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B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy wakes up with a smile on her face but is shocked to find Bill in her bed. She jumps up holding the sheet around her. Bill wakes up and tells her to calm down she is hyperventilating. She throws on her clothes and starts running out saying this is wrong. She will not listen to Bill trying to calm her down. Liam looks at his wedding photo with Steffy but remembers telling her about the kiss with Sally. He wonders where she is. Quinn explains to Eric that she has hired a chef for two nights a week and it will be worth it when she wows him. He says she already does…..especially when it came to her getting rid of Sheila. Quinn says she hopes she is as far away as possible. He says no matter what, no one is ever going to break them up. Sheila’s game was off if she thought she could hire Mateo to use his magic hands and seduce Quinn. She said he was wrong but he came clean; basically she thinks he is a good guy. They look at Sheila’s portrait and say they ought to burn it. Then a package arrives and she says she will get it but not tell him what it is. Outside they both see the lights at the guest house and go to check it out to see who is there. Liam calls Carter and asks if Steffy is around. When he says no, Liam asks if he will stop by his house on his way home; it is important.

Bill goes back to his office and pours himself a drink. Justin walks in and wonders why he is back. Bill says well he was not home and Justin would not believe him if he told him. Bill remembers telling Steffy that she deserves better than Liam and then clothes coming off and kissing. A crying Steffy rushes home to Liam and into his arms as she apologizes. Liam tells her this is not her fault. It was he that hurt her when he told the truth about the kiss. He lost perspective. He never thought he would cross that line and he never will again. She clings to him and cries that she forgives him. She never wants him to leave. Quinn says she knows it has to be Sheila. She is still torturing them. Eric says there is no way she could get on the property so they should not get ahead of themselves. In time they will find a clue and know who it is. He states that it cannot be Ridge; he is back in the loft. Eric finds wet towels so someone took a shower. Then he hands a bracelet to Quinn who says it looks like Steffy’s. Alone Bill remembers him and Steffy making love. Steffy keeps crying and apologizing while Liam tells her she did nothing wrong or to apologize for. They can put everything behind them now. This moment could be the first moment for the rest of their lives. He keeps begging her to stop crying and emphasizing she did nothing wrong.




Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate wanted Tripp to give her Theo’s phone. He didn’t see the point of giving her the phone. Lani tried to explain to Abe that she and JJ did what they could. Abe let her know that JJ was the one who was responsible. Chad arrived at the hospital to find out about Theo. Abby was with JJ at the crime scene. JJ realized that he saw Theo’s face when he shot him. Tripp thought that Kate didn’t care about Theo. She was just interested in getting the phone. She assured him that she loved Theo. He didn’t want to give it to her. Jennifer asked Eric to try to get through to Abe because of Theo. Abby told JJ that he only thought he saw Theo’s face. Abe yelled at Chad because he thought the DiMeras were involved with what happened to Theo. Chad denied being involved because he loved Theo. Chad also told Abe that Andre wasn’t involved. Kayla walked in and they wanted to know what happened. Kate threatened to send Tripp to jail if he went to the police. Kate told him that she overheard Steve and Kayla talking. She knew what he did to Kayla. She promised that she could find out more of what she did. Tripp tried to justify why he set Kayla up. Tripp refused to give in to her threat. She was about to leave but realized he didn’t stop her. She told him that she would tell that Kayla covered up what he did. Kayla told Abe and company that Theo slipped into a coma after surgery.

Kayla told Abe that she didn’t know when he would get out of the coma. Kate told Tripp donated mob money to the hospital. Tripp realized that Kate was responsible for what happened to Theo. Tripp gave up the phone. Kate wanted Tripp to get Theo’s password. Kayla said that she would do anything for Abe. He asked her if she could bring Theo back.  Tripp assured her that Theo would get better.  Tripp asked Claire for Theo’s password because the police wanted it.  She told him that his password was “Claire”.  Chad, Eric, and Jennifer met with JJ and Abby.  Chad told them that Theo slipped into a coma.  Valerie explained what happened during surgery.  Kayla assured her that she did everything right.  Kate came back and Tripp told her the password.  She checked the phone and deleted her messages.  He told her that Theo was in a coma.  Valerie appreciated Kayla sticking up for her.  She felt bad because she couldn’t help Abe’s son. JJ refused to let Jennifer comfort him. Eric told Jennifer that she needed to let JJ be by himself. Abe, Lani, and Claire went to see Theo.

GH Recap Written by Anthony

Nelle is on the phone with the tabloid magazine trying to negotiate and Nathan over hears her. Amy runs over in panic before Nathan can confront Nelle who slips out. Amy is scared because Chet has ran off before he was supposed to be released. Nathan gets his men on tracking him down. Maxie looks at her pregnancy test and is unsure of what to do. She waits it out and when she is about to get the results, someone knocks on the door. It is Chet. Maxie doesn’t recognize him at first and assumes he is an annoying Man landers fan. Maxie then confronts him about how he is acting how much Amy cares about him. Amy is the reason he got the treatment he needed and did it through the Man landers persona. Amy and Nathan walk in as she is saying this. Nelle informs the editor of the tabloid that she needs the cash up front. The editor can give her half now and the rest later. Nelle gives all the details as to how Amy is actually Man landers.

Joss and Oscar go to Sonny’s house to continue the search for Oscar’s father. Carly invites Oscar and his mother to their house for Thanksgiving. Oscar’s mother later texts saying that would be nice. Oscar is worried about his mom’s reaction to Sonny. Joss thinks things should be fine. Oscar shows Joss a potential man who could be his father. Joss thinks it totally could be. Ava and Griffin go to the Metro Court, where Jason six runs into them. He hopes that Ava got the flash drive. Ava thanks him. Carly walks over demanding to know what he is doing and informs him that Ava is the reason Morgan is dead. Sonny is sorry he didn’t tell Jason six about this earlier. Jason six understands. He goes to the foot bridge to think about things and hears something.

Y&R Recap Written by Christine

Mariah checked on Sharon. Sharon told Paul that Dina might be the key to finding Scott and Abby. Billy kept an eye on Dina while Jack was busy and took her to Crimson Lights. Paul, Sharon and Billy helped Dina piece together what happened after she left the party. Although Dina was agitated and often uncooperative, she eventually revealed that Zack and Abby went into a place called Roadside. After some research, Sharon and Paul decided to check out Roadside Storage. Scott and Abby regretted having sex and agreed to keep it a secret. Abby informed Scott that she was on birth control, so there was no chance they conceived a baby. Abby bickered with Scott. Abby found some incriminating evidence against Zack. Abby was disgusted that she'd trusted and been intimate with Zack. Scott came up with a way to escape. Paul and Sharon found Scott's tie in the now deserted storage unit. Chelsea confronted Hilary about exposing Jordan's past. Hilary pointed out that she didn't reveal Chelsea's involvement. Jordan accused Phyllis of working with Hilary to distract him. Phyllis denied it, but Jordan wasn't sure he bought her story. Phyllis was driven to the brink by her noisy new neighbor. Phyllis was not amused when she bumped into Billy and he revealed that he'd rented the place next door.

Nick was concerned when Noah revealed that he'd be working for Victor. Noah thought Victoria would look out for him at Newman. Hilary only planned to talk about Abby's disappearance on the show, and Mariah convinced her to include Scott. Jordan told Hilary that she'd be sorry if she didn't retract the story she did on him. Mariah stood up for Hilary after Jordan threatened her. Hilary offered to issue a retraction if Jordan could explain why he had fake IDs. Hilary was unfazed when Jordan threatened to sic his lawyer on her. Hilary and Mariah publicized Scott and Abby's disappearance on The Hilary Hour. A wealthy widow called into the show and claimed that Jordan had gotten engaged to her under an alias, then he and a female accomplice scammed her. The woman had photo evidence of her story, and Hilary aired the photo of Chelsea and Jordan on live television. Nick saw the episode. Chelsea was furious at Jordan and Hilary. Hilary pointed out that everyone already knew Chelsea was a former con artist. Chelsea took back the free wardrobe she'd given Hilary.

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