. Scott thinks Abby's family treated her terribly and she should take back her resignation and demand better treatment but Abby doesn't want to crawl back to Victoria after she quit her job. Sharon suspects Abby has feelings for Scott although Noah tells her that Abby hates Scott and even if she had other feelings Scott would never chose Abby over her because he is crazy about her. Sharon decides its time that she do something to show Scott how much she loves him.

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