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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Everyone starts dropping in at Eric’s. Quinn even tells Katie that she is glad she is here….if that means she will have her son here. Just do not forget that Thanksgiving is not every day. Bill tells his sons Happy Thanksgiving, especially this year after all they have gone through. Quinn and Eric give Steffy back her bracelet left in the guest house. She mentions a rough patch and she needed a place to run to for a little while. Bill welcomes the Spectra’s and says he is glad they are here this year and he wants to say again he will do all he can to find them a good location so they can rebuild. Before they even sit down Liam praises Steffy again and says she is sitting by his dad and he is sure he will say the same thing. Brooke mentions to Liam that she saw him and Bill talking. He says yeah he thinks everything is going to turn out all right after all. He says hello to Sally and she asks about Steffy and he says she forgave him. She says good; he deserves the best. Steffy and Bill find themselves alone around the table and she is not sure she can get through this. Liam comes in and says it is time to take their seats. Charlie finds Sheila’s portrait stuffed in the kitchen closet. He says they have no idea how crazy she is.

All are seated and Steffy asks Liam to start off and say something nice about the person to their right. His is Sally then Sally thanks her Grams for helping her learn how to make banana pudding and to never give up. Grams tells Darlita her eternal optimism is what keeps the Spectra’s dream alive. Quinn rolls her eyes when it is Katie’s turn to say to Wyatt that he gave her the opportunity to work with him at Forrester. Wyatt tells Quinn that he loves and appreciates her and Eric for being as happy as they are. Quinn tells Eric that they have been tested all this year but they got through it and are stronger and more committed and in love. He sees the best in people. Eric says Happy Thanksgiving to Stephanie’s portrait and he thanks Pam for keeping her spirit alive. Pam turns to Charlie and says for most of her life she was alone but he changed all of that when he came into her heart. Charlie praises Viv for her two strong daughters he has come to know. Viv tells Julius that she thanks him for his strong mind and she is grateful. Julius speaks to his baby girl – talent and hard work pay off and he is proud of the woman she has become. Nicole thanks Maya for suggesting she and Zende move to Paris as it has been a life changing experience. Rick hedges but tells Ridge they have had their differences over the years but he loves the fact that he loves his mother. Ridge tells Brooke that they have a connection and he will always be there for her. Brooke tells Bill that she will always remember the fond times they had together. He has two fine grown sons and he should be grateful. Bill tells Steffy that he used to think he was the one who kept the family together but lately he realizes it is her. Steffy tells Liam that he is the glue that holds them together and she appreciates that he forgives her many faults. As all begin to fill their plates Liam leans over and kisses Steffy and says he loves her – Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

JJ had a nightmare about visiting Theo. He ended up shooting JJ in the nightmare. Lani told Abe about celebrating Thanksgiving at Dougís Place, but Abe didnít want to celebrate while Theo was in the hospital. Marlena told Will that he invited Gabi and Arianna to spend Thanksgiving with him. Will liked the idea of meeting Arianna. Sami arrived at the townhouse, but Will wasnít exactly thrilled to see her. Sami wanted to take Will to Dougís Place so he could see his family. Marlena explained why that wasnít a good idea. Sami understood and decided that it was a good idea. She showed him a duck that he made for her and thought he should remember it. He didnít and got angry with her when she was determined to help him get his memory back. He snapped at her when she badmouthed Susan. He apologized for the way he spoke to her. Sami walked out and Marlena followed her. She told Sami that Will needed time to adjust to everything. After Marlena went back inside, Sami vowed to make sure that Will remembered being her son. Eli saw Lani at the hospital and told her sorry about Theo. He told her that Valerie felt bad about what happened to Theo. Lani told him that Abe only blamed JJ. Gabi went to see JJ to talk about what happened to Theo. JJ explained that he thought about what he did all of the time. He told her that he wanted to see him so he could apologize. Chad and Abby went to see Will at the townhouse. Chad hoped that Will would remember them, but he didnít. Eli felt sorry for Lani for being in the middle of Abe and JJ. Lani explained that Abe didnít want her to be near JJ. Eli wondered what she wanted. Gabi reminded JJ that it was Thanksgiving. He didnít feel the need to be thankful. She told him that Will was alive.

Abe asked God to let his son wake up.  Abe said Theo had so much to live for.  He begged God to let him live.  Sami and Roman went to check on Abe and Theo.  Lani told Eli that she could have been the one who shot her brother.  Eli told her that she might have reacted differently.  She said she questioned why JJ did it.  Eli said he would find out.  Gabi tried to convince JJ to go see Will, but he couldnít face anyone.  She let him know she would be there for him if he wanted to talk before she left.  Chad and Abby got into an argument over JJ shooting Theo.  Abby said it was an accident, but Chad thought he pulled the trigger too soon.  Eli told Lani that he and Rafe were investigating JJ shooting Theo. JJ thought about shooting Theo. Sami explained to Abe that Will didnít remember her. Abe tried to make her feel better about it. Gabi and Arianna went to the townhouse to see Will. Marlena and Arianna went outside. Will saw Gabi sitting on the couch. They were happy to see each other. Eli let Lani know that he was there as a friend, but he needed a statement from her. Abby asked Chad if he blamed JJ for what happened to Theo. Chad believed that JJ could have reacted differently with the shooting. Abby thought they should have been there for JJ, but Chad wanted to agree to disagree on that. Roman talked Abe into getting something to eat and that made it possible for JJ to sneak into Theoís room to see him. Gabi told Will different memories of his time with Arianna. Marlena and Arianna went back to the house. Arianna called out to Will. JJ apologized to Theo for shooting him. He begged Theo to come back to them. Abe wanted to go back to Theoís room to be with him. Abe saw JJ and yelled at him to get off of his son.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Carly informs Sonny that he is taking to long with the turkey. Sonny doesn’t think that anyone wants an undercooked turkey. Sonny finds out that Michael is texting Nelle. Joss and Oscar discuss the dead end of finding his father. Carly gets a call that Oscar’s mother Kim is on her way up and Carly and Sonny meet her at the door. They interact alone for a little bit where Kim admits she knows what Sonny does for a living. She is worried about Oscar but doesn’t think it will last that long with Joss for her to have to get to concerned. Carly and her argue about this but then come to an understanding that Kim must go through a lot. At Sam’s house, Jason six shows up. He wants to know what Sam wants him to do in terms of finding out if he is Jason or not. It doesn’t matter to him. Sam informs him that he needs to find out. Jason six will then. Danny walks downstairs and is happy to see Jason six. Jason six has to leave though. He shows up at Sonny’s house and Kim recognizes him as Drew.

Alexis has Curtis, Jordan, and Stella over for dinner. As well as David who has helped her cook. Stella talks about how the crazy herb woman Liv Jerome has made a press release about Julian. Molly is shocked about this and wonders what it means. Jordan says that it means Julian could have a second trial but it might be denied. Jason shows up at the Quartermaine house and Monica is there. Her flight got canceled. She informs him that she is his real family even if he turns out not to be Jason. Jason says he loves her and calls her mom. Monica cries. At Lulu and Dante’s, Lulu tries to find out if Maxie is pregnant. Maxie ends up getting sick over the food and accidentally drops all of it on the floor. Ned finds out Monica is all alone. At Alexis’s house she drops the turkey. Everyone who was at Alexis’s and Lulu’s homes shows up with pizza’s and sings Edward’s thanksgiving song in Monica’s living room.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

The Newmans and the Abbotts celebrate Thanksgiving and Abby has an argument with Victoria so she heads to the Abbot family celebration early where the Jack and Ashley tell the rest of the family Dina has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and they also tell Dina but she has known about her illness for a year. The family is determined to give Dina a Happy Thanksgiving while her memory is still pretty good. Victor allows Nikki and Nick to stay at the Newman celebration because he sees how sad Faith is without them there. Ravi celebrates with Hilary and Phyllis after he comes back from the Abbot house and tells them that he misunderstood and he thought he was invited to their thanksgiving but he wasn't so Ashley asks him to leave. Dina, Traci and Billy all tell Ashley that he she should have let Ravi stay to eat with them. Nick and Chelsea make up from their recent argument and head to the top of the tower and join Hilary, Phyllis and Ravi to New Orleans to talk about their Thanksgiving. Ravi tells them that he wants a serious relationship with Ashley but he doesn't know if she wants a serious relationship with him. Billy arrives later and he and Phyllis also make up and Billy thinks that the whole group should go to New Orleans so they all get on a private plane headed to New Orleans for the weekend.

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