The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/28/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam agrees with Wyatt – it is one big happy family and he owes it all to Steffy. Brooke shows Thorne her place and says he is welcome to stay there. Thorne tells her Ridge wasted no time in putting him in his place with "little brother". It is time to do away with that. She says they both are incredible and good looking men. Thorne replies he hopes this time Ridge will appreciate her. Bill tells Liam that he went too far. He did things no father should ever do. Liam says it pales in comparison with what he did. Both swear they will never do that again. Steffy says she did nothing anyone else would not have done. They will be a family again. She looks over Liam’s shoulder when she hugs him to lock eyes with Bill. Sheila surprises Pam by waiting on her table at the restaurant. Pam thought she left town and wonders if Eric knows. Sheila says she could not afford to lose this job but she vows she will not cause any problems for Eric or anyone else. Pam mentions Stephanie and Sheila says she does not want to overstep her bounds but she will go with her to the grave if Pam would like her to rather than go alone. Sheila says she is not judging Pam but she has heard about those moments at Big Bear with Donna and the honey. Pam says she does not like to think of that. Sheila replies she understands as she is trying to change too and she thinks they could be friends. Quinn and Ridge work closely on her jewelry line. He tells her Thorne is back. She notices some tension in his voice and doesn’t seem as happy as Eric is. Thorne tells Brooke that his dad is getting older and it would be nice if he and Ridge could get closer. Brooke says the least they could do is be friends. Wyatt tells Liam that he is waiting for the other shoe to drop. It was only a moment ago that he and his dad were at odds. Liam says he ought to be glad they are back working together again. Wyatt can’t help but feel there is more to the story than that. Steffy tells Bill that what happened between then should have never happened and she doesn’t know why it did, but Liam insisted she come today and she could not get out of it.

Pam says she knows she shouldn’t but she really likes talking to Sheila. Sheila replies that she is all alone in the city so she really would appreciate if Pam called her when she needed a friend. Ridge tells Quinn that no one is going to get in his way and yes it takes every bone in his body to keep from running after Brooke and sweeping her away. But he has to have patience. Thorne quizzes Brooke and says he heard about her thwarted marriage in Australia but he does not know why. But he figures it had to be another woman. Wyatt says this seems too easy for Liam but the way Bill is acting he thinks something is up. Steffy tells Bill that she betrayed her husband, she betrayed her vows and it was wrong and they cannot go back and change it. He says it was not awful; it was beautiful. She re-awakened feelings in him that he did not realize he had. But if she wants to stay with his son who finally forgave him then Liam can never know. It would kill him so they have to keep this secret. No one will ever know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate talked to Will about who she is to him. She told him about Lucas and how he’s an alcoholic. Eric saw Sami at Marlena’s place. He wanted to know what she was up to. Hope told Rafe that Abe fired her. Kayla told Abe that a specialist needed to see Theo’s tests. JJ broke up with Lani so she could be with her family. Chad asked Andre if he was the reason why Theo was at the warehouse. Andre said he had nothing to do with it. JJ told Lani that what he was going through was nothing compared to her and her family. She tried to convince him that they loved each other. Abe talked to Kayla about JJ shooting Theo. Kayla told him that Hope was fired. Rafe was shocked that Abe fired her. She told him why he fired her. Rafe wanted to change his mind. Chad and Andre argued over whether or not Andre had Theo working for him. Eli showed up to ask Andre about the voicemail he left Theo. Eli played the message. Lucas went to the town square to talk to Alice and Tom. Kate told Will why Lucas fell off the wagon. She thought Will being back would help Lucas. She told Will that Sami lied about his paternity. Will couldn’t believe that. Will thought Sami was a monster. Eric wanted to know what Sami was doing. She said she wanted to do anything to help Will get his memory back. Hope tried to stop Rafe from talking to Abe. Rafe convinced her to let him talk to Abe.

Andre denied talking to Theo before he was shot. Eli said everything that happened the night Theo was shot mattered. Chad wanted to know what else Andre was hiding. Lani wanted JJ to be with him, but he didn’t think they should be together. She tried to get him to change her mind. Rafe went to see Abe. Abe didn’t want to see him, but gave him five minutes to talk. Rafe tried to plead Hope’s case to Abe. He wanted Hope to follow his orders. Rafe thought it wouldn’t look good that he fired Hope because his son was shot. Kate defended Sami to Will. Sami was determined to help Will get his memory back. Rafe thought Abe should let internal affairs handle the investigation. Abe agreed to it, but on one condition. Chad wanted Andre to tell him the truth about what happened when Theo was shot. Andre got upset that he was accused again. Lani was upset that JJ wanted to end it. JJ wanted to know how Abe thought about them being together. She couldn’t answer him so he wanted to honor Abe’s wishes. Eli told Abe about the voicemails from Andre. He told Abe that he and Rafe would investigate it. Rafe told Hope that JJ wouldn’t be fired without an investigation. She was happy about it until he dropped the bomb. He told her that he was the new commissioner. Chad was sick of Andre. Kate walked in as Chad told Andre that he wanted him out of the mansion. Will saw Lucas passed out on the bench. He took the bottle from Lucas and he was happy to see him. Sami had Ben tied up in his apartment.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Alexis goes to The Floating Rib where Julian shows up. He promises her eyes do not deceive her. He is out on a bond. Alexis is glad that he was able to get out. She saw Olivia’s lawyer on the news earlier. Julian knows she did this for him. Alexis has no idea what he means. Julian thanks her. Alexis still denies it. Ava agrees to go through the plastic surgery until she reads more about what it entails. She realizes it is not a perfect situation but the doctor cannot see her again until after Christmas. Ava doesn’t want to wait that long so she agrees. Griffin busts in and tells her to stop. He threatens to call the police. The doctor runs off. Griffin takes the flash drive. They go back to her house.

Joss and Oscar meet up at the park. Joss thinks that Jason who is Drew might be his father. Oscar asks what Jason is like. Joss can show up. At Jason and Sam’s house they make love and discuss what they will do for the night. Jason suggests tequila. Sam doesn’t need Jason to act like his old self if he doesn’t want to. Jason wants to have tequila. They are about to go upstairs when Joss and Oscar show up. Jason questions why they are there and them Kim shows up to collect both of them. She is taking Joss home. At Jordan’s place, she and Curtis attempt to have pie but end up burning it after making love. Curtis gets a text giving them Andre’s destination which is Cuba. Jordan says they are going to get him.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Scott promised Tessa that he and Abby would vouch for Crystal if she was ever faced charges for killing Zack. Paul asked Nikki how her gun came to be used to kill Zack. Nikki swore she had no idea. Paul thought that either she or Victor was lying. After a confrontation with Nikki, Tessa confessed to stealing the gun from the ranch and giving it to Crystal for protection. Victor told Victoria that Zack was killed with Nikki's gun. Victoria mulled over taking the heat off the family by having Abby confess to killing Zack in self defense. Lily and Abby discussed the decisions Victoria was making at Newman. With Victor's approval, Victoria presented Abby with a statement to read at a press conference. The statement said that the scandal happened as a result of Abby's naïveté. Abby vented about the statement to Scott, and he helped her edit Victoria's words. Paul told Jack that Dina would likely have to serve time for stabbing Nikki. Jack revealed that Dina had Alzheimer's and that she set fire to Nick's club. Paul promised to recommend that the charges be dropped, due to Dina's condition. Sharon urged Mariah not to give up on finding love. Sharon cooked a meal for Scott and told Mariah that he'd been distant. Scott was busy helping Abby and he ignored Sharon's text about dinner. Hilary tried to attend the Newman press conference, but Victoria kicked her out. Lily overheard Hilary mention that Jordan was a con artist. Lily read about Jordan's past on Hilary's site and confronted him. Jordan had words with Hilary and Lily. Jack told Victor that he broke up with Nikki. Jordan posted Hilary's nude photos on her show's website for everyone to see. Abby gave her press conference, and she stood up for herself instead of falling on her sword as Victor and Victoria had instructed her to. Abby revealed that Victor and Victoria blamed her, noted that Victoria became COO after her own company failed and she announced that Scott had published the Hashtag article on the sex ring, despite being ordered not to.

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