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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam tells Steffy that she has no idea how glad he is that she is home. She has nothing to worry about. He was the one who betrayed their marriage vows but they can put this behind them. Steffy says she still wishes they could go back. A knock at the door and it is Carter. Steffy is caught by surprise when Liam tells Carter they would like to renew their vows tonight. Carter says he wished he had known so he could have been prepared. Liam says he wanted to for the future but Steffy was not there and suddenly this beautiful creature walked in and he knew he wanted it tonight. Steffy is aghast but says okay. Liam says he needs to say the words after what he did with Sally, to prove to Steffy that he will never do this again. He will correct his mistakes. She says he is right. They need a fresh start in their marriage. She clings to him. A knock at Katie’s door calls out Pizza guy. She says there is no one home but “little old me” and she is just getting ready for bed. She opens the door and there is Wyatt disguised with mustache, baseball cap and shorts with his delivery. She grabs his shirt and drags him in with a sly look on her face. And sure enough she has no money and he does not take checks but thinks they can work something out. In bed he says maybe he should come over in a disguise all the time. Wyatt tells Katie that sometimes Liam does not see the bigger picture. He hopes he does now.

Carter conducts the re-vows with both saying yes they will honor their faith and love to each other. Openly Liam says he broke his marriage vows and he is not just talking about the kiss; he put Sally’s feelings before hers and that is not right. Steffy has to come first, no one else. She is the one person he can trust more than anyone else. With a straight face she says she cannot imagine walking away from what they have. She has made mistakes too and almost forgot where they are, but she is so grateful for this ceremony. She will never leave him again ever. Carter hands them their rings back to place on each other’s finger and commit themselves to each other. Bill calls Justin in and commands him to get the yacht ready, stocked with all the food and drink he will need. Justin assumes it is for he and Brooke who are getting back together. Bill lets it go at that. Just say Mrs. Spencer will be onboard. Wyatt jokingly tells Katie they should call Bill over and tell him what is going on. She says they agreed to keep this on the downlow so they need to wait until Bill gets involved with Brooke or anyone else, then he won’t care. Liam says bye to Carter then tells Steffy they did it. It starts tonight. She says she hopes they can put all of this behind them. He says he will never disrespect his vows again and never betray her. But she remembers what she did with Bill and Bill is looking at the yacht and remembering Steffy.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami ended up getting arrested again for hitting Susan. She explained to the cop that she had her son. She wanted to see Rafe, but he was back in Salem. He told her that she was alone, but Marlena said that she wasnít alone. Will asked Susan if he really was EJ. She lied to him and said that he was EJ. She told him that Sami hit her. Will wanted to get some answers. Sami told Marlena what happened when she got arrested. She also let Marlena know that Paul knew about Will being alive and didnít say anything. Paul told John that he was a bad person for not telling Sonny the truth about Will right away. Sonny talked to Adrienne about Will not remembering him. She asked him how Paul felt, but Sonny didnít care. Paul thought he was a coward because he let everyone go back to Salem without saying anything to anyone. Sami continued to talk to Marlena about Paul not saying anything. She also told her that Will didnít want to go back to Salem and that Susan is his mother. Susan told Will that he was breaking her heart by not believing her. She wanted him to ask her anything. He noticed that they donít have a computer. He wondered if he did research on his name would he find out something he didnít know. Adrienne tried to defend Paulís actions, but Sonny didnít want to hear it. John let Paul know that no one would have known that Will was alive if it werenít for him. Rafe told Gabi and Eli that Will was alive. She was excited, but he had more to tell her. Sami told Marlena that Susan had Will thinking that he was EJ. Susan had box full of information about EJ. Will wanted to know why Sami and Sonny told him all of that stuff about being Will Horton.

Marlena assured Sami that she and Will would get past what Susan did. Susan told Will that everyone wanted the DiMera fortune. He thought that Sonny sounded sincere.  Paul told John about the way Will was acting when he saw him.  Paul thought it was worse if Will didnít remember his old life.  Paul was afraid that Will and Sonny were back together.  Sonny told Adrienne that Paul had no reason to be insecure about Will since they were separated when he died.  She thought Paul had a reason to be worried.  Sonny wanted to make Will remember him. Rafe told Gabi that Will had amnesia.  She thought she should be doing something. Marlena assured Sami that Will would remember that she loved him more than anyone. The cop told Sami that Justin got her released. She wanted to go see Will. Marlena wanted her to wait. Susan was afraid that Sami would be after them and wanted to leave. Will liked his life, but she wanted to go. Sonny realized that it was Willís birthday. He talked to Adrienne about what he did for Willís birthday a few years ago. Adrienne advised Sonny to follow his heart. Marlena offered to talk to Will instead of Sami doing it. Sami didnít want her to do it because Willís her son and wanted to be the one to get through to him. Will agreed to go away with Susan. Sonny found Paul at the bar. Sami went back to Susanís house and thought that she took him again. Susan and Will saw her in Willís room.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Franco and Elizabeth are going to have a movie night with Jake when he picks the Parent Trap. He goes to change into his pajamas. Franco thinks it is odd he picked a movie about twins. Elizabeth didn’t tell him anything. Franco doesn’t think he should. He claims that he thinks Jason should tell him. Franco gets a package. It is the picture of the boys. Franco has to do something with it and takes it away. At Ava’s gallery Kiki is studying. Franco shows up and tells them to sell the painting and give the money to Kiki. Ava and Franco discuss how he is worried about Elizabeth going back to one of the Jason’s. Franco claims he doesn’t think it will happen. Ava later looks up shady plastic surgeons. Jason six is at the footbridge when Robin shows up. She is reluctant to believe it is him because the other Jason has been there for her. He mentions a key phrase from their past though and she knows it has to be him.

Jason meets with Curtis at Sonny’s gym. Curtis explains he cannot find Betsy and Heather Webber has taken a literal vow of silence. Jason tells him about Andre and he seems shocked. Jordan later shows up after Jason leaves and tells him about Andre and the brain cloning thing. Curtis doesn’t like the sound of this. Curtis gets a lead as to where Andre last was though. Nina shows up at Sam’s office at Aurora and wants to talk about Crimsons budget. She tries to talk to Sam about the two Jason’s but Sam doesn’t want to really talk about it. She claims she loves her husband and that is that. Amy and Chet make up and Chet wants to get better. He is happy to have all of them who care about him once he finds out that Amy is Man Landers. After Amy and Chet go home Maxie plans to tell Nathan about the pregnancy test. She then gets an alert saying that Nathan is not Man landers but Amy is.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Scott had a panic attack when he remembered being trapped in the storage unit. Zack pulled a gun on Abby and Scott after they tracked him to his hotel room. Zack asked Abby to run away with him. Abby pretended she loved Zack and agreed to go. Zack planned to kill Scott, but Abby asked him not to. Zack sensed that Abby and Scott had sex, and he didn't believe their denials. Zack held Abby and Scott at gunpoint, and he pulled the trigger. Ravi was there for Ashley while she waited for word on Abby. Ashley accused Victoria of spreading vicious lies about Abby during the press release. Victoria argued that everything in the press release was true. Nick wasn't sure he could trust Chelsea now that he knew she was a con artist. Nick and Ashley discussed Abby's disappearance. Nick told Ashley that Victoria was wrong to imply that Abby was Zack's accomplice in the sex ring. Chelsea followed Nick to Crimson Lights, but he refused to talk to her. Chelsea had an outburst when people recognized her as the scammer from the Hilary Hour. Nick told Chelsea that the insurance company suspected he intentionally set fire to the Underground. He was afraid that the investigators would hold Chelsea's past against him. Chelsea promised Nick that she never conned him, but he didn't believe her. Chelsea threw Nick out of their bedroom.

Paul told Victor about the search for Abby and Scott. Victor insisted that no one in his company had a role in Zack's sex ring, and he threatened to take Paul and Christine down if they pursued the case against Newman. Neil told Victor that he tried to talk Victoria out of releasing a statement that implied that Abby was Zack's accomplice. Victoria was unapologetic. She felt that they had to move fast to protect Newman's image. Victor supported Victoria's decision. Victor and Victoria were confident that Abby would be able to bounce back. Victoria asked Neil not to question her opinion. Neil felt that his job required speaking his mind. Victoria refused to give up her power for anyone again. Neil loved her strength, but he warned her not to turn into Victor. Jack cajoled Dina into allowing a doctor to give her a cognitive exam. Dina struggled with the tests, and Jack abruptly ended the exam and reassured her. Jack was in denial about how poorly Dina's test went. Ashley found one of Dina's test results, and told Jack that they had to admit that something was seriously wrong. Jack and Ashley were devastated because they realized Dina had Alzheimer's.

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