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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Justin that he and only he knows where he is going to be on the Stella Maris. Wyatt drops by Liamís and says this would not have to happen if he would just answer his phone. He then wants to know what happened with Steffy. Wyatt says he does not want to rub it in but Liam made a huge mistake by turning to Sally and Steffy does not deserve this. Liam says have a little faith. He did more than just give Steffy his apology. Wyatt realizes he must have been desperate and grasping at straws. She did not even know about it and Liam says yes, but she agreed to renewal vows quickly enough. They need this fresh start. Wyatt quips that the state needs him to re-new his driverís license but they do not give a darn about his wedding vows. Steffy is stunned when Bill tells her they are getting out of town on his yacht giving her time to think. She informs him that she did not tell Liam about them. Bill tells her that being with her last night changed everything and he cannot go back. Likewise she stuns him when she says last night she and Liam renewed their wedding vows. Bill says Liam is a good devoted son and he wanted him to have Steffy and he never crossed that line until last night. He was the one who trashed his wedding vows by making out with Sally. He knows as he has done it twice and it cost him Steffy. Steffy says she was only trying to keep the family together, that is all. He says her new marriage is a lie. She says she just wanted a fresh start although she was ready to tell Liam what she did. He asks her if she wants a fake marriage with Liam or a real life with Bill. Just tell her that she wants what he wants. She says she wants to be married to his son and that has never changed.

Liam admits to Wyatt that Bill was wrong but he too lost his perspective and crossed the line with Sally. He broke a vow and Bill would never do that to him. Bill tells Steffy that the two of them belong together. They are more alike than she and Liam. He loves his boy but he is just that ………a boy….. and life is going to kick him around. Steffy says she hates how Bill talks about Liam. He says he cannot stand by and watch Liam turn to Sally over Steffy. She could be so much happier with him. Wyatt tells Liam look how much saner he is by talking to him. Liam says he does not know how to apologize for thinking how he really feels. Wyatt says he is slow sometimes, all he needs to do is say he did not fight fair. He just needs to not disrespect the relationship. Liam says he accused her of taking Bill’s side but she was only trying to foster the relationship. Steffy tells Bill that she wants to be alone. That is the reason she went to the Forrester estate when he found her. She is as guilty as he is but she wants to get through this. She says there is only one thing she wants from Bill – his silence. There are only two people who know about last night so they need to keep it that way. Promise her that; she is not going to lose her marriage over this. She begs him and he finally says okay.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Paul that Will thought he was EJ. Sami caught Susan and Will preparing to leave Memphis. Sami tried again to convince Will that he was her son, but he didnít want to hear it from her. Rafe and Hope were on opposite sides when it concerns Sami. Hope was upset that Rafe wasnít there when JJ shot Theo. She felt that he wasnít there because he was with Sami. Sonny talked to Paul about what happened when he talked to Will. Paul told Sonny he was sorry, but he wondered if he really was because of what he did. John suggested that Marlena should talk to Susan since she used to be her therapist. Will wanted Sami to stop trying to convince him that he was her son. Will said that Susan was his mother because she was the one who took care of him. Will told her about a memory, but Sami told him that EJ was the one Susan took care of because she wasnít alive. Susan called her a liar. Justin and Adrienne talked about what they went through to get back together. Marlena thought that Susanís ex-husband could help them. Sami was about to show her phone, but Susan was about to take Will. Sami suggested that they take a DNA test, but he wanted to leave. Sami showed him pictures himself. She also showed him pictures of the real EJ. Will still didnít remember them. Susan wanted Will to go with her, but he didnít want to go. Will walked out to go to work. Susan tried to stop him, but Sami stopped her from leaving.

Rafe apologized for abandoning Hope when she needed him. Hope didnít seem like she wanted to hear it. Rafe explained why he helped Sami. Hope reminded him that she needed him. Hope wanted him to stop judging and to think before he said anything else. John asked Marlena if Susanís ex-husband would talk to her. She said that he wouldnít go near her. Marlena said that Edmund told her that Susan went crazy after EJ died. John suddenly had an idea that would help Willís memory. Paul apologized and tried to explain why he lied. Sonny didnít want to hear it. Paul was afraid that he would lose him forever. Susan wanted Sami to leave. Sami told her that EJ would hate what she was doing to Will. Sami told her that EJ loved Susan. Sami yelled at Susan and said Will was her son. Susan didnít want to hear it and slapped her. Sami could understand what Susan was going through. Sami wanted Susan to stop what she was doing for EJ. She wanted Susan to tell Will the truth. Will went to the bar and saw Sonny and Paul. Will wanted Sonny to stop coming after him. Will wanted to know who Paul was. Paul told him that he was Sonnyís fiancť. Rafe tried to make things right with Hope and they made up. Hope told him that he would be there. Hope thought about Theo being a little boy and playing with Ciara. Rafe wondered if she called Ciara. She was afraid to call her in case he died. Susan didnít fall for Sami trying to get through to her. Sami asked EJ for help with his crazy mother or she would kill her. Will was surprised that Sonny had a fiancť. He thought that they had a great love, but he had a fiancť. Sonny explained the situation. Sonny told him that Will had a scar on him. Will thought that Sonny and Sami were lying. Marlena walked into the bar, and Will remembered seeing her face. Hope thanked Rafe for coming home. Justin and Adrienne made love. Will told Marlena that he was told that she was his grandmother. He remembered that she was Susanís therapist. Marlena wanted to know about what happened to him. Susan showed up and saw Marlena. She thought Marlena was her friend. Marlena said she was her friend, but Will was her grandson. Sami showed up too and demanded that she tell Will the truth. John brought Roger to the bar. Susan thought he would back her story up, but he couldnít do it.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Jason six shows up at the Metro Court and is invited to Thanksgiving dinner by Sonny. He wants to go to the gym beforehand. Jason six will come to dinner but he needs to go somewhere else first. Sonny says that is fine but he can save him from his enemies but not Carly if he doesn’t show up. Cassandra spots Sonny and tries to introduce herself. Valentin walks over and Sonny wants nothing to do with either of them if Valentin is involved. Valentin explains to Cassandra in private that Sonny doesn’t get involved in drugs and will eliminate anyone who does. Cassandra thinks they will just have to see about that. She has a new drug being developed and it is cheaper than the last. She just needs a chemist to make sure it is alright to use. At the Quartermaine home, Monica is annoyed with all the decorations around the house. She informs Olivia they are pointless to be up. No one is going to be here. She is going to a Spa in New Mexico. Olivia just wants them to be up. Later, Jason six shows up and Monica is glad to see him and Michael walks into the room. Michael realizes that this is indeed Jason. He is so sorry that he didn’t go to see him earlier. He didn’t want too admit that he had accepted the wrong Jason. Jason six says it is fine. Ned and Olivia see this and Ned thinks that is the real Jason and the twin is going to make this difficult.

Chet is at the gym. Finn and him talk about getting clean and how he has no choice for Amy. Chet understands and will try to get better. He just never realized how dependent he was on them in the first place. Amy shows up to Nathan and Maxie’s house. She thinks she is going to debtors prison. Quinn then shows up and demands that they make an apology video and then will pay back every cent they owe to everyone. Chet then shows up. Amy and Nathan get on camera and attempt to come up with a good enough reason as to why they did this and then Chet gets on camera. He explains that the money was for him because he needed help with his medical bills after getting back from overseas. Maxie tells Quinn to shut up and calls her a bitch. Quinn informs them that she will be in contact with her lawyers but then finds out that the paper backs sales are skyrocketing since the video. Anna is hosting Thanksgiving. Felicia and Mac show up and find out that Robin is there. They all try to discuss Finn and then he shows up. He thinks he knows how to help Anna with the drug bust.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon advises Mariah to stop leading Devon on and talk to him about how she really feels because it isn't fair for him to think their relationship has a future. Mariah agrees and tells Sharon she will talk to Devon tomorrow even though it will be hard for her to have this talk with him Jack and Ashley get a second opinion from Dina's neurologist and he agrees with Dr. Burg's diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease and they agonize over losing Dina when she just came back into their lives. Ashley and Jack also struggle to figure out a way to tell Dina about her illness. Crystal saves Abby and Scott by shooting Zack before he can shoot them and then she runs away so Paul puts out an APB on her. Victor tells Abby that she isn't ready to be Chief Operating Officer because she doesn't have as much experience as Victoria. Victor tells Abby the FBI is investigating Newman Enterprises because Zack was Laundering money through Newman Enterprises. Abby tells Scott that what happened between them while they were locked in the storage unit meant nothing to her. Neil asks Paul to call a press conference telling everyone that Newman Enterprises had no idea Zack used the company as a front to run the sex ring but Paul refuses to do that until his investigation is complete.

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