The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 11/21/17 Short Recaps


B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill thinks back over what he agreed to with Steffy that neither one would say what happened between them. Justin finds out from Bill that his plans have changed and he is not going on the Stella Maris after all. So just cancel the trip. Liam tells Steffy that she is such a wonderful woman and he feels so blessed since he was such a thoughtless fool. All he saw was his father’s selfishness and she saw more. He wants her to know that he gets it now about family loyalty. He knows his dad would never betray him like he did him. He was confused and frustrated and he knows he and his father are going to butt heads again but he disrespected him and even Steffy so he wants to set things right with his dad. He needs to rebuild a relationship but he cannot do it alone. He needs her to come to Spencers with him; all the good that has happened is because of her. Justin tells Bill that this is not him, the bad guy, he has to make that stop. Bill tells him no, he does not want to be himself right now, not another word about it – the trip is off. Charlie and Pam arrive and Eric tells them he is sorry that Zende isn’t here but it will be more than a full house. Eric tells Charlie that he is going to be very busy in the kitchen so he doesn’t think he will need any extra security. Eric tells Rick and Maya that this year’s holiday is going to be bigger and better than ever. And despite all their differences, this is the one day that they will all set aside those differences and make it a great holiday.

Liam and Steffy join Bill and Liam admits that he has been wrong a lot. He spent all his time trying to right Bill’s wrong and not on his own wrongs but this wise woman has shown him the error of his ways. He is not always right and he has to be big enough to admit he was wrong. He betrayed Bill and he is sorry for that and he hopes Bill can forgive him and allow him to come back to work with him. Quinn tells Eric that she texted Steffy earlier this morning but she has not responded yet. They both hope she doesn’t have problems. Quinn says she is so proud to be his wife and be part of this tradition, an honor and to think she almost lost him this year. Bill stares at Liam and repeats – he wants Bill to forgive him. Liam says there are a lot of things in this world they are fighting for but nothing is more important than the bond between father and son and he believes that now. Bill gets up and walks toward Liam and says they have said this before. Liam says yes but Bill meant it and he needs to say this. He knows he almost demolished the Spectra building with him and Sally inside but he did not know that and he did not do that intentionally. They hug and vow their love for each other. Bill looks over his shoulder at Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Roger told Will that everyone was telling the truth about him. Will asked Roger if he really was Will Horton. Susan couldnít believe that Roger turned on her. Susan wanted Will to go with her, but he demanded answers. Brady told Victor and Maggie that Will was alive. Maggie wanted to know if Lucas knew the truth. Eve overheard the conversation, but wasnít thrilled because her daughter was still dead. Roger explained what happened when he met Susan. There was a flashback of Susan and Rolf finding Will in Benís place. Sami went off on Susan until Will interrupted them. Will wanted to know how he ended up in Memphis. Rolf put a needle in Will and he woke up. Sami asked Roger how he could let Susan do what she did. Roger advised Susan to let Will go. Susan didnít want to do it. After Marlena reached out to Susan, she apologized for what she did. Eve told Maggie that Brady set her up for Deimosí murder. Eve told her that she was released. Eve said Brady tried to frame her for Deimosí murder. An ambulance came to take Susan to the hospital. Will felt bad for Susan. Sami wanted to focus on getting Willís money back. When she wanted to take him home, he said he wasnít leaving his mother. Sami told everyone that she wasnít going to lose Will again. They tried to reach out to Sami, but she didnít want to hear it. Marlena wanted to go check on Susan and Will alone. Will and Roger went to the hospital to check on Susan. Roger told Will to leave if he wanted to help Susan. Maggie wanted to know if Brady framed Eve. He denied it. Eve threatened to tell the press that he set her up. He said she didnít have any proof. She said someone in the house her up. When Eve left to take a call, Maggie asked Brady if Xander killed Deimos. She asked Victor if he killed his brother. While Roger was trying to convince Will to leave, Marlena showed up and told him to get away from Susan.

Brady said he and Victor had nothing to do with Deimosí murder. When Brady left, Victor told Maggie that he and Brady didnít kill Deimos. Victor asked if she believed him. She said she did. Marlena went to see Will to see how he was doing. She tried to convince him to go home to find out who he was. John tried to calm Sami down about Will. Sonny defended Paul to her. Brady told Eve to stop accusing him of framing her. He called her out for being a gold digger. She noticed that he changed and wondered why he changed. Will and Marlena talked about him being gay. Brady told Eve why he changed. He blamed it on the women in his life. When he called her a bad mother like Theresa, she slapped him. He almost hit her. She told him to hit her. Marlena told Will to think about coming home. He agreed to think about it. Brady warned Eve not to go public about him trying to frame her. Kristen showed up at Susanís house and said that EJ was alive.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco gives each of Elizabeth’s children a pilgrim hat to wear. He gives one to Elizabeth as well claiming they are supposed to be gender fluid now. They each go around the room saying what they are thankful for. Jason then shows up and talks to Elizabeth alone. He is worried and annoyed about the situation involving Jason six. No one seems to believe him but Elizabeth and Jake. Elizabeth wants him to relax as the situation is under control. Robin then shows up. She tells Jason she is so sorry but he is not Jason. Jason is in disbelief that someone else doesn’t believe him. Later, Franco tells Jason that it might be best if he just remembers that he created and built a new life for himself once before and he can do so again. Elizabeth overhears this and is happy even if Jason storms out angry at this advice.

Jason six and Michael talk about Nelle as well as other things that have happened in his life. Jason six is sorry that he wasn’t around. Robin shows up and Carly thinks they both made a mistake. Robin confronts Jason six again and informs him that he knows how hard it is for Sam and him. Especially, with how she came back from the dead and found Patrick almost about to marry another woman. It was not an easy thing to go through. Jason six leaves. At Ava’s art house, she is writing to the doctor she found and hopes he will help her out. Griffin shows up with Thanksgiving sandwiches. Ava and him are going to celebrate when she gets a text from Kiki. It has a link to a live stream. Nora is on the TV giving a press conference for Olivia Jerome and telling everyone that Julian had nothing to do with her crimes. He was not acting upon his own free will. Sam and Alexis see this as well at Sam’s house. Sam doesn’t have an opinion on this because she doesn’t even think of this man as he father. She hopes Alexis will just move on though. Alexis has things to think about. Later, Jason six shows up wanting to talk.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Hilary filmed a live episode of the Hilary Hour. Victoria had to cut lunch with Nikki short due to an issue at Newman. Nikki and Hilary had words after Hilary ambushed Victoria for an impromptu interview about the sex trafficking scandal. After some prodding from Sharon, Mariah told Devon how she really felt and broke up with him. To Hilary's horror, Jordan told her viewers that Hilary Curtis was not her real name. Nikki showed up at Jack's to make sure Dina would be punished for stabbing her. Jack threw Nikki out and rescinded his invitation to Thanksgiving dinner after she said harsh things about Dina. Jack and Ashley were shocked when Dina revealed that she found out she had Alzheimer's last year. Dina had no recollection of her recent visit to the hospital and doctor's exam. Devon and Tessa learned that Crystal's situation had helped, not hurt Tessa's music sales. Tessa tried to spend time with Mariah, but Mariah blew her off. Devon stepped in when he saw Jordan and Hilary arguing, and Hilary comforted Devon over his breakup. Victoria demoted Abby and closed down Hashtag and killed Scott's article on the sex trafficking. Victoria decided to give Scott another job at Newman. Abby and Scott were upset and decided to team up to take Victoria down. Scott kissed Sharon, and he was startled when he imagined Abby's face staring back at him.

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