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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke, Ridge and Eric discuss this was the best Thanksgiving yet. Eric says he does not want to put words in their mouths but he would like to see them as happy as he and Quinn are. Surprise Ė Thorne walks in. Brooke gives him a hug and Ridge manages a ďwelcome home little brother.Ē He asks how has Paris been treating him. Eric wants to know why he did not let them know and get here in time for Thanksgiving. Thorne says it was more fun this way. Bill thinks back to Steffy telling him that she and Liam renewed their wedding vows. Wyatt walks in and says he has to know – now they are all one big happy family! Seems on Thanksgiving he and Liam were all hunky dory again, so he just wants to catch up on the situation. Liam asks Steffy what is on her mind; a penny for her thoughts but he would be selling her short. She says she was happy that he and his father made up. He says yes and he would not have done that except for his tenacious wife. He knows he can speak for his father too that they are both so grateful to her. He says he almost lost everything – his dad, his job, even Steffy and he is so sorry that he caused so much pain. It is his first day back in the office and he wants her to go with him. It is a big day, a new beginning with more male bonding and she is responsible for that. He asks her to please say she will come.

Wyatt says he is the son who has never betrayed Bill so he'd like to get a straight answer. Steffy found a way to forgive Liam as she is like that. Bill agrees that she is in a class by herself. Wyatt says Liam is back now where he belongs. Thorne admires the portrait of Quinn who is not there at the moment but Eric tells him how happy he is with her. Thorne says after Aly died he had to get away; there is an emptiness inside that will never go away but he realizes now that it is time – time for him to move back to L.A. He misses all of them, his home and his job here in L.A. He tells Brooke that he heard she was divorcing Bill and asks if she and Ridge are back on. Ridge says yes about the same time that Brooke says not really. Ridge says they will make it right the way it should have been in the beginning. Liam walks in and then Steffy, saying she needed to be here on his first day back. Family comes first and there is nothing more important than that and he gets it now thanks to Steffy who never gave up. Bill says he is still committed to Spencer but also Skye too and to getting Sally in a new location. He’d like to sit down with Sally personally and get her thoughts. Liam does not even have to be involved. Liam says he knows he went too far with Sally so he is okay with Bill now taking over. He may not always agree with Bill but he will give him his respect. Thorne tells Ridge that he noticed he was not as enthusiastic about his return as the others, especially the little brother thing that he’d like to be dropped. Ridge says he is coming here with a big chip on his shoulder trying to antagonize him and that won’t work. And he will not call Thorne half-brother as they all know he was raised in this same house and where they all came from.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Marlena brought Arianna in the room and they saw Will. Will talked to her and they ended up hugging. Hope went to see Claire to find out what Theo was doing at the warehouse. Claire asked her if there was any information on the phone. Hope noticed that something was missing on the phone. Abe yelled at JJ for being in Theoís room. JJ wanted to apologize for what happened, but Abe thought it was too late for that. Hope explained what Theo did at the warehouse. Claire told her that someone gave him the device. Tripp tried to downplay someone telling him to break in the warehouse. Claire and Hope couldnít understand why Theo went to the warehouse. Kate felt guilty about what happened to Theo. Chad managed to hear part of what she was saying about Theo, but not enough. Chad believed that Andre had something to do with what happened to Theo. Kate thought Andre was worried about Theo and thatís why he called him. Chad told her that he and Abby saw Will. Will wanted to watch Arianna for a while. She showed him a picture that she drew. Gabi hoped it would trigger his memory. Abe told JJ that he didnít want him anywhere near his son again. JJ apologized again and walked off. Abe asked Lani if she finally saw the light about JJ. Kate couldnít believe that Will was alive. Chad warned her that he was different. Gabi and Arianna left the townhouse. Will felt bad for Arianna because he couldnít remember her. Marlena assured him that Gabi and Sonny could help her. Will didnít think Susan should have hurt his family the way she did. He asked her if she could help him. Marlena suggested getting hypnosis. Will wanted to try it. Kate didnít understand how Will didnít remember anything. Chad explained what Susan did. She wanted to go to Memphis, but he told her that there was no need. She decided that she needed to be alone. Abe called Hope and told her what JJ did. He wanted to see her. She and Claire went to the hospital. Steve showed up to see Tripp. JJ went home and Lani followed him there.

JJ explained to Lani that he wanted to check on Theo. Lani reminded him that Hope told him not to go see him. She thought he could be in worse trouble than he was in before. JJ didnít care what happened to him. Claire asked Abe how Theo was and he let her know there was no change. He asked her to fill Theo in on what was happening with their friends. Abe wanted to talk to Hope alone. Marlena put Will under hypnosis. Will had a memory of a Thanksgiving dinner with his mother. Will had a memory of having Thanksgiving dinner with Susan and Roger. Marlena took him out of hypnosis. She told him that he had a memory of his last Thanksgiving dinner. He was frustrated because he wanted to remember. Marlena wanted him to get the tests done at the hospital. Hope told Abe that Andre denied doing anything to Theo. Abe told her that JJ went to see Theo. She said she would talk to him. Abe said he wanted him fired. Kate snuck to the hospital and peaked into Theoís room. Tripp wanted to tell Steve what Kate did to him. Steve asked Tripp if Kate knew he was the donor. Steve assured Tripp that Kayla would protect him. Tripp didnít think that she should. He was afraid that Kayla could lose her job for real if they found out that what he did. Steve didnít want Tripp to worry about Kate because Kayla had his back. Kate went to see Theo. She wished she were in the bed instead of him. She felt guilty for what happened to him. She wanted him to open his eyes. Hope reminded Abe that he gave her the position because he trusted her. He told her that JJ didnít follow the rules. He told her to fire JJ, but she refused. He told her that she was fired. Sami went to see Marlena. Marlena told her that hypnosis didnít work. Marlena wanted Will to be patient. JJ explained to Lani what happened. Lani knew that what he did was an accident. JJ told Lani that he couldnít see her anymore. Hope didnít think Abe really wanted to fire her. Abe told her not to tell him what he wanted. Abe officially terminated her and told her to clean out her office. Kate went to the park and saw Will.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

David and Alexis kiss one another and David says he is sorry. He didn’t mean to kiss her. So randomly. Alexis doesn’t think he understands how screwed up her life is. David doesn’t care. He still likes her a lot. David leaves and Molly shows up. She thinks that David and Alexis make a great couple. Alexis thinks she is coming off a little strong. Molly is just pointing out that they are ok. Alexis is worried about Kristina. Molly doesn’t think she has to worry. She does point out that Kristina is in a similar situation to her and Julian. Molly leaves. Alexis looks at photos of her and her three girls. She then decides to go out. At the hospital, Griffin asks Kiki if he has seen Ava. Kiki says no but will keep him posted. David shows up and offers to help Kiki study. Kiki thanks him. Griffin comes back and is still worried. He doesn’t know where she is. Ava goes to see the doctor who will do her surgery. Ava agrees to the cost.

Jason is annoyed that no one thought he was the real Jason at dinner. Sam thinks that it doesn’t matter because he is still her husband. The two end up making love. Sonny introduces Jason six to Kim. Kim calls him Drew. Jason six explains she is mistaken he is not Drew. Kim knows that he is Drew though. Jason six explains he has a brother named Drew that is his twin. Carly wants to know what Kim knows. She explains that he was a friend from when she lived in San Diego. Joss and Oscar seem to react to this. Kim claims he dated a friend of hers and then she never saw him again. When Kim and Oscar leave, Kim feels sad and hugs Oscar.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy, Phyllis, Chelsea, and Nick return from their weekend in New Orleans with a secret about something they all did there but they promise they will never talk about it again. Victor gets questioned by Christine about design date and Newman's role in the sex ring but Victor denies having any knowledge about what Zack was doing. Christine tells Victor that she won't stop until she gets to the truth in this case. Jack takes a leave of absence from Jabot to take care of Dina because he feels its the right thing to do. Billy tells him that he should go public with Dina's illness but Jack doesn't want to do that and asks Billy to keep this a secret. Jack tells Nikki about Dina's illness and she suggests he hire a nurse to help him take care of her but he refuses telling Nikki lover he doesn't want to abandon his mother. Nikki offers to help Jack with anything he needs but instead he breaks up with her because he doesn't think its fair that she should go through this with her. Nick goes to the police station and Paul allows him to go through the things that were found in the Underground fire ashes which Victor identifies as a picture of Brent Davis Dina's former lover. Nick goers to Jack's house to try and question Dina about the picture but Jack doesn't allow him to talk to Dina telling Nick she isn't feeling well. Jack later questions Dina about being at the Underground the night of the fire. She doesn't remember anything until Jack starts to play the song he gave her moon and back. As the song plays, all Dina remembers is being at the club and lighting a match. Dina cries as she wonders if she set the fire and what is happening to her.

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